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    Sydney’s best boutique gyms you need to visit

    Work up a sweat with some of the swankiest clubs in the city

    Hannah | Oneflare

    Everyone knows that exercise is the key to staying healthy. There are many different ways to exercise, and the best way to train is the one that inspires you and motivates you to keep it up. Exercise should be challenging, exciting, and, most of all, fun.

    Boutique gyms can achieve all of this and give you a fun and unique experience that is different from the bigger chains. They can provide you with a tailored experience to suit your interests and your lifestyle. If fitness is your obsession, you need to check out these Top 8 Boutique Gyms that offer something a bit more in Sydney.



    Kettlebell lunge exercise / Source: AGOGA Bondi ©

    AGOGA (pronounced ah-go-jyah) founded in Bondi 2012 offers a functional training system that is based on training like an athlete. AGOGA is the Spartan word for the warrior education training system that was used to create a class of “warrior citizens,” which, as we know, was Sparta’s key to success. If you are looking for something different from your standard chain gym, this might be what you are looking for to grow stronger both physically and mentally.

    With a huge range of Small Group Training classes and one-to-one Personal Coaching on offer, they have a variety of workouts to suit you and your goals. Whether you want to run faster, gain strength, lose weight, increase mobility or just have adrenaline-pumping fun, the friendly team of highly experienced coaches will help you get there.

    Each workout is based on the training methods of athletes, coaches and scientific strategies from around the world. AGOGA’s core principles of functional movement patterns and interval training are designed to create athletic and symmetrical bodies that are strong, lean and mobile. They understand the importance of a flexible mobile body to improve posture and day to day movement is their point of difference.

    The AGOGA team is made up of five highly experienced Coaches who teach over 40 classes per week between them. The classes include personalised coaching in a small group environment that combines functional movement patterns and high-intensity intervals. You can receive the best coaching experience in classes that are small, so each class is typically around ten people, with a maximum of 20. AGOGA is a supportive and nurturing environment that brings out the absolute best in their community.

    Address164 Bondi Road, Bondi, NSW 2026
    Must-Try ClassesStronger, Signature and 6 Week Challenge


    Sydney CBD

    Interior of Fitbeat / Source: Fitbeat ©

    Fitbeat was born out of a desire to offer a more personalised approach to group training, because the cookie-cutter approach in other group classes doesn’t take into account the varying skill levels and fitness goals of prospective members. Founder Mike Kunitz felt that what was missing in the industry was true personalisation that takes into account the needs and goals of each individual. While group workouts are quick, motivating, and fun, they seldom address the needs of various types of people. For example, a beginner skill level is required for older members who struggle with injury management as well as people of all ages who suffer from gym anxiety.  Younger blokes in their 20’s who are trying to bulk up require specific workout programmes that other group training can’t deliver, and lots of gals prefer to cut out the intensive shoulder and chest exercises.

    Prospective members are invited to trial a free workout, where a friendly personal trainer assesses the person’s skill level and helps to select a long-term fitness goal. After that, the member’s journey is truly personalised, with customised workouts in every class, tailored meal plans, and personalised progress tracking. The results are simply staggering!  Not only do Fitbeat members achieve their desired fitness goals, but they get there much quicker than expected, because the personalisation aspect cuts out all distractions and counter-productive training.

    Fitbeat may be the new kid on the block, but it has taken 2.5 years to create this level of personalisation. Built by dedicated squads of sports scientists, athletes, personal trainers and software engineers, Fitbeat is a very advanced group training gym on the market.  And while there is a lot of beautiful tech running behind the scenes, the user experience is straight forward, and Fitbeat caters for all experience levels, from zero to hero!

    Address118 Sussex Street, Sydney CBD, NSW 2000
    Must-Try ClassesBurn and Build

    Full Force Gym


    Source: Full Force Gym ©

    Full Force Gym in Sydney’s West is a best-kept secret in kickboxing and Muay Thai. Tucked away in the Summit Complex at 40 Third Ave, Blacktown is World Champion Reinhard Badato’s family-run haven.

    Since February 2003, Reinhard has cultivated a close-knit kickboxing family that is unwavering in their passion and determination to conquer the kickboxing and Muay Thai industry. Full Force Gym has produced champions like his two younger brothers Von Badato and Michael Badato, Henry Pinto, Ray Linfanti and Joe Concha. There is no doubt of the undeniable promise of many more champions in the making.

    Full Force Gym is the place for the interested learner, genuine competitor, and the indisputably talented – come what age, gender or walk of life. With a total of 13 staff, nine fighters teach and train the morning and night classes.

    Address40 Third Ave, Blacktown, NSW 2148
    Must-Try ClassesMuay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kids Kickboxing

    Hardcore Gym


    The entrance of Hardcore Gym / Source: Hardcore Gym ©

    Hardcore Gym began in 1997 and is open 24/7. Its 2,000 square metre facility encompasses strength, conditioning, and self-defence classes. Hardcore has a variety of equipment and focuses on discipline and nutrition, as well as forging friendships that inspire and motivate. The gym strives to create a supportive community environment where everyone has a single focus.

    To replicate the old school bodybuilding gyms, Hardcore Gym is a male-only gym that caters to all age groups and all skill levels from beginner to athlete. The team can develop a program that focuses on your strengths and helping you to eliminate weaknesses. It includes a weights gym, functional training, cardio training, boxing, a nutrition bar, and MMA.

    The weight room includes tonnes of raw steel, including stations with up to seven combinations on each machine, so there is no waiting for a machine. They have over 100 pin-loaded resistance machines and an unprecedented range of dumbbells.

