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Types of grout cleaning services

Residential grout cleaning

While many homeowners clean the grout lines in their bathrooms and kitchen themselves, this job can be tedious and time-consuming. Hiring a professional grout cleaner takes the burden of this chore off your shoulders. A skilled and experienced grout cleaner will use special cleaning agents that are effective in getting rid of all the mould, discoloration and stains that may have built up on the grouting of the kitchen and bathroom tiles in your home.

Commercial and industrial grout cleaning

This is a specialised job that requires more expertise and special techniques using potent cleaning agents. Commercial properties see more use and wear and tear than residential ones. In settings such as commercial kitchens, it doesn’t take long for all the moisture, grease and steam to take its toll on the tiles and grout and cause them to look old. A commercial or industrial grout cleaner would be able to clean the grouting in these spaces thoroughly.

Coloured grout cleaning

Coloured grout presents its own set of cleaning challenges. Since the grouting has a porous surface it is more susceptible to bacteria, mould, dirt and discolouration. When coloured grout is cleaned with cleaning solutions, it can impact the colouring and may need to be re-surfaced with a fresh coat of grout of the same colour. A professional grout cleaner will avoid fading the coloured grout and take care to restore it to its original brightness.

How to choose a good grout cleaner

Experience and reputation

When you are looking for a grout cleaner online, check how long the company has been in existence. This information should feature on their site. You can check what customers have to say about the company by reading testimonials and reviews. You should also check what type of grouting jobs they handle and whether they also provide tile cleaning and grout sealing services if required.


It’s important to get more than one quote for the job. While cost-efficiency is important, you should also compare the providers on the basis of the other aspects such as experience and reputation.

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