Get Your Move On The Move

Get Your Move On The Move

Moving homes is an exciting experience. But at the same time, we know how stressful it can get. For such a big job, most people don’t even know where to start! But not to worry, we’ve rallied our best removalists to help get your move on the move (tongue tie or what?!).

If you have any questions or categories you’d like us to investigate, send an email to and we’ll be happy to help!

Packing tips:

  • Start early! Packing isn’t the nicest activity, so give yourself plenty of time in advance
  • Where to start:  pack away the items you don’t need first so you can then focus on the things you do need
  • Be organised: it will save you space, time and your money!

    • Put loose items together in boxes
    • Dismantle beds/cots/anything that can be undone
    • Label boxes clearly so you know what’s what
  • Fragile items: always put extra care – bubble wrap, bubble wrap, bubble wrap!
  • Sharp items: wrap them well, you don’t want any injuries or damaged items
  • Heavy items: pack in small boxes – a huge box of heavy items is a pain to move
  • Light items: pack in big boxes and get them out of the way ASAP
  • Unwanted items: why not donate them to charity? You may not need them but someone out there might!


Make your move smooth:

  • BEFORE you request a service with Oneflare, for a Removalist, create an inventory list of the items you need to be moved (big items, number of boxes and approximate sizes)

    • This will allow the business to provide you with the most accurate quote they can
    • It will help you get quotes faster

      Here’s an example for you – edit and adjust as needed (or feel free to use this one!)
  • Make sure you have parking organised the night before; you don’t want a huge removalist truck roaming the streets looking for parking, or even worse, parked a walking distance away from your home

    • A sneaky, but useful tip from one of our star businesses is to place bins outside to ‘save’ a spot for the truck – then it’s guaranteed!
  • Always advise the removalist beforehand if you have any exceptionally heavy items, (e.g. piano, pool table)

    • If you don’t, they may not have enough men on the job
    • Advising them beforehand allows the business to prepare accordingly
  • Businesses recommend that you upsize the removal van, just in case it’s estimates were inaccurate or extra items pop up that you’ve forgotten about.
    You don’t want to have to make an extra trip for an unfilled truck (waste of time, effort, money). Or just follow the footsteps of these guys:


(just kidding, don’t do it!)

The big day:

  • Take pot plants in your own car when you travel to your new home

    • Saves space
    • Pot plants can create a lot of mess in the van during the relocation (dirt and other gritty things!) – having them in a more confined and monitored space benefits all parties!
  • Always re-check that everything has been loaded in the van! Sounds surprising and silly, but people always leave things behind
  • Make sure you or someone you trust is there during the move to let the men know where to place the items once they’ve been relocated to your new house


Details you’ll want to know when hiring:

  • For a standard 3 bedroom move, 2 or 3 men will be needed.

    • Definitely 3 men if you have any heavy items in need of relocating
    • 3 is also recommended if there is a very large number of items in need of moving – the process will be quicker and most likely the more economical option
    • For a simpler move, with fewer items and nothing extremely heavy, 2 men is advisable
  • Overall, our businesses have told us that distance isn’t too big an issue unless you’re moving interstate. Most go by the hour, or, based on their own judgment, will provide a fixed and fair price.

So next time you’re stressing about your move, come back and read these tips. We’re sure the job will be much easier!


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