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    Moody house exterior paint colours

    Level up your house exterior's appeal with moody hues.

    Chin Suarez | Oneflare
    Updated 23 Jan 2024

    The exterior paint colours you choose for your home go beyond mere aesthetics; they shape the very mood and character of living spaces. Whether you opt for the allure of deep blues, the intensity of charcoal greys, or the warmth of earthy tones, your house exterior can make your property inviting and appealing. 

    If you’re looking to paint your house yourself, then let us help you! In this guide, we will journey through different colour schemes for home exteriors. You can not only enhance your home’s aesthetics through paint but also breathe life into its unique charm.

    9 Moody exterior house paint colour ideas

    1. Midnight blue

    Midnight blue house exterior / Source: iStock

    Deep shades of blue can be reminiscent of nighttime, elegance, and a tinge of mystery. It’s best to pair this shade with lighter accent colours for a timeless and classic aesthetic. Opt for a colour palette of crisp whites or creams for your home’s different architectural features, such as the mouldings or posts, to better suit the midnight blue base colour.

    2. Mystical grey

    Mystical grey is a versatile colour between cool and warm undertones, creating an intriguing and ever-changing appearance. Painting your house exterior with grey paint is ideal for those looking to add a touch of mystery, modernity, and enigmatic charm to a home.

    3. Forest green

    Turn your home into something you and other people can find relaxing by painting your home exterior forest green. Not only do they make for great exterior house paint colours, but they also bring nature’s serenity and calm. Pair these colours with shades and hues you can easily find outdoors, like brown, yellow, or white. 

    4. Charismatic charcoal

    Modern house in white and charcoal colour palette / Source: iStock

    The dark and brooding shades of charcoal black bring confidence and drama to your house. It’s not the usual shade homeowners go for, making it a bold choice for those who want to give a contemporary edge to their home’s exterior.

    5. Bold maroon

    If you want to make your home exterior a canvas for confidence and energy, try painting it a dark reddish purple like maroon. As a deep and sultry colour, maroon can effectively bring that luxurious yet at-ease feel to your house’s appearance. 

    6. Rustic brown

    If you’re going for a more vintage vibe, a dark, rustic brown or beige colour turns your home exterior into a warm, cosy property. It also provides a timeless design for your home that promotes an inviting and welcoming atmosphere when you pass it or stand by your front door. 

    7. Muted sage

    Big sage house with an entrance deck / Source: iStock

    For a more subtle home that still captures visitors’ attention, muted sage can be your unique exterior paint colour scheme of choice. With its green base tones mixed with a bit of grey, this colour creates a calming sight and offers an understated exterior that blends well with the natural surroundings. 

    8. Elegant aubergine

    This rich, eggplant-inspired dark brownish-purple colour adds opulence and uniqueness to your home. It’s not a usual colour that homeowners request for their exterior, and that’s why it’s a bold choice that’s definitely eye-catching and leaves a lasting impression. This daring choice exudes luxury and creativity and elevates your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

    9. Ocean teals

    Teal, a light blue shade, makes the perfect house exterior paint colour if you’re after hues reflecting serenity and coastal charm. It’s a versatile colour that works well with different architectural styles and facades. Additionally, it is great to pair with neutral or pastel accents, such as in your window or front door trims. 

    Tips for selecting a paint colour for your home’s exterior 

    If you’re considering giving your home exterior a dark and moody makeover, you should keep a few things in mind.

    Consider the surroundings

    Before painting your home exterior, have a thoughtful look at your current neighbourhood and immediate surroundings. Your goal should be to ensure your home works with the environment, not clash with it.

    Have complementary trim and accents

    Choose complementary colours for trim, accents, and other exterior details to create contrast and enhance your property’s overall design. Lighter trim can provide balance and highlight architectural features.

    Test different paint samples

    Painting your home is a big decision. Before you commit to a specific colour, try out your desired colour on a small part of your exterior. Evaluate how it appears under different lighting conditions and weather patterns to ensure it maintains your desired effect.

    Assess the climate in your area

    Darker colours absorb more heat than lighter ones, which can affect the temperatures inside your home. Before fully committing to painting your house exterior, be prepared for the potential impact it can have on your home’s energy efficiency and subsequent costs of maintenance. 

    Consult a professional 

    If you’re still unsure about the best colour for your home exterior or the painting process, consider consulting a professional painter or a colour expert for guidance and cost inquiry. With their expertise in their craft, they can readily help walk you through the entire process so you can achieve the desired results.

    Moody hues, endless possibilities 

    Like light colours, deep and moody shades can create a sense of depth to any home exterior. Not only can they offer a cosy and unique atmosphere, but they help amplify its owners’ personality and character.

    While the prospect of choosing and applying moody colours to your home’s exterior may seem daunting, the journey becomes infinitely easier with the help of professionals in the field. Their knowledge of colour selection, as well as precise execution, can turn your vision into a reality! 

    FAQs on moody exterior paint colours

    How do I choose exterior paint colour combinations?

    Choosing exterior paint colour combinations involves considering your home’s architectural style, surroundings and the dominant colour for the main body of the house.

    Select accent colours for trims and architectural details to provide contrast and ensure they complement the roof colour. Test paint samples in different lighting conditions and consider the climate’s impact on colour choices.

    Should exterior paint be lighter or darker?

    Exterior paint depends on various factors, including your personal preferences, architectural style, climate, and the effect you want to achieve.

    Your personal style and aesthetic preferences play a significant role. Some people prefer the timeless, classic look of lighter shades, while others are drawn to the drama and depth offered by darker colours.

    What is the best paint colour for a home exterior?

    Versatile options include neutral tones, whites or creams, earthy colours, blues, greys, greens, reds, and even black or dark grey for accents. To make the right choice, consider your home’s features, surroundings, and climate, and test paint samples in different lighting conditions.

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