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Find a local personal trainer

    What does a personal trainer do?

    Plus, what are the benefits of hiring one

    David Palermo | Personal Trainer

    Personal trainers were once exclusively hired by celebrities, but with increasing health awareness and the wider availability of personal trainers in modern society, more people have started to hire professional help to get in shape. Personal trainers help you improve in reaching your goal body weight, muscle definition and tone, as well as heart health (cardio). They also help you to build more confidence and self-esteem through personalised exercises.

    When it comes to choosing your personal fitness program, you need to ask yourself if it actually benefits you or if it is merely a quick-fix for short-term benefits. Here, David from Elite Health & Strength shares his advice on finding the right fitness program for you – that will help improve your overall fitness and wellness.

    What does a good personal trainer do?

    Good personal trainers not only help you with short-term fitness goals, but also with long-term health. They understand what you need, adapt to individual clients’ needs and cater to differing learning styles seamlessly. Their ability to manipulate variables, and to balance between short-term gains and the long-term outcome can’t be underestimated. They are attentive, educational and technical, but in a personable way to make fitness fun. They also empower clients and provide constructive criticism when necessary. All of these traits result in clients feeling ready to take on any challenges.

    Source: Alltone Fitness

    The key benefits of hiring a personal trainer

    Foster confidence and commitment

    To live a happy and healthy life is more easily said than done. Some key ways in doing so are to believe in yourself, be confident and have self-esteem. Studies show that your body weight and strength levels are positively correlated with confidence and self-esteem. The goal in training should not be to weigh ‘x’ kilograms, but to adjust variables in training accordingly. This will instil a little bit more confidence every week and inspire you to keep moving forward. It’s not an easy job to adjust variables based on individual body conditions and fitness goals. Only experienced personal trainers are able to do it.

    Know how your body moves

    A good personal trainer educates you on how your body moves. When clients understand the best way of doing certain movements, they’re more likely to trial different ways of solving problems and treating tight or sore muscles with care. There are always better ways of doing things. Experienced personal trainers care to elaborate, and you can get a better understanding of how and why some exercises are imperative in improving postures and other daily living activities than others.

    Be mentally stronger

    Accountability, integrity and adaptability – these are all important characteristics to have for achieving not only fitness goals, but also goals in life. Personal trainers help you to further strengthen these abilities to yield the best results in the long run. They remind you of these traits that will set the foundation for a joyous and meaningful life, so have these in mind at every training session.

    Source: Timo Topp

    Walk the talk

    Good personal trainers are familiar with all the movements they teach you. They have probably been doing the same routines in their own fitness plan. When you are trapped underneath a fully-loaded squat bar, they can totally relate to how you feel. The same thing might have just happened to them a few hours ago. A good personal trainer would have taught you what to take on board from their own personal experiences.

    Train with the training partners

    Sharing knowledge is common among fitness groups. Injuries can happen and when someone with the same experience is willing to share and pass on knowledge to prevent it, it brings the community together. It is also a piece of valuable information – you are more informed and you know whether to book in an allied health professional, such as an osteopath, physiotherapist or myotherapist. Being armed with knowledge allows you to make better decisions.

    How to hire a personal trainer

    Here are a few tips for hiring a well-suited personal trainer. Firstly, know exactly what you want from the personal trainer. If your goal is to build confidence, it’s hard to put a price on that.

    Price, looks and location are all important factors, but the most important thing is to find someone you trust. Once you have faith and the right training mate, you will be unstoppable.

    Training with like-minded people is a great way to get stronger and overcome challenges by learning and teaching new skills. Learning the correct technique for exercises will keep you injury-free and put a smile on your face in the process!

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