Spring Wedding Saving Tips

Spring Wedding Saving Tips

With blossoming flowers and cloudless skies, there’s little doubt that spring is a popular time to walk down the aisle, but the dream of a springtime wedding can come with a hefty price tag. On average, the cost of a wedding peaks at around the $36,000 mark and last year’s Cost of Love survey, found that some spend up to $65,000 for the big event. It’s no surprise that the costs involved in a wedding day can quickly escalate so we’ve harnessed our top decorative and cost saving tips to ease the budget for a dream springtime wedding.


Minimising the bill for the big day has little to do with the actual wedding date and a lot to do with the planning stages. Here are some practical tips to consider whilst planning.


Get your friends involved and utilise your extended networks. Don’t be afraid to ask and reach out for the details of the celebrants or photographers that your friends would have used. You could be lucky to score a referral discount or mate’s rates, but you’ll never know until you ask.

post_2 Take advantage of different apps that will make the planning months a lot easier. Here are a few examples:


  1. Couple.me is a pre-wedding planning app. Brides and grooms to be can share calendars, create to-do lists, send images, draw pictures and communicate all in one easy and private place.
  2. Wedding Party lets grooms and brides to add information for guests, centralise all wedding photos and create a community where guests can access directions, share pics and access registry details.
  3. The Oneflare app makes it easy for you to connect with the right wedding service provider to help create the special day. Customers can compare quotes, read real reviews, see past work, and choose the perfect business to help them with the big day.


October and November are the most popular months for Australians to start planning their wedding. Keep an eye out for wedding conventions or special offers during the popular planning months.


We crunched some numbers and found that in 2014, Aussies spent up to $2000 on wedding related photography with ‘casual outdoor weddings’ being the most requested photo shoot theme on Oneflare. Don’t blow your budget with an overpriced photographer. Here’s how you can spend smart and save on wedding photography:

post_4“Preparing for your meet up with your photographer by researching styles you like, creating a mood board or collecting pictures you love to show your photographer. The better prepared you are, the better the outcome.”
Luminarie Photography.

post_5“It’s better to have a good photographer for 4 hours than a a bad photographer for the whole day so always maximise the quality of your photographer.”
Peter Kingsley Photography.

post_6“Allow enough time to travel between various locations and take into account the best lighting times (within the last couple of hours before sunset).”
Leoni Bolt Photography.



When the big ticket purchases are out of the way, it’s the little decorations that can also take a toll on your budget. Remember, every dollar adds up.  

post_7 Last year, vintage cars were the most popular wedding car requested on Oneflare, but, vintage it’s not always the cheapest option. As an alternative, decorate and detail your friend’s old vintage car or look for independent car owners who are willing to lend you their car for a lesser rate. 

TIP: Book early for a car to avoid last minute rates. Ask if a car can be provided by your ceremony hall or book one larger car to transport the bridal party together rather than lots of individual cars.

post_8The average price of flowers for the bridal party (bouquets, corsages etc) is $560Instead of floral centrepieces for each table, try featuring simple tea lights. 

TIP: Vintage themed weddings can include DIY touches with old doors converted to photo booth frames, jars with self-arranged flowers for table pieces and bunting galore to save costs.


Leoni from Leoni Bolt Photography encourages couples to do their research. Sometimes DIY is not always the cheapest option and by the time you buy all of the equipment and supplies it can cost you a small fortune, not to mention the hours of labour and stress! 

Enjoy a beautiful spring wedding within a reasonable budget with savvy spending, smart planning and a hint of creativity. Get inspired with these DIY wedding ideas or find the right wedding planner to make your spring love dreams a reality.