Kitchen Storage Solutions

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Every home has a designated kitchen space to prepare, store and consume food but as we replenish the fridge and restock the pantry, our kitchen space can quickly get cluttered, bursting at the seams with stored ingredients, condiments and utensils. Rediscover the luxury of extra space and declutter your pantry and cabinets with our simple kitchen storage solutions that will refresh your existing space without a costly reno. To give you the best head start on organising your kitchen, we share our top kitchen storage solutions.

Got a Messy Pantry?

Cure a messy pantry with effective storage solutions that will help organise your items efficiently and reduce time spent searching for foodstuff. The solution is simple, group similar items together and store items according to its priority.

  • Easy access: Store items that are frequently sought after in easy to reach locations.
  • Preserve items: Keep dry items that need to be replenished frequently in clear containers so you can keep track of cereal levels.
  • Bulk foods: Reserve the top shelf of your pantry for bulk food storage and excess items.
  • Heavy items: Leave heavy items on the floor of your pantry. If your pantry shelves are clogged with utensils, take an inventory of your kitchen appliances and get rid of unused items to neatly store your multi-purpose appliances.

Elfa Storage system by Howards Storage World.

Howards Storage World’s Cathy Player, reminds us that visibility and accessibility are key factors to consider when choosing containers and shelves. Knowing what you have and where it is, will also prevent a double up of cereal boxes and condiments, saving money in the long run.


Elfa Storage system by Howards Storage World.

Store extra items by making the most of your unused pantry space. Utilise your pantry door or a spare wall by mounting a spice rack or attaching a magazine holder to hold your cling wraps and aluminium foil. Try adding a Lazy Susan Turntable in the corners of your shelves to stock jars or sauces, maximising the use of awkward corners.

Running out of Space?

Cut conventional corners and transform the underutilised spaces of your kitchen. Make the most out of your kitchen space by adding drawer dividers to organise and compartmentalise your cutlery any additional bric-a-brac.

Minimise the space soaked up by the dishes, cups and cutlery in and around your kitchen by using hooks and shelves to hang cutlery, pots and cups above your kitchen island, instead of taking up shelf space. Or, attach a stainless steel rod to your kitchen splashback and hang common utensils to free up your cluttered drawers.

Kitchen storage solution: Pegboard

Elfa Pegboard by Howards Storage World and Ninemsn DIY Pegboard.

Got a spare kitchen wall or empty vertical space? Pegboards can be a practical and subtle storage solution that allows you to recreate the vertical space. Mix and match magnets, include additional organisers and add shelves for a personalised touch.

Have a Messy Fridge?

A tightly packed fridge stifles airflow and can make items difficult to locate. Store items in containers to maximise the full depth of your fridge and opt for stackable containers that are transparent and airtight for food bits, vegetables or leftovers.

Fridge Storage & Organiser

Marie Storage Baskets, Glass Food Storer and Fridge Box from Howards Storage World.

When storing your food, consider the different temperature zones of your fridge and rotate your food once a week, pushing older items towards the front to ensure they are eaten first. Label all items with the correct expiry date and store in transparent containers to minimise food wastage.

Don’t have an efficient Kitchen space?

Finding the best storage and organisation solution for your kitchen will depend on the workflow of your kitchen.

Howards Storage World expert, Courtney Fletcher says zoning your kitchen according to the different ways your kitchen space is used, will help you store items in your kitchen efficiently and create a streamlined space that is functional and well organised. Work zones ensure your kitchen is organised according to the tasks you perform in the space. Understanding your workflow will help you store items in areas that are efficiently accessible. For more information, check out this video:

Maximise your existing kitchen space with storage solutions that will organise and declutter, leaving more room for you to flaunt your kitchen design and enjoy your unique space. Read more of our Smart Storage tips or request free quotes for the chance to score one of three $100 Howards Storage World vouchers.