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    In some areas, the chance of being burgled is as high as one in three homes. With these risks so astounding, it is critical for all homes to be protected with a home security system. Some statistics indicate that about 25 per cent of all homes experience a break-in or an attempted break-in at some point. The right security measures can reduce this risk.

    The benefits of security surveillance

    In a nutshell, security surveillance refers to monitoring the home with cameras linked up to a recording device. There are several reasons for using surveillance at home, such as:

    • Monitoring both the inside and outside of the home for potential trespassers and intruders
    • Monitoring kids and other members of the family when they are in other regions of the house, or outside
    • Monitoring employees, for example, babysitters, nannies, cleaners etc. – to make sure they are working properly
    A home alarm system with a camera / Source: Security System Solutions

    Wired security systems

    Wired security systems are hardwired through the walls or floors of your home and typically controlled from a panel located in an easily accessible area from the door. In addition to a control pad, the system tends to come with cameras and motion sensors on the windows and doors. Everything is hardwired together, and sometimes it might not be easy to feed the wiring through the walls. In this case, some might be exposed. You can cover them easily with a rug, though.

    When installing a wired security system, you’ll have to choose between a closed or open-loop design. Closed-loop systems set off the alarm if the security magnet is somehow removed from its magnetic switch, which breaks the closed circuit of the system. Open-loop systems set off the alarm if any of the doors or windows are opened, which causes a magnetic link to close the open connection.

    Wireless security systems

    Much like a wired security system, wireless systems use sensors, cameras, motion detectors, etc. to monitor the safety of your home. Rather than using wires, of course, wireless security systems operate via radio signals that are sent to each other. Many opt for a wireless system because it doesn’t require running cables and wires through your home, so its a less invasive installation process.

    The only disadvantage to wireless security systems is that the elements cannot be too far from each other. They need to stay in range in order to fully operate as they’re meant to. Be sure to install wireless components far from your other electronic devices, so that they don’t interfere with each other.

    Using a visual system

    Burglars tend to select the easiest targets; so by making your home look like a difficult target, it is likely that burglars will not attempt it and select a home that’s not as well prepared. To make your home visually protected, consider the following:

    • Keep the areas next to your home’s windows and doors free from shrubs or trees that a burglar can hide behind.
    • Use motion-activated lighting outdoors.
    • Use a security screen door so the burglar must go through two sets of doors to enter your home.

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    Physical systems

    It’s extremely effective to make your home physically challenging to enter. To do this, focus first on the most likely entry points: the front and back door. Equip all doors with deadbolts and consider the addition of security bars or screens to areas that are potentially high-risk. You may also want to consider the use of a home automation system. These allow you to turn on the lights and television no matter where you are. This way, your empty home looks as though someone is there. 

    What are the different types of security lights?

    Security lights come with many energy-efficient features which are meant to ensure that your electricity bills don’t drill a hole in your pocket. Sensor lights are wired into the main electrical supply and are switched on only when they detect motion in an area. Alternatively, timer lights can be pre-programmed to go on and off at particular times in a day. These timers can be used for lights inside and outside the house with equal ease. They are especially helpful when you have to leave your house vacant for a few days or weeks. By programming the lights to go on and off at regular intervals, you can create an impression that the house is occupied, thereby deterring thieves and burglars.

    Sensor lights make your outdoor areas a lot safer / Source: Palmer Power And Lighting

    Why site security is so important

    Site security refers to the protection of a building site through each phase of the building process. Theft can be a major issue on building sites, with both tools and materials at risk of being stolen. This can cost you a great deal of money in replacement items. It can also cost you time as it may take several days, or even weeks, for new materials to be sent out so that work can recommence.

    Building site protection

    There are several methods available to help you provide better protection for your building site. These options include:

    • Temporary fencing – this method is both easy, cheap, and effective. You can get temporary fencing from companies who will deliver and install the fencing around the site for you. 
    • Get your neighbours to help you – if there are neighbours living near your building site, ask them if they are willing to watch over your property whenever possible. If they witness anything suspicious, they can let you know.
    • Coordinate deliveries – if possible, make sure any materials that are delivered are used soon after. By doing so, you won’t have piles of expensive materials lying around the site not being used for too long.
    • Keep the whole site clean – make sure that any tradespeople working on the site clean up after themselves – removing boxes, unused tools and materials, and additional waste as soon as they are not needed. This will do two things: it will limit hiding spaces for smaller items and will mean that less attention is drawn to your site and what is currently being done there.

    Tips for when you’re on holiday

    Empty homes are easy targets but taking precautions so your home appears occupied and protected, can prevent robberies. An overflowing mailbox or piling newspaper stacks is a dead give away to an empty house so ask a trusted neighbour, family member or friend to regularly pick up your mail for the duration of your trip. Additionally, keep some old clothes hanging on the clothesline and request your neighbour to place your trash bin in time for the weekly collection.

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