5 ways to create your own T-shirt Designs

5 ways to create your own T-shirt Designs

5 ways to create your own T-shirt Designs

Have you recently been tasked with designing and printing T-shirts for an event? Perhaps you’re maid of honour at your best friends wedding and need 20 custom t-shirts the Hens party? You may be a captain of a sports team needing hoodies for an end of season tour? Or you may require t-shirts for a family members 60th birthday party. Whatever your reason being for needing the assistance of a graphic designer or printer, Oneflare have the experts to deliver the final product.

Printing Options

Before you think about the design of the custom t-shirts that you want to create its important to evaluate the printing options that you have. You may decide to use iron-on transfers however this often results in t-shirts featuring smudged designs and your iron ruined with a burnt on transfer. Spend your time and money more wisely by getting your custom designs professionally printed.

Look at printers garment options, turnaround time, printing techniques and customer reviews to decide on which business to use to do your printing.

Come up with a design

Once you have shopped around for a printer it’s now time to come up with the design for your custom print job. It’s not unusual for printing businesses to also have in-house designers that you’ll be able to take advantage of with your design needs. Think about what design elements you want to include i.e. logo, image, copy, colours, size of image etc. It’s best to write a brief for your designer to follow.

Oneflare customer choice award 2017, technology category winner Wildman Ware specialise in custom garment printing and have an in-house design team to assist with creative needs.

They  also allow customers to upload their own designs direct to the website, to see what the image will look like when superimposed on the piece of clothing. When uploading your own designs for printing it is important to use high resolution image files in a JPEG, AI or eps Vector format.


Garment Type

Decide on the garment type that you want to print your custom design on. Reputable t-shirt printing businesses will have a vast selection of quality clothing suitable for printing. Oneflare printing company Wildman Wares have everything from singlets, baby grows, Hi Vis workwear, hats, hoodies, t-shirts and active-wear, in a wide range of sizes suitable for all. The printers will be able to tell you which is the best printing method to use on the fabric of the chosen garment.

Printing Methods

There are many different types of printing processes suitable for clothing.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is typically used for mass production of t-shirt designs. It involves the process by which a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. A waterproof material is used to block the negative space where the design will go. Ink is then flooded into the screen where the negative space is the only part permeable by the die.

Screen printing can only be used for one colour per screen and is therefore not suitable for complex multi-colour designs. You can check more information on screen printing alternative with Wildman Ware.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

Direct to garment or digital  printing is exactly what it says, DTG printers hold the garment in a fixed position, ink is then applied to the piece of clothing directly by the print head and are absorbed by the fibres of the fabric. DTG is great for printing complex designs but has the least durable finish due to colour fade.


Embroidery is also an option to choose from for a durable finish on items such as sports caps, jumpers and woolen hats. Many people choose embroidery for logos on work uniforms as it provides a professional finish.

For all your t-shirt printing needs Oneflare have a range of businesses offering quality service and results. Wildman Ware is our 2017 Customer Choice Award winner, due to their consistent five star reviews and excellent customer service,  check out their business page on Oneflare to see their past work and read customer reviews.