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    Fox Fotograf

    Location PinJoondalup, WA (5.5km from Craigie)
       New to Oneflare
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 64166071987InsuranceSuccessInsuranceVerified by OneflareInsuranceSuccessCertifiedVerified by OneflareSee more
    Sure, you can get any good photographer to capture you in a technically correct manner. But you want something special, something that shows who you are, not just what you're doing. To do this means you'll need to feel comfortable, relaxed and feeling like you. And this is Dave from Fox Fotograf's passion, I love working with people, finding out their story and bringing that to life through a photo, so that truly a picture is worth a thousand words....
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    Roman International Photography

    Location PinCraigie, WA
    12 Reviews | Hired 14 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 85625317307Customer Choice AwardCustomer Choice AwardVerified by OneflareSee more
    Choosing the right professional photographer to capture your special day is important. I understand budget always needs to be considered, but I also know that some moments in life are worth more than a few dollars saved. We'd love to hear more about your wedding day and offer professional support and advice if needed. Please call anytime :-) Nakia, Kelly and Darren....
    Everybody was so eager that there was a specialized studio, and expert photographer at the gathering. The photos where astounding and crown quality. I am very content with the outcome and would suggest ROMAN! ...
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    Mark Michael Photography

    Location PinHocking, WA (5.0km from Craigie)
    24 Reviews | Hired 12 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 36538669637StopwatchOn-time GuaranteeVerified by OneflareSee more
    Photography is a passionate means to unleash my creative side. My sessions are so relaxed and are an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. I have been operating this business since 2013 with straight 5 star reviews from almost all my clients (please check the reviews here, on Google maps, and on Facebook). ...
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    Cherish You Global

    Location PinOcean Reef, WA (4.5km from Craigie)
    19 Reviews | Hired 33 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 39981228908Customer Choice AwardCustomer Choice AwardVerified by OneflareSee more
    Cherish You Global loves to create beautiful images naturally. We dont photoshop, we just utilise really good equipment and great lighting. 8years experience, we are best value for money. We can put our hand to pretty much any style of photography and create Beautiful results. We work well with families, pregnant couples, newborns, pets, weddings, sporting, realestate, products, fashion, corporate, portraiture, social media campaign's, functions & events, outdoors & indoors in a private studio. We are also very handy with a video camera and have done weddings, sporting, music videos, corporate and we sometimes co-create with those that are transitioning from long illnesses and film their stories in their words as mementos known as the 'cherish process'. We work with integrity, grace, honour and respect. ...
    Mandi just seems to know what is needed. very, very good. mark & josy
    | Posted 20 months ago
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    L'Image Digitale

    Location PinAlexander Heights, WA (10.1km from Craigie)
    3 Reviews | Hired 20 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 25 791 534 265InsuranceSuccessInsuranceVerified by OneflareSee more
    Your wedding day is one of the happiest days in your life. My goal is to capture the smiles, the tears, the laughter. I shoot a mixture of styles to suit the events of the day. I will use my love of portraiture for the bridal preparation and portraits. I will capture the details that you spent so much time planning. Leading up to and during the ceremony, I will blend into the background to capture those special moments and emotions. I will move to an editorial style for the post-ceremony bridal shots. I will go back to the documentary style for the reception, blending into the background to capture your grand entrance, the cake cutting and the first dance. I can help plan your wedding schedule and will scout locations, so that you get the photographs you want. I offer a range of albums, prints and packages to suit any budget. Call me to arrange an appointment to see what I can do for you! ...
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    Roudy Photography

    Location PinTapping, WA (7.9km from Craigie)
    1 Reviews | Hired 1 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 66844067857See more
    I’m a professional photographer, my main job is to capture your emotions, and my only concern is how to bring you a long lasting smile when looking to your photo. It is my honor to be a part of your event....
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    Vespa Photography

    Location PinBallajura, WA (13.3km from Craigie)
    7 Reviews  
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 38578299636InsuranceSuccessCertifiedVerified by OneflareSee more
    Vespa Photography is all about fun and capturing the joy in any given event. Portrait, Cosplay, Event Photography and so much more.
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    Jaimie Manning Photography

