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    Building your new pool

    Everything you need to know for a pool installation

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    Swimming pools can turn a house into a home. It’s an inviting place for friends and family to interact, and it can be a place where memories are made. Kids can invite friends over and adults can enjoy a nice relaxing dip in the pool after a long day at work. The right swimming pool can be much more than an aesthetic feature of the home, it can become an integral part of your family’s way of life. Before you decide to jump into pool ownership, consider the following:

    What you need to first consider

    • Price: Swimming pool installation is expensive. Inevitably, cracks and leaks will need to be factored into the pool upkeep budget. Also, landscaping that surrounds the pool can be costly to maintain. A pool’s upkeep will not only take time, but it can also be costly to buy the chemicals you will need. When choosing a pool, take some time to research the expense of the upkeep in addition to the initial construction of the pool.
    • Local government regulations: Make sure you know and adhere to any and all rules or regulations that your local council requires before allowing you to build a pool. You should create a professional site plan to avoid unnecessary headaches from accidentally cutting underground cables or disturbing drainage systems.
    • Child safety: If you have children or extended family that will be using the pool, it is vital that you stay informed on how to make the pool area safe for everyone. Legal requirements may include installing barriers to prevent children from entering the pool unattended.
    • Real estate value: Installing a pool will change the value of your home. While it will usually make the value go up, there is a chance it could reduce your home’s value. If you don’t keep the home maintained, or if potential buyers don’t want a pool, it might not be worth as much as you think when you put your home on the market.
    Pools have the ability to increase the value of your home / Source: Serenity Pool Co.

    Different pool types

    Cement pools

    Cement pools can be built in just about any shape, depth, or size. Special water features, such as fountains, waterfalls, and wave machines can be installed, creating dramatic backyard effects. They can be constructed indoors or out and can be heated. An attached spa, slide, and/or diving board are common options. A variety of finishes, colours and textures can be found while shopping for cement pools. Depending on weather, accessibility, size of the pool, and pool contractor, a cement pool will take two to six weeks to complete. New residential constructed pools go faster because trees, fences, and other obstacles are not in the way of equipment and vehicles. Cement pools are easy to maintain and clean with vacuum systems and chemicals. Find out how much cement pools typically cost in our guide.

    Fibreglass pools

    Fibreglass pools can be found in all colours, shapes, and sizes. Like cement pools, construction starts with excavating the area. These swimming pools are prefabricated at the factory and brought to the site. After excavation, the pool is lowered into the hole and secured. The whole process is much faster than cement pools, and the pool arrives in your chosen colour and finish. The total cost for these pools is significantly less than their cement counterparts. Fibreglass pools are supposed to be left full during the offseason and are easy to clean due to their smooth surfaces. Find out how much fibreglass pools typically costs in our guide.

    Above-ground swimming pools

    Above-ground pools are an option for those who rent or people who want to move them to a new location later. They can be assembled by contractors or by ambitious homeowners in a matter of hours or days. These pools are equipped with vinyl liners and are generally smaller than other pool types.

    Contact local pool builders

    Ground excavation for in-ground pools

    If you are planning to build a new in-ground pool, you will need to find the right place for it on your property. Excavation is not just digging a hole; every backyard has different character traits and factors that must be considered. For example, consider the state of the soil, size of the yard, shape of the yard, and overall access to the yard. For the best results and least amount of risk, look into hiring professional excavators, regardless of the size of your project.

    Installing the pool

    After the basin has been dug out, the actual pool installation can begin. This is when your pool builder will take over and install the plumbing, place the swimming pool, instal all the lighting and wiring, and do all the finishing on the pool’s interior.

    Before the building begins, double-check to be sure that the pool contractors have quoted all the detailed costs associated with the instal and that they are licensed and experienced builders with references.

    Designing the fencing and landscaping surrounding your pool

    After the pool is installed, it is now time to install the landscaping that will make up the environment around the pool area. This includes things like decks and pathways that can be made up of wood decking, stone pavers, or even stamped concrete. You will need to ensure the safety of all nearby children by installing a fence. This is a legal requirement in Australia.

    There are so many different options for pool landscaping design / Source: The Pool Company

    Finding the right pool builder

    Contact local pool builders

    Discuss how you will be using your pool – do you want something big enough to get a real workout in or for recreational swimming? Do you want a summer pool or something you can use year-round? Your pool builder should be able to work with your preferences.

    Check their reputation

    It is very important to choose a builder with a good reputation. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong with your investment. Ask any prospective builders for references and testimonials from previous customers.

    Compare quotes

    It is crucial to get an accurate quote for all your possible builders before you pick one. Compare these quotes, and make sure they all cover the same basics: the type of pool to be installed, materials to be used, pump and filtration, landscaping and fencing, coping, etc. By comparing several quotes, you can figure out problems, such as hidden costs beforehand – if one quote doesn’t mention a cost that all the others do, you’ll know there is a problem with that quote. Also, comparing quotes directly lets you narrow down your choices.

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