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A solicitor will offer advice and representation in legal matters

Types of solicitor services

Drafting legal documents

Regardless of what case you are involved in, there are a lot of legal papers and court papers that have to be drafted. Sometimes, alterations have to be made to the original documents submitted to the court and a solicitor handles all these updates expertly.


In some cases, both parties involved in a legal disagreement may decide that they want to settle the matter out of court. A solicitor can handle these negotiations on behalf of their client in order to reach a mutually-beneficial outcome.

Managing legal files

Every case has a lot of legal filing work involved in it and a solicitor has the qualifications and knowledge to handle drafting and managing these legal files for a client. They keep records and make sure all the work involved in the case is kept secure and confidential.

How to choose the right solicitor

Specialties and experience

Most solicitors specialise in certain areas of the law, such as criminal law or family law. It’s important to check that the solicitor you hire has experience with handling cases similar to yours.

Check the website

It's important to browse through the solicitor’s website to get more information on their credentials, qualifications and experience levels. You will also get a better view of the different specialties they have before you actually consult them for anything.

Customer testimonials

You can get a better understanding of a solicitor’s skill level and expertise by reading client testimonials and online reviews. Ask for recommendations from family and friends, and do your research on firms that are renowned in your city to be the top.

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