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    Verandah ideas for your home

    A guide on designing the perfect verandah and how it can benefit your home

    Alex | Oneflare

    The verandah is an important part of any home’s architectural landscape and is particularly important in any environment that faces extreme weather. From home protection to aesthetic appeal, there are so many reasons why adding a verandah can improve your house and transform the way you use it. If you’re wondering what your options are when it comes to installing a verandah, or you’re looking for some inspiring verandah ideas, keep on reading! 

    Source: K And H Painting & Decorating

    Choosing the right verandah for your home

    When determining which verandah is best for your home, the first consideration is size. In other words, should you have a front verandah or a back verandah, or should it wrap around all four sides? With regards to size, consider the number of people who will be regularly using the verandah and the type of furniture that will be placed on it. If you want to install a verandah the structure should be comfortable so you do not feel squished together, so carefully consider if you should have an open or enclosed verandah. Additionally, ensure that the verandah is proportional to the entire residence.

    An additional decision that must be made is which materials to use for the verandah roofing and flooring. Verandah floors typically feature timber decking, but concrete or tiles are other options. The materials selected for the roof should be chosen to match the colours and design of the roof on your house. Verandah roofing ideas include:

    • Bullnose roof
    • Flat roofed
    • Gable roof
    • Hipped roof
    • Skillion roof

    For traditional country-style homes, a Colorbond bullnose combination is a sleek selection. For double-storey homes with a first storey verandah, constructing a contemporary flat or skillion roof is the best option. The verandah roof will also come equipped with a full gutter system to safely drain water.

    A skillion roof is a popular choice for modern and minimalist designs, as it features a single slope that provides a sleek appearance. When constructing a skillion roof, it’s essential to consult RHS rafter span tables or use an RHS span calculator to determine the appropriate dimensions and spacing for the rafters. Light steel beam span tables can also be helpful when working with steel beams in your design. 

    Utilizing an RHS span calculator and referring to steel span tables will ensure that your skillion roof is structurally sound and complies with building standards for a safe and long-lasting result.

    Verandah ideas for smaller spaces

    Regardless of the available space you may have in your home, it’s possible to add a verandah and make it a true showpiece. You may be limited in your choice of styles because the more elaborate the design, the more it may seem out of place with the rest of your home. This is not to say that an elaborate style won’t work, but it is a feature you must be aware of before adding this structure. Ideally, you want a verandah that will flow with your home’s design. Choosing a smaller sized-verandah requires less maintenance and still lends beauty to your home.

    When designing your verandah, choosing materials that complement the existing home’s structure is best. For example, look for a similar colour to the exterior of your home to make the extension appear seamless. Choose glass to allow natural light to come through and railings that don’t obstruct your line of sight. You want to be able to have a clear view of the area outside your verandah. The key to successfully using verandahs in small spaces is to maintain a feeling of openness, not constriction so it’s best to veer away from enclosed verandah designs. In addition, adding oversized tiles or paving to the veranda gives the appearance of increased size.

    Verandah decoration ideas

    Outdoor plants

    A popular way to enliven your verandah is with potted colour. Whether you use one dramatic plant or a riot of colourful flowers, using planters and pots is an easy and affordable way to decorate your verandah. One advantage of potted plants is also the versatility. Your potted garden can be changed or rearranged in minutes. Choose plants that will thrive in the conditions on your verandah. Your main considerations will be light and temperatures. Choose plants that require little maintenance, and you will have a convenient sanctuary. 

    Verandah furniture 

    Verandah furniture is not just a table and chairs. The correct outdoor furniture makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your verandah. There is a huge variety to choose from – dining settings, outdoor lounges, hammocks, armchairs, coffee tables, side tables, ottomans, bench seats, daybeds, and more, in a range of materials, such as fabrics, wood, steel, glass, plastic, resin, and wicker. Shop for verandah furniture that complements the space well in both style and function. 


    Lighting is not just convenient on your verandah, it’s also a vital design element. Fairy lights, lanterns, torches, tiki lights, and even candles can be used to create the right lighting on your verandah. Additionally, regular floor and table lamps can be used to create warm pools of light that are perfect for intimate meals. For maximum flexibility, choose lights that can be dimmed. The mood and design of the lighting scheme on your verandah is limited only by your imagination and budget. An excellent verandah idea is to install motion-activated lights that can detect when someone is near your property for extra security.


    The final touch to decorating your verandah is the accessories. These small touches add style and colour and can be changed as needed to create the mood. Look into table linens, throw rugs, candle holders, and bits of art as the final polish to your verandah decor.

    Source: A Betta Build

    How a verandah adds value to your home

    There are several reasons why a verandah is excellent at adding value to your home. The first of these is simply that a verandah provides shade from the sun. Consequently, temperatures within the home will generally be more stable, thus helping you avoid using the air conditioner so frequently to stay comfortable. In turn, this helps you save money, whilst being environmentally friendly at the same time.

    Both a front verandah and a back verandah can expand your living area, depending on the layout of your home, so there will be more space that can be used for entertaining and relaxing. In addition, it makes an excellent transition structure from your outdoor areas to your indoor areas. This is excellent for yourself when living at the property, and it is a very attractive feature for potential buyers.

    Verandahs are also very flexible when it comes to design. They can be made out of a huge range of materials to suit different styles of homes. In addition, verandahs come with pre-installed guttering, so they can act as an excellent extension to your roof. When installed correctly, they require only a small amount of maintenance and can last for many years. Once the verandah is installed, all of the hard work will have been done for you and potential buyers in the future.

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