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    How to manage your plants during autumn & maintain a clean pool

    Maintaining a clean pool in Autumn can be easy with these simple tips

    Juan | Guest contributor

    Placing plants or foliage is a great way to enhance the look of our pools. The presence of plants and flowers has a soothing effect and significantly impacts our positive mindset. We usually use our swimming pool to relax—what better way to relax than swimming in a pool surrounded by flowers and plants. 

    Studies published in many articles have said that plants reduce stress, improve concentration, increase productivity, and boost your mood. Imagine yourself poolside and looking at your pool and lovely foliage in the background. It will genuinely take your breath away. 

    Your pool area will become a refuge from all the stress and grind of the outside world. It creates a living space in your pool area that is soothing; many studies also mention how plants can help reduce loneliness and depression. 

    Large backyard with big pool surrounded by large gum trees and water views
    A large backyard pool surrounded by plants and trees / Source: Cabarita Pools

    We are also most likely to use our pools because of the lovely plants and foliage and maximise its usage. Imagine the health benefits of swimming and enjoying the landscape, it will energise you and your family. Remember, increasing exercise, like swimming, lessens the risk of illness and promotes health and well-being. 

    Autumn is a great time to add those plants and foliage because of the ideal weather condition. So for green thumbs out there, plan ahead and research on plants that are the best fit in your pool area. Try to think of plants that you can use as shade, especially when swimming on a hot day. Look for flowers and their colours to match the look of your pool. 

    Keep your poolside garden simple

    Creating a garden or setting plants in your pool is a great way to enhance its look. It’s important to consider simplicity so that your plants do not overpower your pool. When we have visitors in our house, the focal point should still be our pool, and it should be the first thing they see. 

    Placing too many plants might shift their attention, and your poolside will just become a regular garden and not a pool area. Look for areas to plant them but retain some open space to have a good view of your pool. A natural look will be the best option, place the plants as if it’s really part of the landscape. Choose plants that are naturally available in your area, for it to have a natural look. 

    Keep a proper distance between your pool and plants

    Placing plants is an excellent idea and will bring a lot of benefits. But it should be done correctly since plants can also cause some problems. It’s essential to place the plants a considerable distance from the pool so that it’s leaves will not go to the pool. These leaves are organic and can quickly decompose and affect the quality of the pool water. They can also clog the filters making it harder for the water pumps. Leaves, if left unchecked, will damage the filtration system of your pool. 

    Plants should be placed a distance so that it does not cover the entire pool; you still need to see the pool and make sure everyone is safe, especially children. The path going to your pool should also be clear of plants. So you have to make sure no plants are blocking the access to your pool. 

    Large backyard of a two storey house containing an infinity pool and deck
    A well maintained backyard with a large pool / Source: Cabarita Pools

    Make sure your plants are taken care of and well maintained

    Plants also need your time and attention, so aside from your regular pool cleaning service, you also have to take care of your plants. Make sure you water your plants regularly so that they don’t witter. You have to make sure that the lawn is well manicured and the bushes trimmed up. Remember that their leaves will fly and land in your pool if you do not trim them, causing water quality problems and the pool’s filtration system. 

    Contact local pool cleaning experts

    You should also check your trees for overgrown branches and trim them, and remove excess leaves. Check your yards for fallen leaves and use a leaf blower and rake to move it away from your pool. Make sure you collect the leaves and dispose of them properly so that they will not go to your pool. 

    A well managed and maintained garden area is an excellent addition to your pool. It has to be maintained well to maximise its benefits. If you don’t have time for a DIY, you can call professional pool experts to do it. They will be willing to help you with all your pool-related needs. 

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