12 creative ideas for craft room storage

12 creative ideas for craft room storage

Our friends, Irene and Emma, from Spacer have some great DIY ideas for storing your arts and craft supplies. Whether you would like to add an extra bit of decor to your home or just move your belongings out from underfoot, there will surely be a solution to meet your needs.

Arts and crafts are always a fun home activity. Although it can be part of the appeal, these activities often get a little messy and you might not be a fan of the cleanup that has to happen afterwards. Storage stations for your arts and crafts can be a great idea to keep the house clean and make tidying up quicker. You can even take it a step further and make some really inventive and decorative storage boxes and containers.

  1. Pegboards


This is an ingenious way of storing a large number of items, keeping them off the ground and out of the way. There are numerous pegboard hook sizes so simply choose the size that suits your needs and hang up all your items. You could even hang up a thread rack, a fabric cutter or even some jars to put other bits and pieces in. You can cut the pegboard to whatever measurements you need and then hang your arts supplies onto the board straight away.

  1. Thread Rack-Washi Tape Style


Thread racks can be used to store more than just threads. If needlework is not your main hobby, you might like to use your thread rack to store your collection of washi tape. You can stack as many rolls as you like onto each peg, turning it into a decor piece. It easily shows off the nice array of different colours, patterns and sizes in your collection. To add more flare to your thread rack, you or your children can decorate and paint it so that it’s nice and bright.

  1. Magazine Holders 


These can hold more than just magazines. If you enjoy scrapbooking, magazine holders are perfect to store your materials. To take things even further, you can colour code the scrap papers according to their holders. Just make sure that the holder is painted or labelled in its allocated colour so that you know which holder to go to and rustle through in search of the paper you need. You can even have one for more miscellaneous activities.

  1. Wine Racks for Marker Storage


If you have a spare wine rack with no wine to display, why not use it for more artistic purposes? Place clear jars or containers into the racks and fill them with your coloured markers, pencils or paint brushes. You can organise them by colour coding, branding or even by function. This might also work well for bits of ribbon or other decorative pieces that you can add to a crafts project.

  1. Magnetic Board/Wall


You can attach many things to a magnet board. Small containers filled with delicate decorations like sparkles, can sometimes be a chore to keep track of. They can easily get lost, especially if your children are using them. To keep these decorations in the same area, you can glue magnets onto the backs of these little containers so that they’re kept secure and are easy to find.

  1. Ribbon Wall


To add a little bit of colour to your room, try a ribbon wall. Simply drill or hammer a nail into your wall and hang a pinboard from it. You can then attach all of your different coloured and patterned ribbon wheels and cut offs to the board. For easy use, you could add a little pouch to hold your scissors. If you don’t want to drill a hole into your wall, removable hooks can be used so that your wall and wall paint will not be damaged in any way.

  1. Using Towel Rods for Wrapping Paper


If you have towel racks that aren’t being used, turn them into a wrapping paper dispenser. Detach the rod from the rack and thread the wrapping paper through it so that it functions similarly to a paper towel holder. If you have shelves above or below these racks, you can also place crafts boxes on them so that you have all your supplies within reach of each other.

  1. Using Coat Hangers


Try using coat hangers for any fabrics that you have from textile designs or if you’re interested in making your own clothes and toys. If you have more fabrics that you want to hang up, you can get multi-rung hangers. This will allow you to fit more fabrics into a small space, keeping your home tidy.

  1. K-Cup Holders for Storing Sequins


If you have very small decorations such as sequins or embellishments stored away in their own little containers, consider using K-cup holders. The holders are small enough to store the little containers comfortably. Some models can rotate, allowing you to move each rack to get to the containers that you need.

  1. Mason Jars for Storing Pencils and Brushes


You don’t have to get traditional wooden boxes for your pencils and brushes. Recycle empty sauce, jam or mason jars as holders. Add decorative flair by painting the jars.

  1. Re-use the Baby Crib


Whilst this is a more unconventional idea, it does make use of a retired object. If your children have outgrown their crib and are starting school, their empty crib doesn’t have to go to waste. Turn it into a place to create. Take down the railings on one side of the crib and remove the mattress so that it resembles a desk. This way, your children will be able to put their stencils and art projects onto the desk, allowing them to draw and colour to their heart’s content. To make things even more interesting, you can paint the support frame in blackboard paint so that your children can draw and write in chalk.

  1. Salt Shakers as Glitter Shakers


This is a nice and creative way to help distribute the glitter evenly across a canvas. You can lie the paper or canvas down horizontally and lightly shake the salt shaker across the page. It’s a nice way to control how much glitter goes onto the page, as glitter is notoriously difficult to clean up. In its compact container, it’s also easy to pack away. Just don’t get it confused with your spices!

Try these creative methods to store arts and crafts supplies and get creating stress free!