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    The ultimate wedding checklist

    Your complete wedding planner equip with a downloadable checklist

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    You’re got engaged. Congratulations!

    Now comes the fun part…planning the big day itself. What you will soon come to realise is that planning a wedding requires a great deal of organisation, budget management, and logistical skills. All of which can be quite overwhelming but, with the right tools at hand, you can plan your wedding day with confidence and ease.

    We have created an ultimate wedding organiser document to help you keep every detail of the wedding plan under control. We’ve included everything from a budget calculator, to-do checklist, guest list organiser, and on-the-day planner to help your big day run without a hitch.

    Wedding ceremony / Source: Brook Amy Photography

    Wedding budget calculator

    The average cost of a wedding in Australia is around an eye-watering $45,000-$50,000. It is therefore important to work out the budget you realistically have available to be able to execute the wedding of your dreams. Our wedding budget splits the costs into 21 sections including the venue(s), hens and bucks parties, bridal preparation, flowers, catering, transport, wedding cake, photography, entertainment, transport and more.

    Our handy budgeting spreadsheet includes a section for notes, estimates costs, actual costs, deposit paid, amount outstanding and due date of final payments. Allowing for full visibility and budget tracking. If you’ve overspent in one category you can always scale back costs in another, for example, if you’ve spent too much on your wedding dress, spend less on the flowers to compensate.

    To-do checklist

    The wedding to-do list is split into time-bound stages, based on level of priority to help you plan your upcoming nuptials with ease. From announcing your engagement to setting a budget and selecting a wedding venue, to arranging a wedding planner, to choosing the dress, and everything else in between this to-do should have you covered. The planning process is split into the following stages:

    • Post engagement announcement 
      • After the buzz of the engagement has worn off, it’s time to start planning. Sit down with your fiance and discuss what budget you have available, what style of wedding you both want, what date you have in mind, who you both want to be in the wedding party, and contact and visit potential venues.
    • 12-18 months before 
      • Once you have decided on the style of wedding you want, it’s time to arrange the services of a wedding planner. If you’re a busy full time working women or mother, hiring a wedding planner is a top piece of advice to take the stress out of the planning process. At this stage, it’s also a good idea to draw up your guest list for the ceremony and reception. Shopping for the all-important, show-stopping wedding dress should also begin now, as many brides can take a while to find their perfect match!
    • 6-10 months before 
      • At this stage, the highlights of planning your wedding include selecting the dress, choosing the wedding party attire, booking the honeymoon and arranging the hens’ and bucks’ parties. Along with contacting potential photographers and videographers, caterers, floriststransportation and booking the reception evening entertainment.
    • 3 months before
      • At the 3 month mark, it’s time to make initial contact with your preferred wedding hair stylist and wedding makeup artist. Choose your wedding cake, submit a gift list with the bridal registry, pick out the wedding rings and arrange a master of ceremonies
    • 2 months before
      • The one thing you can’t afford to forget to do before the wedding is to give notice of intent to marry the wedding official at least one full month and no more than six months in advance of your wedding date.
    • 6 weeks before
      •  The final countdown is on, and it’s confirmation time. Confirm all of the final details with your florist, ceremony and reception venue, entertainment (wedding band/DJ) and arrange for the wedding rehearsal.
    • 4 weeks before
      • With just one month to go arrange to have your hair and makeup trial, final wedding dress fitting and alterations (if necessary) and confirm arrangements with the wedding celebrant.
    • 1-2 weeks before 
      • The wedding is now just around the corner and it’s time to triple check all of the arrangements for the day. Confirm all wedding day appointments, double-check transportation and petrol, do wedding rehearsal, send a seating list to the reception venue and pack for your honeymoon

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    Guestlist organiser

    The wedding planner sheet comes with an ‘Initial Guest List’ and ‘Final Guest List’. The Initial Guest List allows you to identify everyone that you would ideally like to invite to the wedding and to see if this is plausible with your available budget. If your guest list is too long you can remove people from the list before sending out official invitations. 

    The Final Guest List helps you to track the date you sent the invitation, if the recipient has accepted or declined the invite, a notes section (i.e. do they have any special dietary requirements, children etc.), assigned table number, the gift they bought you and a column to record the date you sent a thank you card.

    It’s now quite popular to use digital RSVP businesses like and to set up invitations and RSVPs. Digitalising this process makes it easy to record and keep track of numbers as well as sharing information about the day. Not to mention it’s environmentally friendly!

    Destination wedding / Source: Iclickyou

    Wedding day schedule

    The big day has finally arrived, the months of planning and preparation are over and it’s time to relax and enjoy one of the best days of your life. Make sure to have a stress free day by following our wedding day schedule, containing a list of timings and to-do’s before the ceremony, during the ceremony and at the reception.

    Save some coin with DIY

    We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful, time-consuming and costly but with a little DIY magic, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. DIY weddings are full of creativity and character whilst adding a homemade feel to your special day. Add an intimate touch to your wedding decorations, cut costs and take the stress out of your wedding with these simple DIY ideas.

    Create a wedding landscape

    • A floral wall with simple greenery can substitute an expensive outdoor location and add a natural ambience to your wedding venue
    • Wooden lettering can be bought online and tied up with threads of twine or rope to create a centrepiece. Sayings like “we tied the knot or happily ever after”. Ropes are easily accessible, cost-friendly and the lettering can be the colour, font and size you choose.
    • Add a personal touch to your backdrop by attaching threads of ribbon or Polaroid memories of the lovely couple. This backdrop also doubles as a photo corner for guests to add to the photo collection.

    Table settings 

    Leaving an extravagant impression on your wedding guests doesn’t need to be costly. It is, after all, the small things that count. Invest in the detailing of your table centrepieces to wow your guests as they dine, wine and enjoy the evening. Here are a few ideas:

    • If you’re after a natural element, simple flower arrangements with complementing wooden bases can liven up the entire environment
    • Pick flowers, greenery or branches from your local area; ivy, eucalyptus and wattle grows wild all over Australia
    • Personalise your seating arrangements with something other than plain old name cards. Use personalised candles, wine glasses or even stubby holders 

    These simple DIY additions are cost-efficient, creative and endearing. Ask your bridesmaids to join in on the decorating fun and take the stress out of your wedding. 

    We hope that with this handy wedding planning tool you can embrace planning your wedding with minimal stress. If you keep calm and allow yourself enough time to follow the planning process, you will be able to create a beautiful and memorable day.

    Check out our wedding blog, to find more wedding tips and tools. Oneflare can help you plan your wedding and find your perfect celebrants, florists, photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, wedding planners and wedding car hire.

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