    Location PinMindarie, WA (12.4km from Craigie)
    4 Reviews  
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 62868228914See more
    Jaimie Manning is a Perth Female Photographer. Jaimie's eye for detail has been recognised beyond the studio and glamour photography, adding to her portfolio with professional shoots for commercial clients wanting to capture the perfect image to help promote their brand or business. Jaimie however is not satisfied with simply achieving a superior outcome in the form of a perfectly timed shot, she endeavours to create an environment where her clients not only feel comfortable but leave the studio feeling empowered and proud. ...
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    Location PinJoondalup, WA (5.5km from Craigie)
    QUALIFICATIONS:StopwatchOn-time GuaranteeVerified by OneflareSee more
    Capturing your special moments Specialising in Weddings, Events and Property photography. Our professional but easy to get along with photographers will help you guide through what can be a hectic day. With over 15 yrs in experience we can cater for all of your photographic needs and can tailor a package to suit for anyones budget. Situated in Perth, Western Australia we understand that your perfect wedding or event may not be at home, so we are happy to travel with you. Contact us today to discuss your needs. ...
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    Allure Photography

    Location PinAtwell, WA (40.6km from Craigie)
    36 Reviews | Hired 43 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 40 803 836 402InsuranceSuccessInsuranceVerified by OneflareSee more
    At Allure Photography, we pride ourselves on our passion and talent to take the most captivating and beautiful wedding photos. You can expect only the best, most flattering and memorable photos for your special day because you deserve it....
    ‘Tim was our choice of photographer for our wedding. Highly professional, diligent, energetic, imaginatively creative, dedicated to artistic perfect are the best ways to describe Tim’s photographic works. He did all of what we wanted from our wedding photographer for our special day. The photographs are breath takingly spectacular! The detail, colour, the unscripted candid images of us with our guests – are now irreplaceable memories caught on Tim’s camera. Please have Tim be part of your life’s milestone / your wedding. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!’ Again, thank you so much for being a vital part of our wedding!...
    | Posted 3 months ago
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    Andrew Murphy Photography

    Location PinYokine, WA (14.9km from Craigie)
    2 Reviews  
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 14 454 034 502See more
    Andrew Murphy Is An Internationally Published Perth Photographer Bringing Magazine Quality Images To Homes & Businesses / Flexible Times & Affordable Prices. Supported by a Bachelor of Creative Industries - Major in Photography & Film/Video and mentored by some of Perth's best photographers, Andrew has the knowledge and experience to provide the best quality results for any project! ...
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    Fine Line Photography

    Location PinBayswater, WA (20.1km from Craigie)
    1 Reviews | Hired 3 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 67195501915InsuranceSuccessInsuranceVerified by OneflareSee more
    Fine-Line Photography provide the very best photography services for many different purposes. Fine-Line Photography specializes in Wedding Photography, Family and Portrait Photography, Event Photography and Real estate Photography. We pride ourselves on our personal service and the relationship we build with our clients. We have over 20 years experience in the industry with hundreds of weddings under our belt and successfully completed well over a couple of thousand photography jobs over the past years. No job is too small or too big for us....
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    Owen Gregory Photography

    Location PinWest Perth, WA (19.1km from Craigie)
    4 Reviews | Hired 4 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 68078557958InsuranceSuccessInsuranceVerified by OneflareSee more
    I am a professional wedding photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. My approach to wedding photography is organic and journalistic to create artistic imagery that reflects the couples I work with. I don’t want to just capture the main moments... but also the instances in-between. For every wedding I photograph my goal is to tell your story in pictures, to evoke your personalities, quirks and love for each other. Capturing the genuine emotions shared during the day....
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    Jacob Palmer Photography

    Location PinJoondalup, WA (5.5km from Craigie)
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 35 744 161 212See more
    Freelance photographer shooting at weddings, parties, events and portrait photography. Out of my own home I run a studio specialising in families, couples, newborns, nudes and glamour. ...
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    Mauro Cattelan Photography

    Location PinOsborne Park, WA (12.9km from Craigie)
    3 Reviews | Hired 1 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 97740273452InsuranceSuccessCertifiedVerified by OneflareSee more
    Having spent many years in Italy as an advertising photographer, and working with acclaimed stylists and designers, Mauro brings to his clients a proven ability to create compelling and beautiful imagery. Mauro’s love for photography and people combines with his diverse experience and structured approach for professional project management: from shooting to post-processing and image production with an international flair. From wedding pictures to professional portraits for artists, dancers, gym buddies, families, babies and corporate professionals, Mauro’s fresh and innovative approach delivers stunning, high quality images....
    business profile

