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    Protecting your home and your loved ones is a top priority. The threat of potential intruders is disconcerting for anyone potentially if you’ve suffered a break-in or know people in the area who have. If you’re searching for ways to keep your home safe, installing security screens, bars or grilles for your doors can be an easy and effective method for keeping predators out (and your hard-earned home amenities in).

    Why security screens for doors?

    Doors are an often-overlooked security hazard. A lock isn’t necessarily enough to deter a determined individual. Breaking a pane of glass or slashing through a screen may be all it takes to reach through, turn a lock, and gain access. An experienced lock picker won’t be deterred by even solid oak doors. Security screens act as a dedicated deterrent. They’re specially designed to make would-be intruders consider looking for an easier target. A burglar wants to spend as little time exposed at a home’s entrance, so a security screen can be enough to make wrongdoers look elsewhere.

    Close up of a security screen / Source: Shutterstock

    A security screen also adds convenience for keeping children and pets safe inside. Leave your doors open during the day to save on energy costs, enjoy a pleasant view, or improve indoor ventilation. With the security screen closed, you’ll know your home is safe. Feel secure in your own house even with the doors open when you use a high-quality, professionally installed security screen.

    What is this type of screen?

    A security screen is a mesh screen made of steel, rather than the material commonly found in flyscreens. These screens are made from a higher quality stainless steel or from marine grade steel. They have holes punched into the steel to give it a mesh appearance. Some screens are made from aluminium rather than steel, but steel is the better option overall due to its added security.

    Additionally, these screens have extra strength thanks to their specialised framing. This framing is durable and hard to break. A special system is used to ensure that the mesh remains secured inside the frame.

    Choosing security bars or grilles

    An alternative to security screens is security bars or grilles. These are fitted to the doors and windows in your house and improve your overall home security. Security bars and grills deter potential thieves and intruders both visually and pragmatically since they dissuade most from breaking in just by their appearance. However, one disadvantage is that they can block your view. Security bars and grilles can be custom made or bought in a ready to use form. The type you get mostly depends on what kind of design you want and the type of windows and doors that need security.

    Security bars come in a range of colour options / Source: Shutterstock

    They are conveniently available in an extensive variety of designs, enabling you to make the most stylish choice for your abode. Security bars and grilles also come in a wonderful selection of great colours. When making your choice, it is advisable to opt for steel or aluminium bars and grilles and preferably ones that can withstand harsh elements. You should also opt for ones that are able to open, in case you need to escape from your home in an emergency.

    The advantages of getting steel mesh screens 

    First up, these screens are very strong and will make it totally unnecessary to have security bars or grilles on your doors or windows. Bars and grilles can sometimes ruin the look of feature windows and doors. With mesh screens, however, this really isn’t of any concern. The look of any home can be maintained when these are installed.

    With these screens, you can also keep your doors and windows open in order to get air into the home, without any sort of security concerns. In addition, insects and other pests will be kept at bay, just like they would with regular flyscreens and other screens that are designed to repel insects.

    In addition to this, these screens are safe for the family. When installed, they can be opened easily from within the home, making it easy for anyone to escape the house in the event of an emergency, like a fire.

    Excellent warranties generally accompany these screens as well. In most cases, these warranties are good for about 10 years, which can ease your mind if something goes wrong with your screens.

    Picking the right screen

    Steel mesh security screens are available in models designed for sliding doors or hinged doors. Their versatility allows you to protect all the doors in your home using similar high-quality products designed for each particular entry. Find frames and trims in a wide range of colour options to complement the style of your house or apartment.

    Most security screens for doors can be reinforced by mid-rails to add extra security on larger screen doors for maximum security with minimal visual impact. Look for a hinged screen that comes fitted with triple point locks or a sliding door screen with an extra-strong lock to further improve the security of your home.

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