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    Limewash colours for exterior painting

    For stunning stone exteriors, paint it with limewash colours that stand out!

    Chin Suarez | Oneflare
    Created 29 May 2024

    Traditional stone, brick and cement render exteriors are already stunning on their own, but for added dimension, try out a limewash paint exterior that can add depth and a sophisticated finish to your home’s outdoors. Exterior lime wash is a breathable material made of slaked and aged lime, water and natural pigments.

    The matte finish of lime wash looks classy and elegant, and the natural soft, weathered patina over time and the hygienic properties make it a functional paint. 

    If you want to decorate your new home’s exterior to transform your concrete panels or exterior walls, here are some ideas for limewash paint colours that can make your home — or your home’s new extension — a neighbourhood standout.

    Limewash colours for your exterior walls

    Earthy tones

    an outdoor seating area agains a terracotta limewash exterior wall
    Create a moody outdoor ambience | Source: Canva AI image generator

    For a soft, weathered patina reminiscent of classic homes in regions throughout the Mediterranean, go for earth tones like brown. As the lime wash ages, it adds depth to your home’s exterior, giving it a unique and unmistakable vintage quality that adds character.

    Stone grey

    One of the most traditional lime wash colours is grey, a classic that leaves a cool and sleek vibe that feels chic in home exteriors. It might feel counterproductive to paint cement grey, but the finish of grey lime wash paint leaves an elegant and smooth surface that gradually washes into a soft and natural tone. Homes with darker themes can also benefit from grey as an accent.

    Sand beige

    a house exterior painted beige limewash
    Keep your house theme neutral yet full of character | Source: Canva AI image generator

    Another original lime wash colour, a sandy beige hue lends itself well to soft surroundings. Paint your exterior walls beige to introduce brightness to your home’s exteriors without having to bring in bolder colour variations.

    Warm reds

    Despite its striking quality, red is one of the most popular deeper colours for limewash exterior paint. As it ages, it creates a soft, weathered patina reminiscent of brick, and with the right shade, it can create a unique Mediterranean vibe that separates your home from the rest of your neighbours.

    Sunny yellows

    an outdoor terrace against yellow limewash exterior walls
    Showcase your bring character | Source: Canva AI image generator

    Whether you’re going for the ultra-bright tones or the more subdued and mustard hues, yellow will be a standout limewash paint colour. Painting cement walls yellow can turn the space from industrial to inspiring—a colour that can make your outdoor spaces feel cheerful.

    Clean whites

    Modern spaces deck out their unpainted masonry surfaces with white paint to create a clean feeling. The best thing about aged limewash paint in white is that its depth makes the usual white wall interesting. While white limewash paint on the exteriors is bright, the lime wash remains soft and pleasing to the eye, making it more sophisticated.

    Natural greens

    green limewash exterior walls with brush stroke texture on a two-toned house
    Paint your exterior walls a calming colour | Source: Canva AI image generator

    If you’ve got many plants in terracotta pots all around your outdoors, a green limewash paint can perfectly elevate your space. This exterior lime wash colour is one of the deeper colours that also creates elegance in your space, so use it for places like your grotto or your garden for a natural feel.

    Bright blues

    As one of the less traditional limewash colours for exterior painting, blue is fun and makes your outdoors feel vibrant and unique. Take note that while all limewash remains soft, blue, in particular, gradually washes off into a greyer hue, so be sure to either repaint often or be ready to live with a grey wall later on.

    Use limewash paint to spruce up your house exterior

    Who knew a mix of slaked and aged lime, water and pigments could make a paint that creates timeless walls with natural antibacterial qualities? From calm earth tones to vibrant reds and blues, use exterior lime wash paint for your next painting project to turn homes with the most absorbent building stones into curbside statements. The best part is that lime wash just gets better with age.

    Consider using the unique lime-based coating for your next home renovation. However, this paint can be tricky to apply beautifully, whether on unglazed bricks or masonry blocks. You can try to paint it yourself or you can hire a professional painter that can apply the limewash properly and give the paint job a traditional and elegant vibe. 

    You can also hire a colour consultant to help you achieve that perfect look for a distinctive home.

    FAQs on lime wash painting

    Can limewash paint be used outside?

    Limewash paint has been used outdoors for centuries and is a great way to add texture and interest to your walls. Make sure you use the correct limewash paint for exterior brick and cement walls, as interno lime wash is only for indoor use and can deteriorate quickly.

    How long does limewash last on exteriors?

    The best thing about lime wash is that it can last decades. In the Mediterranean, where it’s popular, the weather makes it last about twenty to thirty years. However, it might be best to repaint every five years if you want to touch up the pigment on the walls.

    Can I paint over an exterior limewash paint?

    Painting over limewash is easy. A high-pressure washer can quickly remove the paint from the surface. If you’re reapplying limewash for a touch-up, you can remove any flaking limewash before putting the paint on the clean surface. If you’re unsure how to reapply over limewash, consider hiring a professional to do the job.

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