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    Top home improvement projects to tackle during summer

    Start the new year off right!

    Alex | Oneflare

    Summer is perfect for enjoying the outdoors on warm sunny days. it is also time to tackle those small home improvement projects that you have been putting off all year. These projects do not have to be time consuming or expensive, but they need to be completed so that you can get on with your summer fun. We’ve put together a list of the top home improvement projects that you should tackle during the warmer months!

    Outdoor projects 

    Outdoor projects are always easier to manage when the weather is warmer and the days are longer and lighter. These projects will help your outdoor spaces be a more enjoyable space to spend your time in.

    Clean the swimming pool

    Your swimming pool should be serviced and cleaned at the start of the summer months. Your upkeep during the summer season will be much easier as it will require just routine skimming, chemical treatments and vacuuming. Periodic removal of debris after summertime storms may be needed, but you will still have plenty of time for fun in the sun.

    Clean out the gutters

    Summer can be a risky time for fires, so it is a good idea to clean the gutters on your house of twigs and leaves. This will also keep rainwater from backing up and spilling over into unwanted areas. Call a gutter repair or cleaning service to get an estimate for the initial cleaning and inspection job. You can also do easy spot checks during the summer to keep the rain gutters clear.

    Clean sidewalks and driveways

    You can rent a pressure washer and blast the driveway to clean the accumulated oil and grime. The sidewalks around your home will really stand out after being washed with high-pressure. The local rental shop can recommend the proper detergent to use on these surfaces. Permanent stains on the driveway can be avoided by doing a yearly cleaning.

    Source: Dayelsford Gardens & Lawns

    Lawn, shrub and flower bed maintenance

    Mowing the lawn and trimming hedgerows during the summer months can be made easier if a maintenance program is in place. In early spring, call a landscape professional to come out and perform needed yearly tasks such as fertilising, pruning and pest control. You will only have to do minor trimming and mowing during summer, leaving more time for you to enjoy your yard.    

    Install a drip watering system

    If you prefer to spend less time watering your lawn and garden by hand or moving sprinklers around, you may want to consider installing a drip irrigation system. Inexpensive do-it-yourself kits are available and are not difficult to lay in place. You will save money on water bills and have more time to enjoy your summer.

    Contact local pool cleaners

    Indoor projects

    Renovations to the home are best done in the warmer months to avoid making contractors work in cold and wet conditions. Whether it’s a simple extension, addition or renovation to the kitchen or bathroom, it can give the feeling of a refreshed start – to start the year in the right way.

    Fresh paint

    Fresh paint can make your home look newer, brighter and more open. Summer is the perfect time to paint the interior and exterior of your home because the paint dries faster in dry weather. Summer hues are a good choice for paint colours because they will make your home appear brighter and happier all year. Good summer colour choices include white, yellow, mint and lavender. For more colour ideas, visit your local paint supply store or talk to a professional house painter.

    Source: ESTEEM Constructions

    Renovate your kitchen

    If you have been thinking about renovating your kitchen, summer is the time to do it. The reason why is that you won’t be able to use your kitchen for cooking during the renovation process. During the summer, you can simply barbecue outside. Renovating your kitchen does not need to break the bank – you can make a few small but key changes to completely transform its look and feel.

    Pest control

    If you haven’t already noticed, warmer months usually tend to attract more bugs and pests around the home. Mosquitoes buzzing around your ear at night and an army of ants in your pantry are not the ideal way to relax during the summertime. Pests are on the rise as the weather warms and it’s important you have yourself and your family covered for the summer. Read more about ways to repel pests in the best way possible.

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