Oneflare’s guide to getting the nursery prepped for your little bundle of joy


Are you expecting a little bundle of joy this year? Setting up a nursery can be so much fun, but if you’re a first-time parent, you can’t imagine how much there is to consider when getting baby’s bedroom ready.

While you’re doing the sweet stuff like choosing clothes and accessories, we’ve made this handy guide of all the big things that will need consideration. What’s great about these big tasks is that we’ve got Oneflare businesses to help you get all the to-dos done in time.

Paint and wallpaper


Some parents like to have all the walls painted the same colour, either in bright blue, pink or yellow, or a more timeless neutral tone like beige. Some like to have a coloured feature wall that the crib stands against. Once you choose your preferred colour scheme, we’ve got painters ready to get the job done for you.

Wallpaper can be a great way to give the room a theme. Modern wallpaper is designed to come away easily when it’s time to remove it, so there won’t be too much hassle when your baby outgrows it. There are so many patterns and prints available, and you can find endless options online. Get a handyman to help you put your wallpaper on.



It’s important to consider the flooring of the nursery because it’s where your baby will spend most of their time playing with toys and learning how to crawl and walk. If you have existing carpet, it’s a great idea to get a professional carpet cleaner in to shampoo it so it’s free of dust, dirt, allergens and stains.

If you need new carpet, choose one that is good for repelling liquids and for its hypoallergenic qualities. Babies tend to drop their bottles and dummies all over the place, so a spill-resistant carpet made from fabric that prevents dust mite build-up is best. Have a professional carpet installer come to get the job done.

If you have existing floorboards, you’ll need to look closely for any splintery edges that might have come away. Giving them a new coat of polish will ensure they are smooth and safe for baby. If floorboards are something you want to have installed for the nursery, we’ve got the right flooring experts to get the installation done.

Lighting, heating and cooling


You’ll spend a lot of time in the nursery through the night, checking on your baby and coming in for feeds and nappy changes every few hours. This means you’ll need to make sure there’s adequate lighting so you don’t risk tripping on anything like toys left out on the floor.

Look at what existing lighting you have in there – does it need to be brighter? Do you need more lighting options in the corners of the room, not just the centre? Consider where you’ll put the baby furniture as well. Are the electrical outlet plugs in the most convenient parts of the room?

If the nursery is prone to being quite cold in winter and warm in summer, you might want to have a heating and cooling system installed, or give existing ones a service. Some parents like to have dehumidifiers running to keep the air clean in the room as well. Our electricians can help you with all your electrical needs, and our air conditioning experts are on-hand for temperature control.



Buying baby furniture makes setting up the nursery much quicker and easier, plus it is essential for cots and bassinets to meet the expert safety standards. However, if you’ve got the time and the creativity, why not get some of the other furniture handmade by our carpenters?

Consider items like nursing chairs, change tables and chests of drawers. There’s also bookshelves and wardrobes. It would be quite special for your baby to grow up with something like a rocking horse handmade for them that isn’t mass-produced and can become an heirloom.



Living in Australia means lots of bugs can get through open windows, such as mosquitoes and spiders. Even cats are a safety problem for sleeping babies if they get inside the cot with them. Consider getting fly screens installed by our window and door experts, and get professional pest control a few weeks before baby arrives.

Even with flyscreens in place, you don’t want to risk your baby going anywhere near a window they can fall out of. Windows must be be child-safe compliant and many parents achieve this by having window opening restrictors installed. Our handymen can help you install the right devices to keep the windows safe.

The nesting instinct will kick in soon and you won’t be able to help pottering around the nursery cleaning and preparing for your new arrival. The best thing you can do to make it easier for yourself once baby arrives is having the nursery completely ready for them to move in. For any other jobs on your to-do list around the house before the pitter patter of little feet, just head to our homepage to find more professionals that’ll get your jobs done.