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A building surveyor is part of the building project team

Types of building surveyor services

Assess building plans

The building surveyor will assess all the building plans and every feature of every storey will be minutely scrutinised to ensure it complies with the building standards.

Approval of altered plans

If there is any alteration in the construction plans or if the engineers and architects have to make changes to the original building plans based on the surveyor’s recommendations, the new plans will be scrutinised and have to be approved by the surveyor before any construction begins.

Inspections during the course of the project

Building inspectors remain involved for the entire duration of the project. They conduct inspections or a building surveyor may conduct the inspections on their behalf. The notification of each stage of construction will have to be signed off by the surveyor or the representative inspector before the project moves forward.

How to choose a good building surveyor

Qualifications and registration

It is crucial that you choose a qualified and certified building surveyor. There are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 certifications and the professional you choose has to hold the certification required for your particular project.


Most building surveyors have some specialisations in terms of the survey jobs they handle. For instance a surveyor who surveys industrial buildings may not survey residential ones and vice-versa.


Once you find information online about the building surveyor, call a few of them and check how long they have been operating as surveyors and hire one who is experienced.

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