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    Storage ideas for your bathroom

    How to get the most out of the space you have

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    In your bathroom, the amount of storage space you need is surprising. When renovating a bathroom or building a new one, be sure to address the storage space to ensure that you have enough in the future. This will make the bathroom much easier to navigate as well as more fun. The following are solutions for getting the most out of your bathroom storage.


    Prior to the renovation, utilise the planning stage to design your storage. Consider the items you wish to keep in the bathroom. Although keeping towels and electrical items handy is convenient, make sure the correct ventilation exists so that moisture does not have detrimental effects. It is unsafe to allow electrical components to corrode and towels to form mildew.

    Take measurements

    Before purchasing bathroom storage, measure your bathroom adequately. Make a small blueprint of your bathroom taking the consideration where your tub sink and toilet is placed. Also, take into consideration how tall your walls are. Storage units don’t have to be floor units, they can be attached to the wall as well. Once you have done this, decide whether you want freestanding or portable storage. Portable storage can be moved around the bathroom when you find it it’s no longer useful in one area. However, built-in storage cannot be moved it becomes a permanent part of the bathroom structure.

    Recessed nooks above baths and in showers are ideal for products / Source: Modern Living Constructions


    Be creative when placing your storage units. Do not only use vanities and medicine cabinets. Instead, utilise the space in your walls and recessed cabinets which will provide additional room without decreasing the floor space of your bathroom. Additionally, placing recessed nooks around the shower will really open up your bathroom.

    Use fixtures

    Use vanities with many drawers and shelving units with specialised trays that can be opened for quick access. These fixtures are perfect for applying cleansers at night and cosmetics in the morning. There are even modular units that can be customised to your exact requirements, so you remain organised.

    Keep an open mindset

    If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, utilise different forms of storage for visual interest and to create depth. For instance, combining a vanity, recessed cabinets, wall shelving and baskets will open up your bathroom.

    Utilise temporary storage

    For those who cannot renovate the bathroom, there are additional temporary storage options that can be implemented. Corner shelving units, regular shelving and hanging shelves are excellent temporary storage choices. Additionally, baskets, boxes and a variety of other containers provide exceptional storage options that can be used anywhere and are available in a variety of colours and styles.

    Using storage to match your accessories

    If you have a lot of plain accessories you might want to try decorative hooks. These can be installed directly into the wall or hung over the bathroom door on the bar.

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    Corner shelves

    Corner shelves come with and without doors and may be used to store things such as personal items and linen.

    Linen cupboards

    If you have enough room in your bathroom to add a 5-foot linen cupboard this might be ideal. Not only can you store most of the things your bathroom in a living covered, but it also makes the bathroom look more attractive.

    Floating shelves

    Floating shelves are not enclosed, therefore making the perfect opportunity to add character and style to your bathroom. These are the perfect vessel for towels or everyday washing products and can add a unique charm to the room.

    Maximise cabinet, shelf and drawers space / Source: KTR Creations

    Pull-out storage 

    Pull-out storage has been long-used in kitchens – it also works really well in bathrooms. This type of storage is considered hidden and it definitely saves space – it can be built into almost any narrow space. Since most bathroom products are quite small, it provides a perfect and cosy spot for your essentials such as; bottles of nail polish, moisturiser and makeup.
    Adequate storage is crucial to the success of any room. Whether you would prefer to have your items and belongings hidden away, or you want to make a statement, these bathroom storage ideas have something for everyone. Feeling inspired to make some storage adjustments? Oneflare can connect you to a professional bathroom renovator in your area to bring your vision to life. Receiving up to three quotes on your job request will also mean you’re able to keep within your budget or get a better idea on what the project may realistically cost.

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