    Address294 Railway Parade, Carlton, NSW 2218
    Must-Try ClassesBoxing, Functional Training and Kids’ Fitness

    Pole Athletica

    Surry Hills

    PoleFit® Level 3 Class / Source: Pole Athletica ©

    Founded in 2004 by Jennifer Grace, a classically trained ballet dancer with a passion for staying in shape, Pole Athletica (formerly Studio Verve) was the first studio to bring pole dancing classes to the mainstream fitness industry.

    From humble beginnings, Pole Athletica started in a small hired space with two poles, to providing PoleFit® classes at Fitness First. Today, Pole Athletica has grown from a 10-pole studio to three stunning studio spaces (two pole studios and a stretch studio) in a beautiful heritage building in Surry Hills. The studio has also been recognised by media outlets such as Seven Network, What’s Good for You, and the Sun Herald.

    PoleFit® is a carefully crafted workout that is a fun and functional full-body exercise for everyone. It was inspired by elements of classical ballet, yoga, contemporary dance, and gymnastics. They have a passionate team of instructors who encourage students to embrace the challenge and grow beyond formerly perceived limits. Each class maintains a low 11:1 student to instructor ratio, which means that each student receives individual attention.

    As a 2015 Business of the Year Winner for the Pole Sports Industry Awards in London, the strength, flexibility and dance classes at Pole Athletic are popular and are typically solidly booked ahead of time. Everyone starts at PoleFit® Level 1 and works their way up. The sky’s the limit. Literally!

    Address14 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
    CapacityMaximum of 11 students per class
    Must-Try ClassesPoleFit® Level 1

    Sydney Pole

    NSW – Camperdown, Gladesville, Parramatta, Richmond, Penrith & QLD – Capalaba

    Lyra Dancer / Source: Sydney Pole Instagram ©

    Sydney Pole was established in 2013 and now has six studios across NSW and QLD. Sydney Pole’s goal is to bring people together through the positive power of pole dancing and fitness. The studio is a safe and inviting space for people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and genders who want to make friends, have fun and smash some pole and fitness goals!

    Not only does Sydney Pole offer Beginner to Advanced Pole classes, but you can also find classes such as Aerial, Flexibility and Dance. Sydney Pole has a dedicated team of over 180 staff made up of Studio Managers, Front of House, Instructors and Head Office staff who keep the 6 (and growing) studios running.

    Sydney Pole studios offer over 400 classes per week and a flexible membership option so students can attend classes at different locations. If you’re looking to try out their classes such as Twerknique or Trapeze in a safe space, visiting Sydney Pole is a must. All the courses follow a structured curriculum to ensure that students are always learning something new and pushing themselves every class.

    Address106 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Camperdown, NSW 2050
    Staff180 (across six studios)
    Must-Try ClassesLyra, Twerknique, Sexy Floor Work, Silks and Split Challenge

    The Bunker Gym

    Surry Hills

    The Bunker Gym Weight Section / Source: The Bunker Gym ©

    The Bunker was born when the team were approached by a unique 450m location which was transformed into a beautiful space with towering ceilings and raw concrete in the underground streets of Surry Hills. With a Neo-Tokyo style entrance and spaces with brass mesh that pumps light, sound and energy, the idea was not to mimic the equipment you would find in your typical gym.

    The Bunker has one of the most premium strength and conditioning facilities in the world with equipment such as Watson dumbbells from England, Eleiko Barbells from Sweden and Atlantis Machines from Canada. The high-quality equipment and design have awarded The Bunker with the Best Gym in Sydney by Men’s Health in 2018 and features in multiple magazines such as Nike, GQ Magazine and the Daily Telegraph.

    The team of 30 that runs The Bunker are the reason for the welcoming atmosphere of the gym. Each Bunker staff member is provided over 200 hours of in-house education and access to industry experts to help them excel in their role.

    With ten signature group classes, the must-try classes include Gymnastic Strength (focusing on progressive skills), Badass (focusing on lower body) and Afterburn (a training system to target power, speed and muscular endurance). If a supportive community is what you’re looking for, The Bunker Gym could be an option for you!

    Address69-8 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
    Must-Try ClassesGymnastic Strength, Badass and Afterburn



    Spin Class in Action / Source: @Ruben’s

    @Ruben’s believe in living life to the fullest and maximising the quality and quantity of life with family and friends through unique exercise classes. From day one in October 2014 till present day, @Ruben’s has focused on creating a welcoming environment with a holistic approach. Their love for the local community has grown into a real supportive group of members that strive to get strong and stay strong.

    @Ruben’s creation began with Ruben Rocha, who has almost 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry and his dream to create an all-inclusive health and fitness experience. That’s why you can find a fantastic team of 15 trainers, massage therapists, class instructors and receptionists at this modern fitness centre.

    As owner and operator, you’ll find Ruben between the spin bike, yoga studio, boxing bags and kettlebells. Ruben recommends trying about their famous Spin Classes, but if you’re looking for more strength classes that stimulate high energy, try out @Ruben’s Functional Kettlebells, Hard Circuit or Dynamic Yoga classes.

    Address137 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, NSW 2204
    Must-Try ClassesSpin Class, SFX and Pound 4 Pound Boxing

    Wrap up

    As you can see, Sydney has a lot to offer when it comes to a workout that is a bit different than you can get from a chain gym membership. Sydney offers a boutique experience to suit many workout needs, styles, and interests. Whether you are young or old, a seasoned athlete or a beginner, the boutique gyms on this list have something to motivate you and get you into peak shape. If you’re still unsure, speak to a personal trainer to find out how to start your new and exciting fitness journey!

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