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    Benefits of hiring a painting contractor

    Find the perfect painter for your home improvement project!

    Chin Suarez | Oneflare
    Created 07 May 2024

    Painting is not just about making a space look good; it’s about setting the right ambience and even increasing your property’s value. This guide will walk you through the benefits of hiring a professional painting contractor, their contributions to your project, and essential questions to help you choose the right contractor for your needs.

    What do painting contractors do?

    Interior and exterior painting contractors take care of every aspect from start to finish. Let’s talk about what they do before, during, and after a residential or commercial job.


    Prior to painting, experts safeguard your residential space by covering floors and furniture. Then, they prepare surfaces by fixing dents, cleaning with soap or water, sanding, and treating mould. Using the right primer for interior painting prevents paint from seeping into walls, while weather-resistant paints and priming ensure durability for exterior painting. 

    For commercial projects, professional painters meticulously prepare surfaces through cleaning, sanding, and priming for proper adhesion. Reputable painting contractors also protect the property with drop cloths and tape to prevent paint splatter. They also work in zero-harm environments by strictly adhering to safety protocols and regulations.


    For residential painting projects, professionals use premium paints and apply at least two coats to ensure a top-notch finish. They maintain high standards throughout the job and conduct regular site visits to keep you updated and ensure your satisfaction.

    In commercial painting projects, after preparation, a contractor chooses the right paint colours based on your preferences and applies them with professional-grade equipment for a clean finish. They offer various finishes like matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss, tailored to your needs. Clear timelines are also provided based on property size and complexity, ensuring you’re informed throughout the project.


    When a residential painting project is completed, a contractor’s final step is cleanup. They remove debris and any stains from their work, leaving your space fresh and tidy. Similarly, for commercial projects, once the paint has dried, commercial painters conduct a thorough cleanup, removing debris and equipment. They then perform a final inspection to ensure the job meets their standards and your satisfaction.

    Benefits of hiring a painting contractor

    a man painting an interior wall using a paintbrush
    Painting contractors have the skills for the job | Source: iStock

    If you are considering repainting your home or office on your own, it’s essential to weigh the benefits of hiring a professional painting contractor before you reach for the paintbrushes and rollers. Below, we’ll talk about why hiring a painting contractor is preferable to taking the DIY path

    Expertise and skill

    Reputable painting contractors provide expert colour advice, drawing from their in-depth knowledge of combinations, schemes, and trends to help you select the perfect shades for your space. With their expertise, they meticulously prepare surfaces, repair imperfections, and apply paint with finesse, resulting in a clean, polished finish to transform your space.

    Cost-efficient and time-saving

    You might think that hiring someone to paint your house costs a lot, but if it’s someone who can do the job perfectly the first time, complete the project within the agreed timeframe and have the right tools for the job, then it’s worth the money and would save you time as wel. Additionally, professionals can guide you in choosing cost-effective materials and offer insights to save money on paint in the future.

    Thorough preparation before painting

    Preparing the surface before painting is crucial as it ensures a seamless and even paint application, enhances durability and prevents common issues like peeling or bubbling paint. Professional painting contractors ensure surfaces are meticulously cleaned, cracks and imperfections are repaired, and surfaces are properly primed.

    Access to quality materials and tools

    Even the best painter will find their task challenging without access to the right equipment. Professional painting contractors should also stay updated with the latest industry technologies, products, and methods that give them the necessary knowledge and equipment to deliver high-quality results. Professional contractors can access quality materials and tools that greatly influence their effectiveness.

    a painter with a bucket, paint roller and ladder
    Painting contractors have the right tools at hand for the job | Source: iStock


    When it comes to painting projects, safety is vital, especially when painting high-rise building walls or dealing with tricky paints, colours, and equipment. Don’t worry; professional painting contractors have it covered. They prioritise safety above all else, arriving at the job fully equipped with the right gear, training, and expertise to ensure their team’s and your property’s safety throughout the project.

    Efficient cleanup and maintenance

    After the paint dries, a reliable painting contractor can offer helpful advice on keeping your freshly painted surfaces looking their best. You may also ask them to recommend specific cleaning methods, touch-up procedures or regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of the paint job, ensuring your investment stays visually appealing and protected for years to come.

    Questions to ask before you hire a painting contractor

    a painting contractor spray painting the deck of a house
    A professional painter spray painting a house deck | Source: iStock

    How much do you charge?

