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    5 tips to add an elegant touch to your bedroom

    Create a beautiful space to unwind in

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    The word traditional in interior design doesn’t mean outdated or boring; it’s quite the opposite. It means imbuing the space with a retro vibe and a unique flair. If you have a traditional bedroom but want to add a distinctly elegant flair to the space, rest assured you have plenty of beautiful options at your disposal.

    From a French provincial bedroom look and feel that focuses on statement furniture and soft shapes, all the way to the little details that make a big impact like a statement wall or a custom made rug, the possibilities here are endless. But that doesn’t mean that you can wing it; instead, it means that you need to take a more calculated approach.

    After all, beauty in interior design is a product of meticulous planning and preparation. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the five tips to add an elegant touch to a traditional bedroom.

    Creating an elegant neutral foundation

    One of the simplest ways to revitalize any room is to give it a fresh paint coat. You can achieve many goals with a new paint job, whether you’re looking to evoke certain emotions or imbue the space with timeless elegance. When you’re revitalizing and upgrading a traditional bedroom, there’s nothing that says elegance like a new coat of neutral paint.

    Neutral colours like white and off-white are simple, minimalist, and elegant. Their radiant glow emanates a feeling of sophistication. What’s more, neutral hues work amazingly well will rustic furniture and traditional décor pieces. Choose a pure white colour for the walls and off-white curtains on the windows to complement the distressed bedside cabinets and other wooden elements.

    Source: Lindy De Waal Interiors

    Playing with textures and patterns

    Of course, you can’t just turn your bedroom into a winter wonderland by painting it all white because that would make space look too “clean”, and it might devoid it of its unique charm. There has to be a noticeable contrast for every neutral foundation, a set of textures and patterns that create the perfect juxtaposition and bring a dash of elegance to the space.

    Luckily, you can play around with patterns and textures all around the room, but you should respect the theme and colour scheme of the space. Choose pillows and throws in contrasting hues to make them pop and break any monotony in the room. Evoke a sense of casual elegance by letting a faux sheepskin drape over the edge of the bed, and most importantly, focus on the rugs.

    Introducing elegance with rugs

    The floor plays a crucial role in the overall look and feel of every room in your home, especially the bedroom. You can achieve a lot by introducing the right carpet into your bedroom, invoking a sense of elegance and luxury while at the same time making the room feel welcoming and intimate. The best rug designers try to evoke multiple emotions at the same time and create a sensory experience with their rugs.

    For example, the current rug collection at MissAmara focuses on traditional rugs that boast an artisan look and the finest materials to create a sense of luxury through numerous senses. You’re not only supposed to admire the rug with your eyes; you also get that sense of elegance by stepping on the carped and feeling the rich fabrics underneath your feet. This is how you use a rug to complement a traditional bedroom and add a distinct dash of elegance to the space. 

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    Bringing in small but impactful accents

    The room can only live and breathe if you give it life, and base décor is not enough to achieve that. While you should never clutter the room if you want to portray elegance, you should introduce those little accents around the space to give it an elegant flair.

    Aside from the throws and the linens, consider adding accents like a single, luscious potted plant in the corner of the room. Give your light fixtures unique canopies that complement the design of the room and consider more elegant window blinds to boot. Choose gold accents for select décor pieces like a desk lamp or the hardware around the room to make the space feel more elegant without overdoing it. 

    Source: Ama Studio Interiors

    Scaling the lighting just right

    Last but not least, don’t neglect the lighting in your bedroom. You can’t complete an elegant design without addressing the lighting because it can generate the right emotions and frame the ambience. During the day, you want plenty of natural light to saturate your bedroom but keep in mind that the right blinds can help you create a distinct setting for every occasion.

    You want the artificial lighting to cast a soft glow in the evening. The lighting hue shouldn’t be white, nor should it be orange or yellow. It should be a soft off-white hue, diffused by the right canopies in a more earthy tone. You can also choose contrasting canopies like pure black to add a dash of luxury. 

    Wrapping up

    A traditional bedroom is a beautiful way to create a calm and restorative space away from the rest of the world. That said, it can often use a dash of elegance to make the space pop, so be sure to use these tips to bring elegance into your bedroom and give it a unique flair you’ll love.

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