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Wills & estate lawyers in Australia are key in the delegation of an individual's estate after they have passed away.

Common wills & estate law matters

Will creation & contesting

Creating legal wills can allow you to have control over how the distribution of your possessions and wealth after death. Contesting a will is necessary if you disagree with the wealth distribution and you're a spouse, child, or someone mentioned in the will.

Power of attorney

The power of attorney allows someone to act on your behalf instead of the government legally. A wills estate lawyer can draft the legal document and will work on your behalf in many ways.


Probate validates a deceased individual's legal will to ensure their requests are fulfilled. A will estate lawyer can help to settle estates and can settle the final affairs.

How to choose the right wills & estate lawyer

Determine what service you need

Review your case in advance to determine the type of services and assistance you need to take to defend yourself. You may need advice/consultation, representation in court, or help to create legal documents.

Research the lawyer's qualifications

Look into the background of the wills estate lawyer to understand how many years of experience they have in the industry. Ask if they have experience handling cases similar to your own.

Research the lawyer's fees & reviews

Inquire about the fees by scheduling a consultation or calling the office of the lawyer in advance. You'll need to learn if there are any upfront fees or if they're collected after the case is settled.

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