Small designer bathroom storage hacks

Small designer bathroom storage hacks

Certain situations may mean that it’s time to downsize from a house to an apartment – perhaps the kids have moved out or a larger property is too much work to maintain. With a smaller property, this usually means smaller rooms, including the bathroom. Whatever the reason may be, it is useful to know some smart bathroom storage hacks intended for bathrooms on the smaller side. Extra storage not only has the use of practicality, but it can also add character and style to the design of the space. Whether the storage is hidden and subtle, or it makes a statement, we’ve picked out some practical and stylish storage ideas for your small bathroom:

Make it hidden: pull-out storage

Pull-out storage has been long-used in kitchens – it also works really well in bathrooms. This type of storage is considered hidden and it definitely saves space – it can be built into almost any narrow space. Since most bathroom products are quite small, it provides a perfect and cosy spot for your essentials such as; bottles of nail polish, moisturiser and makeup.

Make a statement: floating shelves

Floating shelves are not enclosed, therefore making the perfect opportunity to add character and style to your bathroom. The left and middle bathrooms pictured above make the most of this style, by adding statement baskets. The perfect vessel for towels or everyday washing products, they bring a soft rustic note, warming up marble or pale palettes.

Make it hidden: smart & stylish

These hidden storage ideas are considered invisible, but they still add an element to the interior design and make the most of empty or ‘dead space’. The middle image pictured above is extremely clever: there are slim compartments into a built-in bath. These hinged compartments can be used to hold items such as washcloths or spare soaps, or in this example, used to store bath slippers.

Make a statement: open storage

This entire wall dedicated to storage acts like a walk-in wardrobe or pantry. With open shelves and everything in its place, it’s a neat-freak’s dream. The wire shelf unit makes a great addition to any bathroom that is lacking personality or colour. The wire frame is lightweight, easy to hang, and the purple towels add a splash of colour to an otherwise dull wall.

Adequate storage is crucial to the success of any room. Whether you would prefer to have your items and belongings hidden away, or you want to make a statement, these bathroom storage ideas has something for everyone. Feeling inspired to make some storage adjustments? Oneflare can connect you to a professional bathroom renovator in your area to bring your vision to life. Receiving up to three quotes on your job request will also mean you’re able to keep within your budget or get a better idea on what the project may realistically cost.