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    How to: Use bedroom décor to improve sleep

    A few simple tweaks could have you sleeping more soundly

    Steve | Guest contributor

    Sleep plays a substantial role in your health and wellbeing. People are not able to take the required amount of sleep every night. According to the Sleep Health Foundation, the amount of inadequate sleep in Australia was around $66.3 billion dollars in 2017 to 2018. So, how do we improve our sleep?

    Researchers believe that the bedroom has a substantial impact on an individual’s sleep. Despite how frustrating having sleeping issues can be, one thing you can look forward to is refurbishing your bedroom décor. The idea is beneficial in several ways.

    Your bedroom is not just a dominant place in your house to keep all your personal belongings. An individual spends most of the night in this single room. From the luxury lighting to the traditional furnishings, you must be conscious of everything. Keep on reading to learn how to improve sleep.

    Bedroom decor can have a strong affect on sleeping habits / Source: DK Lifestyles

    Things that affect your sleep

    Here are some points to help you redesign your room. Learn how to improve sleep by acknowledging the significant obstacles and exclude them.

    Electronics around you

    Studies state that 75% of children and 89% of adults are most likely to carry electronic gadgets in their bedrooms. Such devices, like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, can harm our sleeping behaviour.

    It happens because these electronics emit a blue light, which disrupts the circadian rhythm of people. It is the natural process that significantly estimates the sleep-wake cycle. As a result, the human body starts to think it needs to stay awake, and you later face difficulties in coping up with sleep.

    Mattress in your bedroom

    It is not essential to own a luxury mattress for your bedroom. Your primary focus must be on the quality of it. New beds are reported to have better sleep and lower stress as compared to sleeping on standard beds.

    A mattress is a lifetime investment that can transform your health and body. Be sure to test out mattresses at a store or purchase one from companies that allow you to return it if you’re not satisfied. Beds can be an expensive investment, so be sure to look out for different mattress specials and deals to find the best one for you. A right bed will add to your hours of adequate sleep and keep you healthy and productive all day.

    Room temperature

    Whenever you slip in your bed for sleeping, the body temperature drops slightly. Henceforth, it is essential to have an adjustable bedroom temperature too. If this does not happen, your body does not relax, and you often have a hard time falling asleep.

    Sleeping takes time. Researchers believe temperature has a stronger effect on sleep in comparison to light. In case you feel like struggling for a night of sleep, think of adjusting your thermostat. It may help you in relaxing back into a blissful slumber.

    How to improve sleep with bedroom décor?

    After a long, disturbing day, the essential thing you need is comfort. Most probably, people spend around eight hours in their bedrooms. These hours majorly impact the way an individual behaved the other day. For this reason, focus on your bedroom and plan to decorate every corner in the right manner.

    Choose a worthy headboard

    Often people believe that headboards are just for the decorative purpose. However, they create a sense of support to the room owner. Try to select a bedding style that has a stylish but sturdy headboard. Most probably, the wooden ones are preferable as they look comforting, and you can settle yourself on them smoothly.

    Another option includes upholstered headboards as they can be soft and supportive. You can look forward to a headboard with Benson for Beds voucher codes as it offers a five-year guarantee.

    It’s important to select a sturdy and supportive headboard for your bed / Source: Of Object Home

    Select the appropriate colours

    Colours have a substantial impact on the mood of an individual. Often the colour red attracts people from a far-off distance. It is why emergencies always prefer this shade. Similarly, blue and green and soothing and friendly colours. They create a sense of relaxation to the viewer.

    Learn how to improve sleep by choosing the right wall paint for your bedroom. Preferring lighter shades in the room makes it look bigger and comfortable. However, darker ones can give a warm ad intimate guise to the room.

    Focus on the air quality

    Poor air quality in your room will lead to a night of poor sleep. Your bedroom has a lot of sources of indoor air pollution. People often overlook these and end up in trouble.

    Take great care of the carpets, furnishings, upholstery, insulation, as well as the heating and cooling system. Try to introduce plants and fresh flowers in your bedroom. Make it attractive, appealing, and comfortable for a restful sleep.

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    Exclude all electronic devices

    The concept of a TV screen in your room may entertain you and assist you in watching your favourite shows effortlessly. Yet, it steals your sleep at night. The lights and sounds eventually stimulate your mind and keep you from resting.

    Similarly, other electronics stated above also prevent you from sleeping all night. Try to ban these devices in your bedroom at least an hour before slipping in your bed. Activate the “do not disturb” mode in your phone while sleeping and block unwanted notifications all night.

    Wrap up

    Clutter is also a worthy cause for disturbing your sleep. A neat and tidy bedroom makes the best of a relaxing night. You must know how to improve sleep with a décor that you can handle and maintain.

    Bedroom time is the quiet and soothing hour of your overall day. Henceforth, focus on your bedroom space and avoid turning it to a sanctuary. Here’s a recap of the tips mentioned in this article:

    • Remember to dim lights of your room to make a peaceful ambience for the slumber.
    • Maintain room temperature degrees for extra comfort and choose your mattresses, sheets, and pillows wisely.
    • Reduce all the noises and try to surround yourself with soothing scents at night.
    • Always focus on your bedroom, and it’s every corner if you ever face trouble while sleeping.

    Try adding these tips slowly into your bedroom so it’s not overwhelming to your current routine. 

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