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Types of pet sitting services

Holiday or vacation care

This service is especially handy if you decide to go on a holiday where you're away from your home. The difference between pet sitters and pet boarders is that pet sitters usually have the option of caring for the pet in the comfort of your own home, whereas pet boarders usually have a set location where there are multiple animals boarding in the one place.

Dog walking

Most pet boarders will be comfortable with providing dog walking services as well.

Other additional services

Pet services may be able to offer other additional services such as dog boarding, grooming or veterinary care.

How to choose the right pet sitter


Hiring a business with a genuine passion for animals and the caring of pets is always a plus. This shows genuine interest in caring for your animal and you know they will be in safe hands.


Reading past customer reviews on the pet sitting business can give you a good idea of whether this business took good care of other pets in the past. A good reputation and positive customer testimonials is usually a good sign that this business is the right hire.


Make sure you visit the business's Oneflare profile and determine where their location is - that will indicate how long it will take you to travel to the location, and whether this is convenient for you.

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