Oneflare’s Christmas gift ideas for someone who loves photography

Oneflare’s Christmas gift ideas for someone who loves photography

Since the smartphone was introduced, our curiosity with photography has grown into an all-out obsession. Whether it be what we’re having for breakfast that day to taking selfies and announcing life events like engagements and babies on the way, we use photos as a means to record our histories and share our passions. It’s no wonder so many of us have come to develop a hobby in the art of photography.

Considering most people will be excited to receive a gift tailored to their hobby, we have discovered some brilliant gift ideas for photography lovers that will be perfect as stocking fillers this Christmas. Or if it’s a birthday or other celebratory occasion, they will work just as well as gifts. We’re guessing someone with a photography hobby would like to choose their own gadgets, so our gift ideas are things we think they aren’t likely to buy for themselves.

Instant camera


Your photo friend probably has a whole heap of modern photography essentials all centred around digital photography, but have they considered the entertainment value of a good, old-fashioned instant camera? Now making quite the comeback, the instant camera has a trendy retro appearance and prints self-developed photos instantly, just like they did when they first became popular decades ago.

Sure to engage the crowd and spark nostalgia when brought out at parties and gatherings, most are point-and-shoot type styles perfect for group shots and portraits, while others have interchangeable lenses for wide-angle shots and close-ups. Some brands have done remakes of popular old series instant cameras, while others are new brands crafting cameras with the old concept of the instant print. You can find instant cameras online, or at any electronics store or camera shop.

Digital photo frame


Forget everything you know about digital photo frames, and discover the 2017 digital photo frame. It connects with your laptop or smartphone like earlier versions, but more recent advancements makes setting one up and sharing photos with other devices as easy as can be. Not only that, it displays a single photo or a slideshow of your photos with an incredible high quality resolution.

They come in a variety of different frame displays, including sleek black and minimalist white, and are designed to fit in perfectly with any room décor. Wall-mountable and able to play music and display videos as well, these make the perfect gift for a photography hobbyist to show off their favourite snaps. Prices ranges from affordable to expensive, and you can find them at any department store or electronics store.

Selfie stick


Ah yes, the selfie stick. We’ve all seen them rise in popularity over the last few years, and become the not-so-secret best friend of social media bloggers everywhere. Perfect for taking a self portrait when there’s no one else around to take the photo for you, it works in conjunction with your smartphone so you don’t need to have an awkward arm outstretched in the pic anymore, the selfie stick takes the place of the outstretched arm.

Not only are they handy to have, they fold up and tuck away compactly into a handbag or backpack when on the move. You’re bound to know whether the person you’re buying for has one or not, because if they do they probably bring it with them everywhere they go, just in case they want to take a quick snap of themselves. If you know they haven’t got one, then this is the ticket to big smiles come Christmas day. Pick them up easily online.

Camera strap


Jazz up their camera with a unique camera strap. Most cameras come with standard black logo straps, so a customisable one is a great option for photography fans. Available in a range of different fabrics like leather, lace, knitted and reversible options, they come detailed with everything from quirky prints to traditional plaid, monogrammed and personalised text.

Perfect to make a statement when out enjoying their hobby, and easy to spot if they put their camera down somewhere, they will get a lot of use out of their camera strap because the camera is almost always carried over the shoulder or around the neck. The best place to find special camera straps is online, or you can get crafty and make one yourself, with the lobster claw attachments for the ends easily found in hardware stores.

Thanks to you, the photography hobbyist you’re buying for is bound to look like a seasoned pro in no time when they head out to put these gifts into practice. However, if you have a big event coming up and don’t have time to wait until they become a truly great photographer, hire a professional photographer on Oneflare. Why not ask them if they can give some photography tips to your loved one while they’re at it?