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    Outdoor furniture for your patio

    How to choose the right outdoor furniture to suit your patio

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    You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to patio furniture. When designing a space that is to be comfortable, relaxing, and inviting, the type of furniture you choose will make a big difference in the success of this space. Before you invest consider a few great options that you may not have thought about.

    Types of outdoor furniture

    Take a look at some of the options available outdoor lounge furniture. Which of these pieces will work best in your space?

    • Invest in swings if you want a space that is going to be charming and relaxing. You can choose from one to three-seaters. Some will have an adjustable awning to help you to control the sun. 
    • Tables are an important component of many outdoor spaces. Be sure to choose something that is at a comfortable level, sturdy and durable enough to handle the outdoors. It should accommodate the number of people you hope to have seated there.
    • Lounge chairs are almost a must-have in most outdoor areas. There are many styles to select from including those for one, two or more people. You may want to choose those that have more of a reclining option. You can also invest in chaise lounges for this space.
    • Think about investing in a day bed for this space. There may not be a better place to take an afternoon nap than on a daybed out in the sun.
    wooden table and chairs on an uncovered patio
    Source: MRM Pty Ltd

    Outdoor furniture materials

    • Plastic is a common option for the outdoors because it is affordable and it is versatile. You will likely find all of the pieces you need available in this format.
    • Aluminium furniture is better for smaller spaces; it’s weather-resistant, very lightweight and great for entertaining purposes. You’ll be able to rearrange and swap out aluminium furniture to suit your needs. 
    • Wrought iron goes great with gardens, but is very heavy and prone to rust – it might not be worth that kind of extreme trade-off. If you have to use wrought iron, place it mostly in covered areas
    • Stone and concrete furniture are great, but they’re heavy – and will only really be appropriate for single-purpose patio areas.
    • Wooden furniture is often thought of as very traditional. It can be a very good option for those who want something natural and yet durable. 

    Finding the right wood

    If you decide you want to go with wooden furniture there are so many great options to choose from. Here, we’ve listed some of the more popular choices.

    • Redwood has a reddish hint to its colour. It lasts a long time and is completely resistant to rot and termites.
    • Cedar is lightly-coloured and splinter-free. This softwood weathers well, and will also repel insects and mould.
    • Teak is the toughest material out there – it can last up to 50 years and is super-durable.
    • Jarrah is reddish or pink in colour and is a durable, solid wood.
    • Shorea has many of the same toughness qualities as teak but is cheaper.
    • Roble is a long-lasting, very light wood.
    • Eucalyptus is one of the more attractive woods out there and is very resistant to rot.
    • Pine is very resistant to rot and very cheap. It’s yellow and brownish in colour. However, you’ll need to bring pine furniture indoors during the winter – it’s susceptible to the elements.

    Patio furniture covers

    Due to a patio’s proximity to nature and the elements, the task of maintaining and protecting the furniture can become a bit challenging. Make sure to invest in furniture covers to keep your patio looking beautiful for the years to come. Polyethylene covers are popular as they are completely waterproof, easy to clean and prevent dust and dirt from settling on it. You can also find covers that are resistant to UV rays which will help protect your furniture from sun damage. Standing umbrellas are also a great way to create protection from UV rays on days when the sun is shining. 

    Daybed and wooden table on a white patio
    Source: Dk Lifestyles

    Patio lighting

    When the sun winds down, your patio should shine, serving a functional capacity and influencing the mood of its occupants. There are a plethora of lighting options you can choose from to light up your space.

    Patio and Deck Lighting

    Patio and deck landscape lighting systems illuminate certain features of your home, making them come alive; they also serve as safety devices. The directions of the beams of light, their mechanics and special benefits make them a great option.

    Down and Up – Lights

    Both down and up-lights offer dramatic effects when mounted in strategic locations. If you want to set a pleasing tone, install up-lights into the floor of your deck or patio and down-lights as an overhead feature. Downlights are softer and more intimate than the direct glare of a naked light. Its also a lot easier on the eyes as it softly blankets the entire area of the patio. 

    Strip Lights

    These are ideal for a variety of lighting solutions. Its low profile and integrates discreetly while offering powerful brightness along edges and soffits. LED strip lights are the smart energy-efficient way to illuminate your deck and access areas.


    LED module spotlights are directional lights fitted into fixtures in the loft or along walls. Spotlights are compact and powerful. They work marvellously for highlighting features such as the pool or barbecue areas. Spotlights should be placed discretely above or below your desired spot so that they are not a bothersome distraction.


    Floodlights are designed to light up specific areas of your landscape. They will light up a good portion of your patio and are best served by the garden, pool and barbecue areas. Ideally, these powerful lights should be mounted very high and directed downward. They provide added security to your home and are great for extended nighttime entertaining.

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