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    Two-colour combinations for the living room

    Bring more life into your living space with these ideas!

    Chin Suarez | Oneflare
    Updated 22 Sep 2023

    Repainting your walls is a surefire way to refresh your home, even without redecorating. If you plan to refresh your space, explore a modern two-colour combination for your living room walls, from a neutral monochromatic palette and complementary shades to adventurous bright shades and bold hues. 

    You’ll spend time with these colours for years to come, so they should feel right to you as a homeowner. In this blog post, we’ll go through 11 two-colour combination ideas to consider for your next living room redesign.

    11 two-colour combinations for your living room

    1. Keep it cosy with warm beige and brown

    Beige and brown living room with open space / Source: iStock

    Who said a neutral colour palette had to be boring? If you already have beige walls, this colour combination is a good jumping-off point. Go for a pop of brown paint on an accent wall or trimmings. Then, add some brown furniture and a pop of white decor. Your beige, brown and white living room will still feel familiar but definitely elevated. 

    2. Jazz it up with a monochromatic colour combination

    You don’t need to go wild with your new two-colour living room. A monochromatic palette means all you need to do is choose a shade lighter or darker than your current colour, then experiment with it on your ceiling, trim, or accent wall. Some colour combinations you could consider are light pink and fuschia, pastel yellow and cream, or sky blue and navy blue.

    Thinking of starting small with just the trim or an accent wall? It’s best to assess if you can DIY the painting job or if you should leave the painting to the pros.

    3. Relax your eyes with cream and green

    Green is always easy on the eyes, and cream and green rooms give off an elegant and refreshing ambience. It introduces a tranquil vibe to a space–something you will love coming home to. 

    Forest green, grass green, sage green and even olive green are great options to combine with a cream colour. If you like the idea of nature inside your house, you could get some indoor plants as part of your redecoration plans.

    4. Go bold with black and white

    Black and white living room with wood and grey tiling accents / Source: iStock

    You can opt for all-black walls and a white ceiling for a classic touch or have just one black accent wall for a pop of colour. You can even emphasise the eye-catching contrast through your decor. 

    5. Soften the room with pastels and white

    Pastel pink and sky blue aren’t just for the nursery. Using this wall colour combination for your living room will add appeal and even a whimsical feel to your space. You could even add white furniture or decor to make the room bright and airy. 

    6. Add a touch of luxe with metallics and white walls

    Just the right shade of gold or silver can give your living room the extra pizazz it’s missing. And don’t worry; just because there’s metal doesn’t mean it has to be ornate and old-fashioned. This colour combination is a step up from white and neutrals and will impress your guests. 

    7. Keep it crisp with navy blue and white

    Living room with navy blue walls and white curtains / Source: iStock

    Navy blue and white is a colour combination you can’t go wrong with. It’s classic, elegant, and perfect for a coastal vibe. You can start small and highlight blue walls, blue sofa, or blue curtains and white ceilings with off-white window treatments. 

    8. Make it visually interesting with dark teal and blush pink

    If pastels and muted colours aren’t your thing, consider the darker teal and pink shades. 

    For instance, a dark teal wall can add a dramatic look to a living room, while a pink couch and decor items can soften the look and add a hint of brightness. Tie this colour combination with the right interior design elements, such as window treatments, an area rug, or wall art.

    9. Go extra-colourful with tangerine and pink

    Two bold and bright colours in one room can work! When done right, this wall colour combination or wall and furniture scheme will bring warmth and cheerfulness to your living room. Add some contemporary furniture, and your vibrant sitting area is all set.

    10. Try warm grey and orange for an ultra-modern feel

    Modern interior design with orange wall and grey accents / Source: iStock

    Don’t knock this colour scheme until you’ve checked it out. When you find just the right shade of orange, you’ve got an out-of-the-box combination that’s stylish. 

    You’d be surprised at how orange can bring warmth to your space and make it inviting without being garish and how grey becomes strikingly elegant. Not a fan of orange? Swap it out for brownish-orange hues blue.

    11. Push the limit with purple and brown

    Dark purple and brown is a colour combination that comes together surprisingly well. This is because brown is derived from yellow, which sits opposite purple on the colour wheel. Purple livens up neutral brown, while brown “grounds” the rather eclectic purple. If your living room has wood accents, this combo might be the one to try. 

    Bring your vision to life with the right colour combination

    Whether you go for a classic or modern two-colour combination for your living room, this paint job will have a big impact on your home’s ambience. As you choose a style and execute your painting plans, there are a lot of things to consider. Hiring a local painter can make the entire process easier for you.

    FAQs on living room paint colour combinations

    How do you pair colours in a living room?

    Some ways to pair two colours are as follows:

    • Pairing complementary hues (e.g. blue and orange, purple and yellow)
    • Choosing shades and tints of one colour (e.g. a monochromatic palette)
    • Combining two warm tones or two cool tones (e.g. orange and brown, blue and green)
    • Pairing bold hues with a neutral colour (e.g. lime green and white, yellow and grey)
    • Pairing warmer tones with cooler tones (e.g. brown and blue)

    To make your living room look its best, you’ll need an expert interior designer to guide you as you choose the right vibrant hues or neutrals that will work well together. It’s crucial that you understand the balance between shades and the effect each colour will have on your room before you have at it with a roller brush.

    Do green and terracotta go together?

    Yes, green and terracotta is a colour scheme that will work for a room. Together, they create an earthy, organic feel reminiscent of natural elements. You could even treat terracotta as neutral (like beige or brown) and combine it with pink, yellow, black, or brown hues.

    What colours brighten a beige room?

    Just about any colour combination can make a beige room bright! Add a touch of warmth with burnt orange or red; modernise the living room’s look with black or navy; or add a cheerful personality with sky blue. Beige is a neutral base that can anchor the look while letting you play around with small doses of bright colours.

    Can you mix beige and white decor?

    You can definitely mix beige and white decor. Clean white is great for balance and light, while beige adds the warmth necessary for a cosy living room. Colourful living room walls will definitely pop against this more neutral decorating colour scheme.

    What colour of furniture goes well with cream living room walls?

    Many colours pair well with cream, so it would depend on the other elements you’re working with. Hues of green, blue, red, grey, white, and even black will add some necessary colour to the neutral space of cream walls. You can also go for other neutrals and use brown wooden furniture. 

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