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    Create a dramatic living room with a dark colour palette

    How to use dark colours to create a moody and inviting living room

    Chin Suarez | Oneflare
    Updated 20 Sep 2023

    While it’s common for homeowners to gravitate towards light and airy shades when decorating their living spaces, dark and cosy living rooms can infuse your space with a dramatic ambience. If you’re stumped on potential colour palettes for your living room space, keep scrolling!

    In this guide, we’ll share some dark and cosy colour ideas for your living room and how dark-themed spaces can redefine your home’s atmosphere.

    12 Dark and cosy colour ideas for the living room 

    1. Elegant charcoal

    Modern house interior with charcoal walls / Source: iStock

    Black or charcoal are versatile colours that fit traditional and modern styles. Deep charcoal walls evoke a sense of sophistication and add drama and warmth to any living space. 

    Charcoal walls create an intimate atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding and chatting. Just be sure to balance the darkness with plenty of light and cosy furnishings like plush sofas and warm textiles.

    2. Get moody with navy

    Navy blue is a rich shade that gives off a calm and serene ambience. This colour goes well with many colour themes and interior styles. Pair it with bright and muted shades, such as yellow and pink, and see the colours pop. 

    Navy hues are easy to pair with other colours and can transcend trends. It can be a neutral shade that’s a lasting choice for your living room.

    3. Enchanting dark greens

    Luxurious interior with dark green walls / Source: iStock

    Dark greens should be on your dark, cosy living room ideas inspiration board. These earthy shades bring calm and balance to your home, regardless of size.

    These hues also give off the illusion that you’re connected to the outdoors. Combine it with neutral shades like cream and earthy tones, and you can create a warm and soothing space with it. It creates a warm climate when relaxing or hosting get-togethers with friends. 

    4. Cosy shades of grey

    Chic slate grey as the primary colour is a good option for modern living room ideas. Its timeless elegance, versatility in decorating style, and balanced contrast make it a perfect choice for those seeking elevated style and comfort. 

    Greys provide a great backdrop that works seamlessly with different accent colours and furniture pieces. Use this to your advantage, and you can achieve a space that’s contemporary and inviting at the same time.

    5. Get in the magic with midnight blue

    Living room with sofa on an empty midnight blue wall background / Source: iStock

    Painting your dark-themed living room midnight blue evokes luxury and moody allure. The colour works well for both dark and light wallpapers or furniture pieces, so it’s a versatile choice for a colour scheme. 

    It’s easy to pair this shade in a living room with complementary dark or neutral shades and tones. Deep charcoal greys, matte blacks, and rich browns can serve as grounding elements, preventing the space from feeling overly heavy.

    6. Feel like royalty with burgundy

    This deep reddish-brown colour is an interesting choice when you decide to go for a dark-themed living room. It creates a moody space, and its deep and rich character adds a touch of luxury to a room.

    Despite its boldness, burgundy pairs beautifully with a range of colours, from neutrals like beige, ivory, and grey to shades like blue and teal. Burgundy lets you create a colour palette that feels modern and cosy at the same time.

    7. Elegant greys and eggshells

    Monochromatic grey living room / Source: iStock

    Eggshell tones and greys are refined yet not overpowering colours; it’s an adaptable, versatile colour that can work with most colour schemes. 

    Both colour schemes serve as versatile backdrops for various decor styles. These hues help create a balanced palette that’s visually pleasing, and they work great with dark colours like deep blue, charcoal, or black, as well as neutral colours to build an airy and comforting ambience. 

    8. Try out bold and charming crimson colours

    If you’re thinking about a living area with deep red colours, try adding crimson into the space. Bold and attention-grabbing, this colour instantly injects chic modernity into your living space.

    Crimson furniture pieces go along well with other colours and materials. They also work with neutral or darker tones like beige, grey, or white. Alternatively, you can create captivating contrasts by pairing crimson with deeper hues like navy blue or charcoal grey.

    9. Dramatic brown for the perfect backdrop

    Cosy living room with terracotta walls / Source: iStock

    Brown, with its earthy tones, is the ultimate colour for those looking for natural warmth in their living room. Whether you choose light or dark brown shades, they bring a homey air to the room that stands the test of time.

    The colour serves as a neutral foundation that allows for versatile decor and styling. Whether you prefer minimalist, rustic, or contemporary designs, brown brings a relaxing aura that adapts to your personal taste.

    10. Play with ombre

    Ombre walls in a dark-themed apartment can be a stunning and creative way to add depth, drama, and interest to your space. 

    Opt to use the ombre technique on a feature wall. Start with a deep, dark colour at the bottom and gradually transition to a lighter shade towards the top to create a striking focal point.

    You can also use furniture pieces that incorporate ombre in their design for visual interest. But if you insist on painting your walls ombre, you can paint it yourself or consult a painter.

    11. Add warmth with deep gold hues

    Dark-themed interior with gold accents / Source: iStock

    Deep gold hues are opulent and timeless additions to a living space, perfect if you want to create a refined home with a gold touch. These can add a touch of glamour to the space without overwhelming it. You can use gold hue accents for furnishings or pieces that reflect light, such as throw pillows, curtains, or area rugs. 

    12. Metallic copper comfort

    Metallic copper colours create contrast, especially if it’s partnered with dark greys, blacks, greens, blues, plums, or brown backdrops. The metallic finish of copper brings sophistication to your nest. You can display this through various decor elements, such as lighting fixtures, coffee tables, or decorative accents, to infuse the space with a sense of opulence.

    Embracing the dark side

    The beauty and allure of dark interiors cannot be overstated. They can create atmospheres as inviting as lighter colours and hues in many ways. With their dark hue, rich warmth, and wide depth spectrum, the interior style possibilities they bring to the table are endless. 

    Are you renovating your home or planning to do it in the future? Consider hiring a professional painter or interior designer to consult and do the work for you. With their expertise, they can bring your dark-themed living space to life! 

    FAQs on dark colours for the living room

    Is dark colour good for the living room?

    Dark colours can be an excellent choice to add style and sophistication to a living room. Choosing the right dark shade depends on your preferences, the size and lighting of the room, and the atmosphere you want to create.

    How do I make a living room cosy?

    To make your living room cosy, focus on warm colours, comfortable seating, and layered textures. Use soft lighting, incorporate plants, and place throws and pillows to establish the mood for comfort. 

    How to decorate a living room with dark walls?

    You can achieve a balanced and inviting ambience by juxtaposing dark hues with light-coloured furniture and utilising layered lighting for a warm atmosphere. Use contrasting accessories and vibrant decor to create visual interest, and strategically place mirrors to reflect light and enhance spaciousness. 

    If you’re unsure how to style a dark-themed space, consult an interior designer for expert advice. 

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