The ultimate summer checklist for every homeowner

With every season comes a new list of to-dos around the house and garden. Now that summer is finally here, we’ve made a comprehensive checklist for you to get your property and vehicle organised to enjoy the warm weather. Simply tick off these to-dos early on in the summer and you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the silly season.



Swimming and playing outside, BBQs and gardens in bloom are just some of the things we look forward to when the sun is shining and the days stretch out long into the evening. It’s important to make sure your outdoor areas are prepped, so when it comes to a spontaneous get-together with friends, having the windows open for months on end or the rumblings of a summer storm coming your way, you can relax and know you’ve ticked your outdoor to-dos.

Top outdoor to-dos:



No one likes a humid or stuffy house in the summertime, except perhaps the spiders and creepy crawlies that always seem to find themselves inside during the warmer months. The house during the hot weather should be your escape from the heat and the bugs, so we’ve pulled together the top indoor to-dos to tick off that will make your living spaces comfortable and relaxing.

Top indoor to-dos:



Summertime means long car rides visiting family and friends, taking the kids to the beach and going on holidays. Lots of people do road trips in the warm weather or go overseas to spend Christmas with relatives. It’s so much more relaxing being organised for holidays than leaving all the to-dos to the last minute. Here’s our top travel checklist that should be done at the start of summer so you’re ready to plan the holiday stress-free.

Top travel to-dos:

We know how busy the lead-up to Christmas can be, with parties and events happening nearly every week! If you’re struggling to get through our checklist because you have after-work events and weekends booked up with activities, why not enlist the help of our Oneflare experts to get your to-do list done in no time? Hire our helping hands here.