    Typically, pricing can vary depending on job size, room dimensions, product quality, preparation work, and decorative elements such as window trims. While you can search online for the average painting cost in Australia, it’s best to ask your prospective contractor for their specific painting service rates.

    Are you a licensed contractor?

    There are two ways to verify if a painter is licensed. Firstly, you can ask the painter directly to show you their license. Secondly, you can look them up on the list of registered painters on the WA Building Commission Painters Registration Board.

    Have you worked on similar painting projects before?

    Requesting examples of previous work from the house painting company demonstrates their experience and track record in the industry. It’s beneficial to view these credentials firsthand and review the detailed quote, particularly if they have a showroom you can visit. This provides insight into their past projects and clientele over the years.

    Do you move furniture before painting?

    If you’re tackling a residential painting project, moving furniture out of the way before your painter arrives is advisable. Some professional painters may offer this as an additional service, so if you’re unsure, ask your painter what preparations are needed before their arrival. Additionally, you can ask for assistance with moving other items like picture frames, wall hangings, electrical cords, ornaments, and exterior plants or greenery.

    What’s included in the quote?

    The quote should provide a detailed list, including the project scope, paint brand and quantity, material costs, area to be painted (interior or exterior), estimated completion time, contractor details, and project duration. 

    While not a contract, a quote is crucial for project planning, covering various aspects such as paint brand, material costs, area measurements, completion estimates, guarantees, and other relevant details. It’s important to distinguish that a quote is not an invoice.

    How to hire a painting contractor

    a painter painting a wooden house exterior using a paintbrush
    A painter using a paintbrush to paint a wooden trimming | Source: iStock

    Whether it’s for your home or business, tapping the right painting contractor can make or break your project in the outcome. Below are some tips for hiring a painting contractor to help you make the best decision for your project.

    Choose based on qualifications and experience

    Ensure the painter and decorator are qualified and experienced by hiring a professional painting company and verifying their necessary documentation, such as licenses. To confirm their level of expertise, it’s best to request that their portfolio be viewed. 

    Make use of reviews and ratings

    Checking reviews and ratings is another effective way to ensure you are hiring a qualified painter and decorator. Feedback from previous customers provides valuable insight into the painter’s reliability and quality of work.

    Ensure your prospective painter is fully insured

    Whether you’re seeking a painter for a home extension or a new construction project, it’s essential to prioritise insurance when hiring a painting contractor. Opting for a fully insured contractor offers peace of mind by guaranteeing compensation for any project-related damages and covering the painter’s medical expenses in case of accidents.

    Ask about paint and material safety

    Prior to starting the painting project, inquire about the materials and tools your prospective painter will use, as some may contain harmful toxins. Understanding the safety of these materials allows you to take necessary precautions to protect children, pets, and yourself from potential hazards.

    Don’t hesitate to ask all the important questions

    Before hiring a painter, ask essential questions to ensure clarity and prevent surprises. Inquire about the upfront project quotation, paint type and quantity required, task duration, and the number of workers involved. Additionally, address any other relevant concerns specific to your situation.

    Trust a professional contractor for your next painting project!

    Consider hiring a professional painting contractor for your home renovation project to ensure long-term value and peace of mind. Experienced professionals offer high-quality workmanship, access to premium materials, and strict adherence to safety standards. When you’re in doubt, consult a reliable painting contractor who can deliver superior results and lasting satisfaction.

    FAQs on hiring a painting contractor

    Are painters in high demand in Australia?

    The demand for professional painters remains high across various sectors and locations in Australia, with qualified and skilled professionals being sought after. Based on the latest research, the number of painters working in Australia is projected to remain stable from November 2021 through November 2026.

    How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a house in Australia?

    Professional painters in Australia typically charge between $15 to $45 per square meter for exterior house painting. However, it’s important to note that this is a general range, and the actual cost may differ based on the unique specifications of each project and the rates charged by individual painters.

    How do I know if the painter is good?

    To ensure the quality of a painter’s work, check for credentials, such as licenses and certifications. Look for positive customer reviews and examples of their previous work to gauge their skill and reputation.

    Once the project is completed, check for drips or uneven paint on the trim and moulding. Inspect every corner and edge for smoothness, and watch for visible brush strokes or roller marks, indicating rushed work. 

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