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    Limewash paint colour ideas for interior walls

    Reimagine your home with these limewash interior wall paint colour ideas!

    Chin Suarez | Oneflare
    Created 29 May 2024

    Limewash for walls has become extremely popular thanks to the paint’s many benefits, its unique textured look, and the variety of colours it comes in.

    Limewash walls have a beautiful textured look and can be layered to produce translucent clouds of colour or vivid matte-like surfaces with subtle tone variations. As it ages, you get a soft, weathered patina, adding to the charm and aesthetic of your home. 

    As with other kinds of paint, you’ll want to know the best colours when you start thinking about repainting. This article will share some paint colour ideas to inspire your soon-to-be limewashed walls.

    Limewash paint colour ideas for your interior walls

    Whether you’re painting your walls for the first time or planning a home renovation, you’ll want to choose the right paint colours to match the vibe you want for each room. Here are some examples of limewash paint for your interior walls

    Cool, crisp white

    an airy living room with white limewashed walls
    Brighten up the space with cool white walls | Source: Canva AI image generator

    White limewash walls come in cool and warm shades. Cool whites have an undertone of blue or grey and work well in rooms with a lot of light. They also have a sleek, modern feel (think Scandi-inspired homes).

    Warm, welcoming white

    Unlike their cool counterparts, warm whites have undertones of red, brown, or yellow and have a distinctly earthier look, perfect for a cosy feel.

    Soft grey

    a bedroom with grey limewashed wall idea
    Opt for grey neutrals | Source: Canva AI image generator

    Grey limewash walls aren’t the drab feature walls you think they are. Instead, the soft clouds of lime paint give the room a dramatic pop of colour while letting other accents, like a burgundy bedspread or a purple armchair, shine through.

    Beautiful beige

    Beige is a timeless choice for interior decorating, including limewash walls. Their soft texture will complement your clean, minimalist furniture.

    Trendy greige

    a large living room with a greige limewash wall
    Go for greige if you can’t decide between beige and grey | Source: Canva AI image generator

    Here’s a neutral you might not have considered yet: greige. This combination of grey and beige works with crisp, minimalist looks and cosy cottage-inspired decor. If you can’t find the right mix of greige in your shop, you can try to make it yourself or hire a painter to do it for you.

    Safe-yet-stylish tan

    Tan is another neutral you’ll want to consider for your next limewash painting project. You can use it as a background to showcase colourful furniture and decor or do a neutral-on-neutral scheme. Feel free to experiment with the paint’s nuanced texture to get your desired look.

    Bold terracotta

    a reading nook with terracotta limewash walls
    Keep it warm and cosy | Source: Canva AI image generator

    Draw inspiration from traditional limewash’s Mediterranean origins to add a sunny, coastal feel to your home. Not sure if this bright tone is the right one for your home? You can use one coat instead of two or consult a colour expert to help you plan the look.

    Lush, earthy browns

    Limewash paints come in most colours, including various shades of brown. You can use one coat to create subtle tone variations on your interior walls or two coats for a more dramatic look that suits anywhere from a feature wall to small spaces like your bathroom.

    Relaxing shades of soft green

    a grey bed against soft green limewashed wall
    Create a relaxing mood | Source: Canva AI image generator

    Create an oasis in your home with shades of green that will relax your senses. Imagine this: a moss green limewash feature wall that’ll relax your eyes and serve as a great pop of colour!

    Bold green limewashed walls

    Green limewash walls aren’t limited to soft shades. Try experimenting with thin coats of forest green or even emerald green. To offset the boldness of the shade, you can limit it to small spaces, like a hallway, a small bathroom or the ceiling of your living room.

    Soft blues for your bedroom

    a small yet cosy kitchen painted soft blue
    A relaxing and playful kitchen | Source: Canva AI image generator

    Is blue one of your favourite bedroom wall colour ideas? Then, you will enjoy pulling this off with lime-based paint. The unique lime-based coating results in a texture and look you won’t get with traditional paint.

    Beautifully bold blue limewash walls

    Here’s another exciting idea to explore for your limewash project: a captivating two-tone living room! Imagine deep blue walls adorned with vibrant pops of white. If you feel nervous about doing something this daring for your home, you can always refer to other two-colour living rooms for inspiration.

    Soft tone variations of pink

    a lovely living room with pink furniture and soft pink limewashed walls
    Try a two-toned living room | Source: Canva AI image generator

    If you want to paint your new home extension a different colour, you can experiment with shades of pink limewash paint. What’s great about limewash is that you can use it on previously painted surfaces, most suitably prepared plasterboard, and even brickwork.

    Sunny peach

    Peach is a colour that is slightly neutral yet bright enough to be fun. If you like peach, you’ll love how limewash’s chalky textured paint aesthetic will come out. This shade suits everything from your living area, bedroom, and powder room.

    Brave black limewash walls

    a grey bed against a black limewashed feature wall
    Go bold | Source: Canva AI image generator

    Now, this is a shade for the bold and dramatic decorator. Don’t be scared by the idea of black walls—remember that you can add just a skim coat of limewash and wait for it to dry for a soft, ethereal look. If you want more drama and depth, you can always add an extra layer afterwards.

    Get the look for your home and try limewash paint on your walls today!

    Limewash paint offers countless options for interior use, from a wide variety of shades to different looks you can achieve just by adding another layer of paint. Keep it light and breezy with just the first coat, or add depth and a matte texture with every additional layer. You can do limewash walls the DIY way or hire professional painters to get the look you want without the stress of figuring it all out yourself.

    FAQs on limewash paint for walls

    Are limewash walls expensive?

    In general, using limewash paint for interior walls isn’t extremely expensive. It’s a pretty good deal when you consider the aesthetic, the paint’s longevity, and its lowered impact on the environment and your health (versus other paints). The labour-intensive painting increases the price of limewash walls, especially if you’re going for more than one coat. 

    Can you limewash your own house?

    It will take a lot of time and some tutorials, but yes, you can apply interior limewash paint on your house. First, you’ll need to start learning basics like what a wet edge is, how to paint a wall, and how to clean your tools properly. You’ll also want to know how to protect your walls using the right matt wall sealer for your paint.

    Why do people limewash walls?

    Limewash paint has been popular for millennia, since the days of the Roman Empire. Here are some of the reasons this type of paint has stood the test of time:

    • It’s made with natural pigments that make it appropriate for “earthy” looks.
    • It’s versatile. You can apply lime paint on most porous surfaces, from drywall to plaster to brick, and even exterior masonry surfaces.
    • It’s low odour and eco-friendly. Unlike traditional paints, limewash doesn’t produce smelly fumes (not to mention, it spares you the hassle of getting rid of paint smells)
    • It ages well, creating a lovely textured patina with a chalky texture.
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