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    Find all the best-rated and reviewed local handyman services in Brisbane. Compare quotes from the top handymen near you. Do you have a couple of small appliances in your home that need urgent fixing? Or do you have a few tasks that you haven’t had the time to do around your house? If so, hiring a local Brisbane handyman might solve all your problems. Cost-efficient and experienced at handling all sorts of jobs, you can trust a handyman to fix up your home. The handyman profession has been around for a very long time. Although handymen are often hired for odd jobs around the house, they are also capable of many other work tasks. From simple home renovations to work at a construction site to repairs at a commercial business, a handyman can help you with all sorts of jobs. The handyman career path is not formally regulated, meaning you can find handymen who specialise in different tasks. Although they do not have a certification like other tradespeople, experienced handymen are incredibly skilled at their job. They are also much cheaper than dedicated tradespeople, making them an excellent hire for those on a budget. There are many handymen services available in Brisbane that cover a range of trades at competitive rates. Whether you need help assembling furniture, hanging up photos, fixing your plumbing, or installing appliances, a cheap handyman can help get your job done. So, what are the top handyman services in Brisbane City? Oneflare can help you find the answer. Below, we’ve selected the top locally-based handyman services in Brisbane based on real customer ratings and reviews. You can use our platform to compare these services and find the one most suitable for your needs. Take your time browsing our comprehensive list of top handyman services in Brisbane, complete with detailed business profiles and a convenient “Get Quotes” feature. Keep scrolling for links to our advice articles on choosing a handyman in Brisbane near you, as well as further information on costs and the services they offer. Get your household tasks done quickly with the help of a handyman. Work with Oneflare to find a handyman near you today.
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    Kristian-Very efficient and skilled staff. Highly recommend. Very satisfied with the service. Professionally completed the assembly of office furniture.


    Gayle Gasteen

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    Very happy with work done including installing cupboard, hanging towel -rail, mirror, hanging curtain rails & pictures

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    What do handyman services in Brisbane include?

    Get the job done brilliantly with the right expert connection

    Handyman services in Brisbane are diverse and can include anything from assembling furniture to installing new floors. As part of their outstanding customer service, most handymen will provide a free consultation where they will assess the work you need to do. After understanding what this entails, they will also quote you their services.

    Before hiring your chosen Brisbane handyman, it is essential to make sure that you know exactly what kind of job needs doing so that they can be sent to do the right task at your home. This way, you get value for money and quality results.

    Similar to dependable tradesmen, handymen will also show you their qualifications upfront so that you are sure they can provide you with legal services. Handyman services in Brisbane are provided by skilled tradespeople who have the equipment, experience, and expertise to handle a wide variety of tasks. If you are looking for some assistance around your home, hiring one of these friendly professionals is best.

    A reliable handyman service will also provide a warranty on all work and materials, so you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands. They may also provide you with a copy of their public liability insurance photo so that you have peace of mind when hiring them.
    That being said, all the handyman services featured on Oneflare are trustworthy and considered at the top of their industry. We have the right handyman business to refer you to no matter what kind of job you need help with.

    Take advantage of our user-friendly and convenient Oneflare platform to find your perfect handyman. You can read up on the reviews posted on our sites, as well as assess honest customer ratings. You can also use the “Get a Quote” button to contact handyman companies directly to understand their price ranges and services better.

    Top Brisbane handyman services questions

    What is a fair price for a handyman?

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    In Queensland, the average price for handyman services is between $40 and $900. This wide range in pricing is due to the multitude of factors that affect the rate of handyman services.

    Some of these factors include:

    • The job size: Larger jobs take more time, energy, money, and resources, resulting in higher costs. As such, it is essential that before hiring a handyman, you speak with them about your job details so you can get a quote and manage your budgeting expectations.
    • The job location: The accessibility of your job location will affect the cost of your handyman services. For example, handyman services may be more expensive if you live in a remote area because your site is harder to reach.
    • The complexity of the job: More complex jobs may require a professional handyman with specialised equipment, skills, and experience. This means that handyman services typically become more expensive as the complexity of the job rises. This is because fewer skilled handymen are available to help you with your job.
    • Any additional work associated with the job: In some cases, a job may require a handyman to carry out additional steps before and after the handyman's services. For example, if your house needs urgent repairs, they may have to coordinate with a roofer or builder when they are working on renovations at your home before they can continue their work. This extra time and energy usually result in a price increase.
    • The handyman’s level of experience: Experienced handymen in Brisbane usually have higher rates due to being more qualified at their job and completing tasks to a higher quality. If your job is not too complex and involves basic tasks, then a less experienced handyman may be the more affordable choice for you.
    • The licences and credentials a handyman may have: Handymen generally don’t need licences or qualifications to complete their work. That being said, handymen with credentials in their name can be more trusted to finish tasks at a higher standard. Keep in mind that some tasks do require a license to be completed legally, so it is essential to check the requirements and hire the right handyman.

    Learn more with our handyman costs guide.

    What type of work does a handyman do?

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    Handymen are the jack of all trades when it comes to household DIY projects. Although handymen typically have a wide array of skills, some handyman services are more common than others.

    Here are some of the most commonly provided handyman services in Brisbane:

    • Home interior/exterior painting jobs: Painting and decorating have plenty of benefits in terms of house aesthetics and value. But if you aren’t skilled in this area, hiring a handyman can help you get the best results.
    • General household DIY jobs: A handyman can also help by providing property maintenance services around the house, such as furniture assembly, pet door installations, picture frame hanging, and general repairs.

    What are some examples of handyman services?

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    There are hundreds of jobs that a handyman can do, but here are some specific examples of tasks that you may want to hire them for:

    • Changing out light bulbs
    • Fixing taps and sinks
    • Unclogging toilet drains
    • Hanging pictures and paintings
    • Installing new cabinet doors
    • Replacing screws indoors or furniture which has come loose
    • Cleaning gutters or hanging gutter guards
    • Installing new doorknobs
    • Replacing door hinges and locks
    • Repairing or replacing broken windows and screens
    • Installing new garage doors
    • Repairing brickwork
    • Cleaning pools
    • Mowing the lawn
    • Installing smoke alarms
    • Landscaping
    • Fixing a door frame
    • Assembling furniture
    • Installing outdoor blinds

    The list of tasks a handyman can help you with is virtually endless. Speak with your local handymen about the services you need so they can send the right handyman for the job.

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