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Best practices

Here is a compilation of best practices, with testimonials from some of the most successful businesses on Oneflare

Complete your profile

Businesses with a completed profile can win up to 230% more work than those with a partially-completed profile. Having a verified profile can bring even more work. Head to our article “Get the most out of your profile” for more useful tips.  

Focus on what your service is. Understand what your key differences are and why your services are better and more attractive than others. Get those points on your profile page so people can instantly understand what your business does and what it can offer.”  Steven Ram – Zaaax Design

Collect positive reviews 

Reviews help you develop a relationship with your customer, improve the value of your service, and they are a powerful marketing tool! Show your expertise by letting your previous customers say how great you are. Head to our article “Get the most out of your reviews” for more information on what reviews can do for your business.

Download  the Oneflare for Business App

60% of our winning quotes are submitted within 60 minutes of the job being posted. The Oneflare for Business App is a great way to get instantly notified of new job requests when you’re on-the-go.  

One of the key things is to contact the customer as soon as possible. I have seen higher conversion rates by doing this. Customers are looking for a response within the first couple of hours, and will usually make a decision within that time as well.. ANDREW RUSSEL – SENSE TECHNOLOGY

Provide a detailed quote

If you quote a figure, explain what it is included in the price and point out factors that may affect it. Depending on your business, you also may consider sending your details to the customer and follow up with a call to discuss the job.  

Follow up with a call

Following up on your quote is an easy way to let your customers know you are interested and increases your chances of winning the job. Our top businesses follow up immediately to get the conversation started, while the customer is still online.

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