7 expert tips from Oneflare personal trainers to reach your New Year’s fitness goals

Let 2018 be the year you reach all your longed-for fitness goals!

From exercise to diet and getting a group of fitness fans around you, here are 7 must-read tips from Ruth Taylor of PT Taylored in Perth and Ethan Fleming of Get Going Personal Training in Melbourne. Ruth and Ethan are ready to get you motivated and keep you going throughout the year.

Tip 1: Goals, goals, goals


Spend the time to set out your fitness goals and write them down where you can see them regularly. Make sure they are realistic. Too many of us set our expectations too high and give up when we don’t reach them.

Start small but frequent – daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, milestones. Ethan recommends that taking small incremental steps to change habits you know aren’t good for your fitness is essential. Make your goals measurable so you can track your progress.

Tip 2: Love what you do


Ruth advises that you’re never going to do exercise if you don’t enjoy it. Why make plans to run every day when you hate running? It’s proven that if you aren’t enjoying something, you’re unlikely to stick to it no matter how good the outcome.

Lots of people enjoy exercise when it doesn’t feel like exercise. Think outside the box when it comes to working out, because not all your dreams have to be made by attending the gym if you don’t enjoy being in gyms. She recommends you consider activities like salsa dancing, hiking or bushwalking, swimming and bike riding.

Tip 3: Routine wins


It’s much easier to keep the momentum going when you’re exercising regularly. Look at your lifestyle and make it achievable – if you know you tend to work late unexpectedly, start working out before work or lunchtimes.

Be flexible but consistent. If you have rigid days of the week that you plan to work out on, and events pop up, you’re likely to just skip that workout all together than go on a day you’ve said is your ‘off’ day. Ethan encourages you to decide on the hours you need/want to work out per week rather than the days.

Tip 4: Find your fan club


Having people around you that play into any bad fitness or food habits can make it even harder to reach your goals, and on the other hand, both Ruth and Ethan suggest that having supportive people around you will motivate you even more.

Find your inner circle who will cheer you on every step of the way. Keep them updated on your next goals so you’re more likely to want to reach them if you know someone will check up on whether you did or not. Going to the gym and fitness classes with company can be fun and motivating as well. Reach out to others on fitness journeys and make friends.

Tip 5: Forget the fads


Let’s face it, fad diets, pills and shakes simply don’t work in the long run. You’ll reach a goal the easy way with these fads, but then you’ll give up and go back to bad habits and watch the goal get reversed in no time.

Ruth knows that reaching fitness goals requires hard work and sweat. Be honest with yourself and your trainer if you have one. Make a dietary plan that is healthy, nutritious and will work hand-in-hand with your workouts. The sense of achievement long-term will be incredible.

Tip 6: Tempt me not


It’s pouring rain at 5am and your alarm has just gone off to go to the gym. All your gym clothes need a wash and where is that other shoe, darn it?! It’s times like these that you’re much more likely to crawl back into bed and tell yourself you’ll go after work instead, when you know you have to work late and have a dinner on – meaning you won’t work out at all.

Ethan’s tip is to eliminate temptation and get organised. Have your gym clothes clean and shoes laid out by your bed ready to go. Have your gym bag packed with your towel and water bottle as well. Don’t keep any junk food in the cupboards that you know you’ll be tempted by. Delete the food delivery apps and do a weekly food shop with a healthy meal plan.

Tip 7:  Rewards are sweet


Understand that the process of getting to your goals is a lengthy one. Don’t give up when the going gets tough, you’ll definitely reach them with the right mindframe and motivation. Because the journey can seem to stretch out forever, Ruth and Ethan know that it’s important to reward yourself with each achievement.

Their tip is that rewards don’t have to be of the bad habit kind that got you to starting this journey in the first place. Treat yourself to things like taking a bubble bath, going to the movies, catching up with an old friend, or even put $1 into a jar for every time you work out and buy a new item of clothing in your new size when you reach a big goal.

All of these tips came from two expert personal trainers on Oneflare. With their advice, we think this year is going to be your best year yet! We have lots of personal trainers near you to help you create a workout plan that you can stick to. If you’re curious about the cost of a PT, check out our cost guide here.

Ruth Taylor of PT Taylored


Ruth Taylor from PT Taylored in Perth is one of our top female PT’s on Oneflare. Ruth has been a PT for nearly 8 years. She has an Adv. Dip. in Nutritional Medicine, punchfit boxing and kickboxing qualifications, as well as training in Yogafit, pilates mat work, TRX suspension training, and a Senior First Aid certificate amongst many others. 

Ruth used to be a larger girl, so she knows first-hand what it’s like losing weight and keeping it off. The best thing about being a PT for her is seeing the changes in her clients, and seeing them become confident, happy and having a much more positive outlook on life. You can check out her Oneflare profile here.

Ethan Fleming of Get Going Personal Training


Ethan Fleming is the owner and directory of Get Going Personal Training in Melbourne. Ethan specialises in fat loss and muscle tone, and part of his fitness plan is coming to your home so you avoid the temptation not to exercise. 

His experienced PTs will bring all the equipment to you and tailor your nutrition and training program at no extra cost. All of his dedicated and highly-trained PTs have to undergo a 10-week body transformation on themselves to prove they’ve got what it takes for their clients. Check out his Oneflare profile here.