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Types of personal training services


You can hire a personal trainer to have one-on-one sessions. This may be because you prefer this rather than in a group or class environment, or you have specific needs or problems you need to fix. For example, you may have poor posture in which you need to seek a personal trainer’s advice about how to improve it. Or you may have the desire to lose weight and you want your personal trainer to write up a personal diet and exercise plan.


Group personal training sessions can be a social activity at the same time as being active. Get a group of friends together, head outdoors and socialise - all at once.


Classes are far less customised than personal or group sessions, but they can be a cheaper and easier alternative. Trainers will usually have a set schedule for each week for different classes, and you have the freedom to pick and choose which ones you go to.

How to choose the right personal trainer


It can be beneficial to check if the personal trainer specialises in anything in particular. For example, if you’re looking for a personal trainer for rehabilitation purposes, it is better to hire a business with experience and specialisation in the same area.

Past reviews

Reading previous customers’ reviews on their Oneflare profile can give you an idea of how effective their programs are, and their personality. Having a personality that can motivate you to achieve your goals is important.


Hiring a qualified personal trainer increases your chances of hiring a capable personal trainer that can help you see results.

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