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    What are gutter guards?

    And why your home needs the protection

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    It seems like no one really worries about their gutters, or thinks that guards are worth it – until it’s too late. Clogged or damaged gutters can have major financial implications if you don’t take the necessary precautions to protect them. Check out our guide below for a look at how you can protect your home’s gutters.

    What are gutter guards?

    Essentially, gutter protection just refers to installing physical barriers to prevent debris, leaves, insects, and animals from getting into your gutters. The concept is rather simple, since these guards are made up of mesh that can be purchased in rolls.

    As you might guess, you can simply place the mesh over your gutters, which will ensure that most debris cannot get through. Leaves, rocks, and litter can all clog up your gutters over time, causing them to be ineffective or even break when it rains and the water is forced to build up. The finer the mesh is in your gutter guards, the less debris can get through.

    Gutter guards protect your roof from building up debris and excess water / Source: Powerclean Exteriors

    The benefits of gutter guards

    There are many benefits of installing gutter guards on your roof.

    1. Maintain water flow: the most important reason is ensuring any water in your gutters can run along the surface seamlessly until it reaches the area where it can safely fall into a drain. When debris builds up, it blocks the water’s path. Blockages can lead to your gutters overflowing when there is a lot of rain. Having too much water sit in one area of your gutter can put extra weight on your house, breaking the gutters, causing stains down the side of the house, damaging your home and its foundations.
    2. Avoid gutter cleaning: With gutter protection, you don’t have to worry about getting onto the roof every six months or less to clean the gutters of debris that is blocking them up. Bonus, you can also save money by not having to hire a professional for this job. You may still need to clean the gutters, but you’ll only have to do it once every few years instead of every six months.
    3. Keep pests and rust at bay: When blockages occur, stagnant water accumulates, attracting mice, cockroaches, spiders, and mosquitoes. With gutter guards, this isn’t such an issue. More than this, gutter guards physically prevent birds, rodents, possums, and the like from getting into your roof space. standing water and wet debris can also attract premature rust.
    4. Water tank win: Water will flow freely through your gutters and downpipes when gutter protection is in place. If you’ve got a rainwater tank, this will ensure that it fills faster. In addition, the water that is collected by the tank will be cleaner as well, since fewer contaminants, leaves, and debris will filter down through the pipes.
    5. Bushfire protection: If you live in any area where bushfires are common, dry materials that build up in your gutters can cause a fire hazard, as travelling embers from nearby fires can light them up. Metal gutter protection, therefore, is important in minimising this build up and eliminating this potential hazard.

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    Gutter guard options

    In general, a gutter guard will be a mesh made out of aluminium, polypropylene, or stainless steel. The size of the holes in the mesh is just one option to think about as you choose your gutter guards. Consider the types of debris your home seems to be prone to. If you are most worried about larger debris or large pests, such as rats, the mesh you choose does not have to be particularly fine. If it’s small debris you are worried about, you need to select gutter guards with the smallest openings possible.

    Most gutter protection is in the form of a thin metal mesh / Source: JK Handyman

    You also have a choice when it comes to colours. If you want your gutter guards to be hard to see, you can buy them in the same colours as your gutters. You also have a choice when it comes to the material. The mesh is usually made of metal, such as aluminium or steel, but you can also opt for gutter guards made of nylon or foam. For bushfire protection, be sure to choose the metal mesh rather than the plastic-like material.

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