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Types of security systems

Monitored system

This security system is one of the more commonly used alarm systems. Monitored systems will alert a call centre if the alarm gets triggered, and as a result will call the police.

Unmonitored system

Unlike the monitored system, this system doesn't automatically alert the police. Instead, if an intruder breaks into your home, a loud siren is triggered. A benefit of having this system in place is that you won't have to pay for monitoring fees, which can save a lot of money.

Wireless alarm systems

Wireless systems can be easier to install than others, and you can choose any settings you prefer: for example, you can choose to use sensors, cameras, motion detectors etc.

How to hire the right security system expert

Latest technology

Most, if not all security systems have some degree of technology attached to it. Technology is constantly evolving and that has a direct impact upon the security system you choose. Making sure the business is aware of or utilises the most recent advancements in security technology is important as it shows they are informed and on top of developments.


Reading previous customer reviews on their Oneflare profile and reviewing their 5-star rating can give you a good idea of whether they have completed jobs to a certain standard in the past. You can also evaluate whether they listen to customer needs and if they are easy to work with.


The amount of years of experience a business has can be indicative of their skills in implementing an effective security system. While years of work does not always equate to a better job done, if you're stuck between two businesses it may be a safer bet to hire the business with a longer amount of time in the industry.

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