Oneflare-inspired Halloween costumes and makeup – Have you got yours organised yet?

Halloween is a fun holiday: you get to put on extravagant makeup, wear strange clothes, and perhaps have tomato sauce all over the place, but somehow still manage to seem perfectly appropriate. On this day of the year, dressing extraordinary is the opposite of being insane.

When it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, some may require more props than others. If this is a last-minute decision, the trick is to choose the easiest thing to dress up as, buy one or two statement pieces, and focus on the makeup for details.

Here is our round-up of five Oneflare-inspired Halloween costumes with a twist. Each can be thrown together easily with just a little thought. Add the help of a professional special-effects makeup artist, and you’ll have lots more time for fun!

Behold…we’d like to introduce you to these great outfit ideas to ensure you’re the best dressed.

  1. The plumbing duo: Mario and Lui

Great costume ideas for a couple! Shop around and you can very easily find a T-shirt and overalls at your local store. Since wearing overalls is the new mini-trend, it can also easily be re-worn in your daily life afterwards. It’s also fine to pick either a skirt or pants, as long as you get the colourway right.


What do you need:

  1. Bright red/green shirt
  2. Bright red/green hat
  3. Sticker with an “M”
  4. Red/green overalls
  5. Stick-on moustache
  6. White gloves
  7. Ability to jump or flip (Optional)
  1. The painter: Abstract or contemporary

Dressing in colour is a great way to show personality. On a day like Halloween, of which tolerance levels for randomness are pretty high, what’s more fun than having multi-coloured paint everywhere? For once in a lifetime, you can find your inner artistic self, bursting with colour, happiness and creativity.


What do you need:

  1. French beret
  2. White overalls splashed with colourful paint
  3. A paint brush sticking out of your pocket
  4. Paint dots on your face or colourful makeup
  1. The photographer: Snap the moment

A photographer is always looking for the right moment, with eyes focused on the subject and hands steady on the camera. Have you ever imagined yourself being so focused that you got lost in the moment? It is tempting! For this Halloween, you can emulate the look and live the thrill with a perfect costume.

With a bit of shopping, it’s very easy to find clothes for creating a classic photographer look. This is also a great option for those who are not looking for a dramatic transformation, but still a fun night out with some Halloween elements.


What do you need:

  1. Checked shirt or camouflage
  2. Or a plain shirt and a vest
  3. Camera – if you are uncomfortable bringing an expensive camera to the event, buy a disposable one (or two!) and hang around your neck
  4. Press pass – make your own press pass and laminate it for a legit look
  5. Messenger bag
  6. Black frame glasses (Optional)
  1. Bob the builder: Can we fix it?

With Bob’s famous checked shirt and vest, it’s hard to go unrecognised at a party. Bob promises to fix your drinks one at a time, because “It’s better to do one job well, than to do two jobs not so well”.


What do you need:

  1. Checked shirt
  2. Denim overalls
  3. Tool box
  4. Brown belt
  5. Yellow construction hat
  1. Be the busy bee in the garden

For the last Oneflare-inspired costume idea we’re thinking that if you’re into gardening, a garden-themed Halloween is just right for you. What lives in the garden and looks sweet but stings? Bees! It’s easy to get this costume right with just a few essentials.


What do you need:

  1. Yellow and black striped clothing – go for a full striped look, or mix and match with solid black and stripes
  2. Wings
  3. Antennae headband

Let’s get the trick-or-treat started

To take your look to the next level, get in touch with a makeup artist on Oneflare and discuss how you can make your Halloween costume more special. They are the perfect advisors for you to get involved in the zombie parade. If you’re the host of a Halloween party, don’t forget to make your home extra spooky for guests with the help of a party and event planner.