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    All the ways you can personalise your pool

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    The long-awaited summer has just returned and the hot days are here to stay. Many homeowners are rushing to get their pools completed quickly to enjoy a cool swim during the warm day. There are so many different factors you can personalise to create your dream pool design. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on your options. 

    Decking options

    Above-ground pools are often built on a wooden structure which doesn’t allow for many types of decking designs other than a wooden one. Inground pools come with more options in terms of decking compared to above ground pools such as tiles or concrete coating.

    • A reconstituted stone decking: Reconstituted stone is a mixture of agglomerated stone aggregates that gives a natural look and feel. The slabs do not lose their colour or their brightness even in bad weather.
    • Porcelain stoneware decking: Made from clay, porcelain stoneware will be the ideal companion for people who want to imitate natural stone, wood and even marble. It is known to be resistant to wear, water and even frost. Its maintenance is facilitated and reduced because its porosity is practically nil. 
    • All white decking: If you are looking for a clean design and a modern atmosphere, go for light colours! An off-white or cream will bring a smooth and refined look to your pool area and enhance the turquoise water of your pool.
    • Wooden decking with greens: Surrounding your wooden decking with greenery is great for a natural and unique atmosphere. Tropical, zen, Mediterranean – anything will go with wooden decking. 
    Pool lights make a great effect at night / Source: Add A Splash Pools


    With the right pool lighting, you can enjoy your pool at any time. You can also make it look more stylish and atmospheric, particularly at night. Underwater lighting is necessary for safety and visual appeal and comes in several styles and types. 

    • Incandescent lights: These lights shine bright and are typically installed underwater in cement swimming pools. They are encased in glass bubbles and are watertight.
    • LED lights: LEDs use less energy to operate for the same wattage put out. Their cost-efficiency, in addition to the special colours and effects they can produce, make them popular for new swimming pool designers and builders.
    • Fibre optic lights: This is a growing technology that may be the future of underwater pool lighting. Since the light is carried through the water from above-ground sources, it is considered safer than other pool lighting systems. 
    • Solar pool lighting: Solar is great if you are environmentally conscious, solar pool lights are a great option. These use solar energy that they absorb during the day to let off a glow at night. 


    For a pool finish that is clean, attractive, and easy to coordinate with any outdoor-decorating motif, tiles are an excellent solution. When you design your dream pool, you’ll find that there are many beautiful tile colours and materials to choose from.

    • Glass: Glass tiles can be made in a nearly unlimited range of colours, textures and finishes, and you can find exactly the right look for your pool decor. The surface of glass tiles can be transparent, metallic, opalescent, or a whole range of different styles. Glass tiles can be purchased in sizes ranging from very large to tiny, and glass mosaics are an especially popular use of these tiles. 
    • Ceramic: Ceramic tiles have been popular since ancient times, because of their adaptability to different styles of architecture. They can feature different types of finishes, from glossy to matte, and they can be made with different types of coloured designs fired into them. 
    • Porcelain: Porcelain is a ceramic product that is fired at very high temperatures so that it becomes glassy. It is completely waterproof, highly resistant to all chemicals, and very easy to clean. Porcelain tiles are available in gritted finishes as well as smooth, glossy finishes, and they are made in square or rectangular shapes. 

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    • Glass balustrades: Using glass balustrades for pool fencing is a safe choice and a stylish one too. The glass panels and posts have a minimalist and modern look that is sophisticated and also provides an uninterrupted view of your pool and yard. Now, you can have an open backyard and secure pool, without compromising on any need.
    • Coloured glass fencing: If you have always enjoyed the appearance of glass pool fencing but were hoping to add a pop of colour, coloured glass is the right choice for you. You can coordinate your fencing colour with the rest of your garden or entertainment area, or you can match the colour of your pool. The choices are seemingly endless.
    • Aluminium fencing: Aluminium fencing has an attractive asset of being both lightweight and very easy to install. It is almost entirely weather-resistant, will not rust, will not warp and will not corrode. Aluminium fences also come in a variety of colours that can match your surrounding home area perfectly. It also comes in a range of styles and designs, such as tubular fencing, flat rails, lace infills or panels. 
    Pergolas and gazebos are great for creating shade / Source: Add A Splash Pools

    Finding shade 

    Relaxing in the pool is a fantastic opportunity to relax in the hot weather. If you add some shaded areas around the pool, though, this can help to make it even more enjoyable. 

    • Shade trees: Perhaps the most common option is to add some trees. This is a good option, but you have to make wise selections because you do not want the tree to drop too many leaves or other debris into the pool. If this happens, it can lead to damage to the actual filtration system. 
    • Umbrellas: Another option is the use of an umbrella. This is a good option for those on a budget. Choose from a range of shapes, including various sizes and styles. Instead of choosing one that has a pole, which could obstruct your view, look for cantilevered umbrellas instead.
    • Awnings: An awning that extends from your house to cover an area around the poolside is a great shade source. Awnings could be motorized or manually operated. They also come in a wide range of sizes and styles.
    • Pergolas and gazebos: For something more permanent, you should consider a pergola or gazebo. This is the perfect place to simply relax and enjoy the water. This also provides an option for entertaining poolside.
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