Australia’s Most Popular Home Painting Jobs

Fresh paint is one of the cheapest solutions for giving your home a hot new look.  Australian home owners love nothing more than freshening up their homes with a lick of paint. Here are the most popular rooms Aussies are getting professionally painted through Oneflare:


We also found:

  • From over 7,500 painting jobs, only 12% of Oneflare users painted both interiors and exteriors. When it comes to transforming home looks, interior painting is a more popular choice.
  • In Sydney, 52% of people chose to paint their interior walls and ceilings.
  • In Melbourne, less than 5% of Oneflare users painted their floorboards.
  • In Brisbane, 17% of Oneflare customers chose to paint their bathroom, which is 5% above the average.
  • In Perth, painting interior walls remains the most popular choice in the last 3 years.

Painting cost estimates

If you are looking to have your house painted, you may wonder just how much you should pay to have a professional do the job. You might think a price estimate is random, but it really isn’t. Painters have to make sure they are recouping their costs and making money for their time. How do you know if a painter is overcharging? You can judge whether the cost estimate is fair by doing your own estimate. We will show you how.

Painting Materials

House painters have to consider the cost of their supplies when they prepare a cost estimate. You can get an idea of how much they spend by going to the store and doing a price check on the following supplies. However, professional painters usually buy their supplies at wholesale prices, so your material costs should come out a little higher than theirs.

Supplies Painters Need to Buy

  • Paint brushes and rollers (They may already have these.)
  • Paint
  • Drop cloths (They may already have these.)
  • Masking tape
  • Paint thinner
  • Cleaning supplies

Estimating Costs for the Painter’s Time

When making a cost estimate, the painter is going to multiply the number of hours he thinks it will take to get the job done by the hourly salary they desire. It will be a little difficult for you to estimate a fair price for the time portion of a painting job because you probably don’t have a realistic idea of how long the job should take to perform, and hourly rate requirements can vary from painter to painter. The best way to make sure you are getting a fair price for this portion of the job is to seek cost estimates from multiple painters. Ask the painters how much they are charging for their labour and how many hours they estimate it will take them to get the job done. From this information, you can determine how much each painter is making per hour.

Hiring a Painter

Chances are you’re going to get a wide range of cost estimates. Try to choose a painter who provides a fair estimate. However, don’t jump to hire the painter with the cheapest estimate simply because their price is low. Consider any warranties offered and ask for samples of the painter’s prior work. Make your decision only after looking at all of the factors, including price, warranties and prior work. This way, you can be sure you are getting not only a fair deal but also a good paint job.