    Kash Photography

    Location PinNorth Perth, WA (17.4km from Craigie)
    1 Reviews | Hired 3 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 85361437483See more
    Having trained at Film and Television Institute, Fremantle Perth, Kash has developed an art of capturing images from a different perspective in a movie style. Having won “The Photographer of the Year 2012” -Perth Bride Magazine, Kash’s award winning images have been used by various Bridal magazines and Expos. With 14 years of experience, Kash has shot high-profile figures such as Mother Teresa and including politicians such as Julie Bishop, Bollywood Celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Miss Universe WA and other International Models. Kash’s work uses creative lighting to create an artistic look with vivid colours. Shooting Weddings in Australia and Overseas, Fashion photography and Portraits, KASH Photography works with total passion and dedication to make sure you’re happy with the results. ...
    business profile

    Glorious Photography & Videography

    Location PinCannington, WA (29.9km from Craigie)
    12 Reviews | Hired 21 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 92643585236StopwatchOn-time GuaranteeVerified by OneflareSee more
    Glorious Photography was founded with a mission to make every snap and moment glorious. Proudly based in Perth, Western Australia, for the past 12 years the team of Glorious Photography has been there for families and friends, parties and small business events - all the way up to large corporate gatherings and national events - and sought to provide truly outstanding service. We do so with a team of wide and varied expertise, from dedicated photographers to videographers, editors and more, we’ll take the time to ensure you receive the service you seek, and are delivered an outstanding end product upon completion of the event. While we run a business resolute in our professional dedication and commitment to client satisfaction, we also do not mind saying: for us it is personal. A look around our website here or visit to our Facebook will affirm the team at Glorious Photography loves producing photography and visual content in our private lives, just the same as we adore the work we do for clients each day. From weddings recorded in beautiful Technicolour style, to first birthdays done in rich black and white, to annual family photos and Christmas cards that show who you......
    business profile

    Giselle Photographer

    Location PinPerth, WA (20.1km from Craigie)
    5 Reviews | Hired 11 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 80347898381See more
    Giselle Natassia is a concept-driven photographer specialising in advertising, documentary and entertainment photography. She has studied a BA in Creative Advertising Design and a Bachelor of Creative Industries in Photomedia. Her studies have been conducted at four universities, spreading over three different continents across the globe. She has exhibited worldwide, featured in a variety of journals and magazines and was National Geographic's Photo of the Week in July 2012. Although relatively new to the scene and still honing her craft, she has won numerous awards both home and abroad. Constantly oscillating between dark and colourful themes, her skills best present themselves in the fusing of morbid, bizarre, romantic and tragic themes. Slightly less perverse than “fetish”, more extreme than “fashion”, Giselle’s macabre-glamour approach to photography is sure to raise eyebrows and appeal to those with an eye for the unusual. When without her camera (or Photoshop), Giselle is busy slaying zombies in various video games. ...
    business profile

    Zee R Studioz

    Location PinPerth, WA (20.1km from Craigie)
    3 Reviews  
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 48624289521See more
    Zee-R Production is in the business of Photoshoots, Events Coverages & Video Production business since 2009. Living in the Western Australia with all the big sky's and stunning scenery has helped inspire a love of photography and to capture those special moments that can last for generations. At Zee-R Production we have full public liability & equipment. By Providing the best services all over western Australia, Zee-R Production has attained a great reputation and public relations with the clients. Head of Zee-R Production is well versed in modern, digital editing techniques including HDR photography, creative image manipulation, re-touching and montage design. He is also professionally experienced in video production, and audio production, music mixing & mastering as a graduated audio engineer. We use professional digital high-end cameras, optics and lighting equipment and have robust data backup strategies in place to ensure all your valuable images are treated with the respect they deserve. We outsource all our print, wall display, album and book products to professional high quality suppliers....
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    Kelly McEwan Photography

    Location PinKinross, WA (8.3km from Craigie)
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 74269468068See more
    We are AIPP Accredited photographers serving Perth WA and surrounding regions. We specialise in Weddings, Maternity, Newborn & Family Portraits. Experience our fun, caring and friendly services. We have a relaxed, yet professional portrait studio suitable for the full range of portraits. We also do cake smashes for babies on their first birthday, which produces some amazing photos of your child. For Wedding photos, we will accommodate your location requirements and work with you to create a wedding album that perfectly represents you in all your uniqueness. A popular series is the Watch Me Grow series, where we have a photo session with you and your baby when they are newborn, 3 months old, 6 months, 9 months, then 1 year (the last often incorporating the cake smash). This produces a gorgeous set of photos that you will look back on as your child grows into adulthood. Our prices are very reasonable. Why not book a portrait sitting today?...
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    Pavillon Studio

