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    All you need to know about animal portrait paintings

    And why you should get one for your furry friend

    Hannah | Oneflare

    As they say, memories last forever and hanging photographs and portraits in your space are one of the best ways to live those memories forever. We all love to hang pictures of our family, friends, and loved ones around us, but has anyone ever thought of capturing memories of their pets and hanging them.

    Our pets become an integral part of our family. Their love for their masters is incomparable. So, it’s essential to acknowledge that love and affection and love them back. One such unique and heartwarming way of showing your love for pets is through animal oil painting.

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    Easy hassle-free process

    The process of getting customized animal paintings is quite easy. You have to select the best artist in your vicinity, sign up for their program, and send a digital photograph of your pet to them. The photo should be clear enough so that the artist can capture all the minute details on the canvas.

    Once the sketch is ready, the artist paints it according to the likes of your pet. These days there are programs available, where you can paint these animal prints under the guidance of a trained professional. Once the painting is ready, you can hang it in your home, office, or anywhere you want to feel the presence of your favourite furry friend.

    Why get a pet portrait painting?

    Many of us think that it’s convenient to take pictures on phones and professional cameras, then why to spend money and time getting paintings customized. Well, a digital photograph cannot replace a beautiful hand-painted portrait. Let’s have a look at a few advantages of getting animal portrait paintings.

    1. Token of love: We all know pets become the most favourite member of the family, and their love of the family that they live with is selfless. So, getting animal portraits is probably the best way of showing gratitude to these furballs.
    2. Customization options available: At first, a couple of photographs of the pets are shared with the artists, but customizations are done further to the sketch to give it a more personal effect. Artist draws the final portrait considering the expressions of your pet from various pictures, his or her favourite activities, and then your favourite activity with your pet.
    3. Timeless paintings: These paintings by experienced artists, are painted using professional pens, brushes, and colours and due to which the pictures remain new for many years.
    4. Best gift for pet lovers: The struggle of looking for a gift for a loved one is real. Dog canvas paintings can be the best gift for all dog lovers. These paintings might be the gift that they will cherish for their lifetime.
    5. Immortal memories: Unfortunately, the life span of animals is shorter than that of humans. These sketches are a way to immortalize your memories with your pets forever.

    Shop around as there are lots of companies offering pet portraits – like everything it’s important to check out the reviews and paper quality before purchasing. Keep in mind there is often a range of products to choose from, for example Paint My Pooch offer regular prints as well as digital & box mount options. Remember to get your pet freshly groomed before any photograph or painting.

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