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Types of car detailing services

Exterior detailing

Exterior detailing usually involves cleaning, restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of your car’s finish, wheels, tires, as well as other exterior components of your car that are visible.

Interior detailing

Interior detailing involves a deep clean of your car’s whole interior cabin. The standard cleaning involves vacuuming, steam cleaning and cleaning of upholstery.

Window cleaning

Cleaning car windows and mirrors is extremely important for safe driving. These are cleaned with streak-free cleaning agents using dust-free cloths, with anti-fog factors included, so that full visibility when driving is achieved.

How to hire the right car detailer


Reading past customer reviews can be a good indicator of whether the car detailing business is experienced and professional in their service they offer.


Checking that the business possesses the relevant insurance is important. Make sure they have an insurance policy that covers your vehicle - should anything bad happen while they service it.


Some businesses listed on Oneflare provide photographs of their past work to showcase their skills. By looking at photos of cars they have previously worked on, you are able to gain a sense of the level of quality and professionality in their work.

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