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Types of mechanic services

Rego checks

All cars need to undergo an annual safety check to make sure they can stay on the road, and you need to have a certified mechanic examine your car for this. Even if you don't want anyone tampering with your fine work, this is something you can't avoid.

Tyre and wheel checks

As well as the legal requirement for tyre tread, the more worn your tires are, the less grip they have on the road and the less control you have over your car. Another reason that steering might seem off is an imbalanced wheel alignment, something that many mechanics can check and fix accordingly.

Brakes and suspension checks

One common cause for ill aligned wheels is your suspension not working as it should. This check, along with a vital one to make sure your brakes are working properly, is one that should be done if you have even the tiniest suspicion that something is wrong.

While many of us like to tinker under the bonnet of our car, others struggle with anything more advanced than a trip to the service station. If you need help keeping your car roadworthy, it's important to choose a mechanic that you trust.

How to choose the best mechanic


Different mechanics have different specialities and services that they offer. If you only want to make sure your car passes its rego, you have a lot more choice than if you want tricky work done, or if you have an unusual car.


More than almost any trade, mechanics can have a reputation for ripping off unassuming customers. A small minority gives an honest majority a bad name, and with online reviews you can quickly separate the good from the bad.

Top mechanic tips

Making those jobs you hate easier

Nowadays, auto vehicles are so involved in our every day lives that if our car broke down and there was no expert around to fix it, we'd go into meltdown. Fortunately, there are plenty of mechanics to turn to on Oneflare.

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Left for John's Auto Electrical

John was excellent. He finished the Job and did it at a time of the year when others wouldn't. I'd recommend him to anyone.

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Left for Jaz Performance & Mechanical

Always happy with the professional staff and the service there. I highly recommend them to everyone.

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