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    Garage door paint colour ideas

    From classic neutrals to bright hues, find a fresh look for your home with these garage door colour ideas.

    Chin Suarez | Oneflare
    Created 06 May 2024

    One of the most overlooked aspects of the aesthetic of your home is the colour of your garage door. It takes up a big part of your home’s facade, and having garage door paint colours that complement the rest of your home is essential. You can go with the traditional neutral colours or go from a more exciting colour range.

    Whichever colour you paint your new garage door, it’ll change your home’s kerb appeal. It can even transform the look of your entire property, so choose wisely. Here are some garage door paint colour ideas to help your house be the most beautiful in the neighbourhood.

    12 Paint colour ideas for your garage door

    1. Classic white

    a mignight blue suburban home with white garage door
    A suburban home with white garage door | Source: iStock

    There is no doubt that white is the most common garage door colour, and for a good reason. It pairs well with any style of home and any colour of paint on your home’s exterior, as it works well with other neutral hues and creates a contrast with darker tones and pairs well with a range of vibrant hues.

    2. Subtle grey

    Grey is another common colour that is cool and chic. It’s neutral with more character than white, but it does need a better eye to pair with. One of the best garage colour combinations is with a black house exterior, as it softens the dark tones and makes it more pleasing to see.

    3. Neutral yet bold navy blue

    a bold blue garage door in harmony with yellow walls
    Bold garage doors for a deep accent | Source: iStock

    A classic choice is the traditional navy blue, which fits in with quintessential homes. Its common pairing is with white, but try it out on homes with wooden doors and walls because it provides a stylish, deep accent. 

    4. Moody black

    Garage doors painted black give an edge to your home because they provide a stark contrast to nearly every other paint colour. Painting your garage door black can be tricky, as it can look tacky or mismatched, so you need to be sure of your choice before your paint job.

    5. Ultimate neutral beige

    a modern beige garage door
    Beige for a neutral garage door | Source: iStock

    One of the paint colours for garage doors rising in popularity and rivalling white in neutrality is beige or sand. With neutral house paint colours being common and wooden doors being a timeless door material, it’s already a great colour for house trimmings, which is why it has become a top garage door colour.

    6. Classic green

    Aside from the neutrals, green is seen on many garage doors because it pairs very well with white and wood tones. It’s also a great accent in homes with plenty of greenery, making it a good choice for those who want to give the illusion of extending their landscaping or garden to the garage. 

    7. Natural brown

    a traditional house with brown garage door
    A traditional garage door painted brown | Source: iStock

    If you have wood doors in your home, it’s a great idea to create a cohesive look by painting your garage door in the same shade of brown. The matching set enhances the overall appearance of your property and elevates its look.

    8. Stand-out red

    Homeowners bold enough can consider red as their garage colour to make a striking statement. It’s one of those colours that pop against any other colour, but for a cohesive look, pair it with more subdued warm tones or neutrals to balance the boldness.

    9. Cute pink and peach

    soft peach garage door colour
    Experiment with a playful garage door colour | Source: iStock

    Feeling playful and want an unconventionally fun colour for your garage door? Warm or muted pinks and peaches can go well with sandy-coloured homes. Your mood might feel lighter when you drive into your parking lot. 

    10. Versatile slate blue

    If you love blue but are unsure about navy since you prefer lighter colours, try its more neutral brother: slate blue. This shade is halfway between bold and neutral and perfectly matches homes with cool-toned aesthetics.

    11. Shiny silver

    an automated metallic garage door colour idea
    When in doubt, try metallic garage doors | Source: iStock

    Go for the traditional metallic garage door and paint it silver. While modern roller doors aren’t made with shiny metals anymore, it might still be fun to paint them shiny to give your home an old-school, classic look.

    12. Sunny and bright yellow

    Make your garage door a point of brightness in your house exterior by painting it a sunny colour like yellow! Be careful, though, as this colour can quickly look out of place. It’s best to stick to pairing it with whites and other neutrals.

    6 tips when choosing a colour and painting your garage door

    1. Choose a colour that matches the aesthetic of your home. Whether you go for a monochromatic scheme or a fun complementary colour, it’s important to match the colours to make your home more cohesive.
    2. Take into account the other architectural details of your house in the painting process. The trimmings, the driveway gate, and the roof can be a good way to determine what colour your garage door should be.
    3. The climate and environment of your surroundings should impact your colour decision. For example, dark colours can make your garage feel hot inside, whilst lighter colours can keep the temperature normal or cooler than using a dark colour.
    4. Select the right kind of paint for your door. You need paint that will adhere properly, so choose one that is appropriate for your garage door’s surface and will withstand the elements.
    5. Keep the rest of your property safe from paint that might drip or bleed into them. Most importantly, use painter’s tape around the trimmings of your garage door to ensure the paint job is clean.
    6. If your garage door already has old paint, you must take some precautions before repainting. Besides the usual sanding and cleaning, repainting garage doors might require scraping off the previous paint first, as paint for garage doors is notoriously thick. You can always get a garage door expert or a painter to do this for you!

    Get a beautiful paint job on your garage doors

    Your garage door paint colour might seem like a tiny detail, but it’s a huge part of your curb appeal and can make you stand out in your neighbourhood. From neutrals like white and sand to bright and bold reds and silvers, bring out your home’s character by giving the garage door a fresh coat of paint.

    Painting garage doors is a project that you might be able to do yourself, but if you’re unsure about the right garage door colour or how to go about garage door painting, you can always call a professional painter. They know how to amp up your home’s exteriors and have all the right tools to do the job right for the right price!

    FAQs on painted garage door colours

    What kind of paint do you use on a garage door?

    For wooden and vinyl garage doors, it would be best to use latex paint because it adheres best to the material. However, acrylic paint is the best paint for metal garage doors. Each of these materials also has its own primer that helps in the application, so be sure to pick up some.

    Should garage doors be painted flat or gloss?

    We should remember that paint is not only for aesthetics. It is also functional! Glossy or semi-glossy paint finishes better than matte paint and lets your garage door withstand the elements better. It also holds up for longer without getting chipped or needing reapplication.

    Is it a good idea to paint a metal garage door?

    With the right primer and paint, a metal garage door is just as easy to paint as the other types. Get a primer to protect it from rust, as this is a common problem for metal garage doors with their exposed surfaces. Acrylic paint adheres properly to the metal, so it is the optimal choice for all metal garage door paint colours. Black, white, red and blue are all common painting colours for a steel garage door.

    What colour should the garage door frame be painted?

    Ideally, you’d want to pair the frame with your garage door’s surface. However, as it is a trimming, it is also an opportunity to shake things up. Try matching it with a complementary colour to make your garage door pop.

    What colour should I use to paint a garage door with red brick?

    Red brick homes are classic and timeless, so pairing them with a garage door colour that is equally timeless is essential. Go for neutrals that will make the brick in your home stand out — making your garage door a necessary accessory to your home’s aesthetic.

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