Types of Carpet Cleaning

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning can prolong the life of your carpets and safeguard your family’s health and with the myriad of professionals, here is a guide to the different types of carpet cleaning services.

Steam or Dry Clean

Professional carpet cleaning generally involves dry carpet cleaning or steam cleaning, also known as wet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleans involve shampooing the carpet with foam produced by a cylindrical machine. The foam is left to dry overnight and the remaining foam is vacuumed the following day. Professionals can also use absorbent materials to clean the carpet, picking up the soil and dirt left on the carpet fibres.

Steam carpet cleans convert hot water into steam and forcing hidden grime and dirt to lift from the surface of the carpet. As the hot water converts to gas, the steam forces accumulated dirt in the fibres of your floor. Steam cleans also effectively kill the  bacteria, mould and allergens that penetrate your carpet.

Although steam cleaning is often associated with carpets, the technology  makes it possible to steam clean your kitchen, bathroom, upholstery and clothes.

Professional carpet cleaners can distinguish between materials and provide the appropriate cleaning option to prolong the colour and condition of your carpet.


 Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum is an integral part of any homeowner’s clean up plan. From handheld vacuums to canister cleaners, choosing a vacuum can be difficult.

The first thing to consider is the amount of suction it provides and the deeper the carpet, the more power you’ll require in a vacuum. Most vacuum cleaners filter particles between 30 to 50 microns but more advanced HEPA filters can hold on to particles as small as 0.3 microns, to eliminate smaller particles.

Upright vacuums can efficiently clean larger floors but are usually heavier and louder than most vacuums. A canister vacuum  on the other hand can be pulled behind you as you clean, and is lighter and quieter than an upright vacuum.

Ducted vacuum systems offer an alternative cleaning system that is efficient during renovations or the construction phase. Ducted systems consist of  a centralised motor-driven pump which is ducted throughout the house like a central air system. Ducted cleaners are built into the walls of a building and are convenient in highly visited areas of the home.

Ducted vacuum systems are convenient as you do not have to lug or push around heavy equipment. The cleaning hoses for the system are lightweight. These systems have attachments that traditional vacuum cleaners would have so you can clean floors, stairs, carpets and more, with a simple switch of attachments rather than having to reposition or balance the vacuum portion of the unit every time.

Unlike conventional vacuums that exhaust into the room you are cleaning, a ducted vacuum system exhausts only at the point where the motor portion is located. This means dust particles are not reintroduced to the air as you are trying to clean, which can be very beneficial for allergy sufferers. It also ensures a more thorough cleaning job.


Hiring a professional carpet cleaner can free up your hours so you can focus on your other priorities and still come home to a soft and clean carpet.

Get the most out of a professional cleaner by considering their past work by reading customer reviews and verifying the qualifications and past experiences of the business. When hiring a carpet cleaning professional, always look into the insurance details of the business to assure that if any damage occurs during the carpet routine, you and your home are protected. Look out for the Oneflare verification badge on a business’ profile to spot local cleaners who have provided their ABN and their Public Liability Insurance details.

To get one step closer to hiring a professional carpet cleaner for your home, get free quotes from your local carpet cleaners here.