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    Celebrate your dog’s birthday

    Ideas on how to make your dog's special day memorable

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    The nature of our relationship with a furry friend can feel heart-warmingly personal, so the desire to celebrate your pup’s special day is no surprise. Whether it’s an actual birthday or the day you brought pet home from the shelter, there are many ways to spoil your canine companion. From custom portraits to birthday cakes, here’s how to celebrate your dog’s special day.

    Organise a birthday bash

    We have birthday parties all the time, so why shouldn’t dogs?  A party is a perfect opportunity to allow your dog to socialise with your friends’ dogs, while you mingle with your (human) friends! Create a menu by offering some healthy doggie snacks, such as steamed carrots or peanut butter biscuits.

    Come up with a few activities – a backyard kiddie pool water park will be a hit during the summer, or an agility course will fit perfectly with the higher energy pups. The sight of your dog with his new best friends will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, so let us connect you to an expert photographer who can capture that feeling.

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    Pamper your pooch

    Perhaps you’re after some more personal portraits of you and your four-legged friend, so why not pamper your pooch? Grooming your pet can leave a pup looking ever-so handsome while the photographer captures your friendship in the best light.

    Spoil his belly

    Baking a dog birthday cake can be suitable if you’re throwing a party, but it can also be a nice way to treat your dog otherwise. It’s not every day your pet gets to eat cake… And it’s not every day that you get to make one for them! There are plenty of healthy recipes out there – many of them containing simple ingredients such as apples and carrots – and make sure there is absolutely no chocolate.

    If you feel you’re not exactly the biggest MasterChef in the kitchen, it will be just as special if you buy a bunch of your pet’s favourite treats from the store and let him slightly indulge on his special day.

    Be adventurous

    If your pup has good recall, take him for a walk on your favourite off-leash hiking trail, or try hiking somewhere new. The off-leash experience gives your dog the chance to feel super liberated and adventurous for the day.

    No matter what you have planned for this special day, make sure it’s filled with excitement, adventure and love. There’s no doubt your dog will be exhausted at the end of the perfect day, so finish off the special day with a warming belly rub. 

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