    Location PinRidgewood, WA (13.9km from Craigie)
    1 Reviews | Hired 5 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 11940699066See more
    Im a Graphic designer and videographer based here in Perth. Wedding Photography and Videography Everyone has different story to tell and we believe wedding can be only captured once and it has to be done beautifully. It is important to us to get to know each other and together we will plan on capturing moments in details. Wedding Photography affordable $1000 *1 Photographer *8 hours coverage *100 images edited *10 images B&W *Unlimited Photos *Raw image $2000 *2 Photographers *10 hours coverage *100++ images edited *10 images B&W *Unlimited Photos *Raw image USB Storage provide Posted 3 to 4 weeks ----------------------------------------------------------------- Videography Packages Single Shooter Package $800 *Full Gear *6-8 hours coverage *Wedding Hightlight *Wedding Full HD Video *1 USB for video storage $1000 package *Full Gear *10 hours Coverage *2 Cameras *Wedding Highlight *Wedding Full Video HD *USB for video storage $1,500 Package *2 Shooters *10 hours Coverage *Full Gear (3 Camera Set up) *Wedding highlight *Wedding Full Video HD *Customized USB for video storage *Raw Footage (Downloadable) $2,500 Packages *2 Shooters 1 Assistant *Prewedding Shoot or Same day edit (to be shown during reception) *Full Day Coverage *Full Gear (3 Camera Set up) *Wedding highlight *Wedding Full Video......
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    The Love Story Photography

    Location PinSouth Perth, WA (23.0km from Craigie)
    12 Reviews | Hired 7 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 96484417856See more
    I'm an accredited professional photographer with a love of portraiture and small weddings. I'm also a very experienced and passionate family and child portrait photographer, I enjoy corporate headshots and fitness photography too. My style is natural and lightly posed across the categories. I take pride in delivering timeless, high quality, elegant images that tell your story beautifully. All packages include a USB of edited, digital high resolution images and prints....
    business profile

    Pixieros Photography

    Location PinKarrinyup, WA (9.5km from Craigie)
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 38 416 258 768See more
    My goal is to capture your story through photographs, framing what is important and yours to keep for a lifetime.
    business profile

    George Olaru Photography

    Location PinPerth, WA (20.1km from Craigie)
    5 Reviews | Hired 3 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 18516765704See more
    George Photography is a boutique studio specialising in destinations and Perth wedding photography. Being in business in Perth for over 5 years, He offers the highest level of professionalism and lets your story unfold naturally while being in the perfect place to capture the fullness of each moment. He captures creative, unique and artistic moments while being as unobtrusive as possible . With a truly organic approach to wedding photography George Photography is known for utilising a fusion of modern portraiture with classic photojournalism; creating timeless photos that stand way above the average wedding photography. ...
    business profile

    Raffaele Photography

    Location PinCanning Vale, WA (35.9km from Craigie)
    1 Reviews | Hired 2 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 46533626557InsuranceSuccessInsuranceVerified by OneflareSee more
    Business headshots Weddings Events Fashion Portraiture Raffaele photography is hassle free bookings direct to your location. Book today, photography tomorrow. Full time professional photographer Guaranteed all photography 100% customer satisfaction " We hired Raffaele Photography for our recent staff Christmas party and we were extremely happy with the photos produced. Glen was professional, friendly, on time and within our budget. He fulfilled our brief of taking beautiful, casual photos without intruding on our function. We would definitely recommend his services to others. Cheryl, House of Ernest Whitford City" Had a great time shooting with glen. Very professional and made me feel really comfortable. We got so many great shots out of our shoot cannot wait to work with Glen again. Renee Signor (Model) Glen is very professional and easy going photographer. Loved every moment of the shoot !. He made it very easy and comfortable during the shoot. Highest recommend for any kind of shoot either in Studio or for any event . Neel Pori (Model) I've worked with Glen twice now and loved every second of it! He tells me what kinds of poses/looks he wants which gives so much more professional assistance to me as a model, and......
    Glen is so friendly, truly takes some magical photos and makes the event fun and smiles all round. Would recommend Glen without a doubt!
    business profile

    Aura Photography Studios

    Location PinPerth, WA (20.1km from Craigie)
    1 Reviews   New to Oneflare
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 70 617 720 671See more
    Your family is the most important thing in the world, and I know you want portraits you can treasure and hold close to your heart for the rest of your life. I work hard to create these treasured portraits and event albums. As a wedding, event and family photographer in Perth I 'am always meeting and consulting with clients prior to all photo shoots. The session is all about you and your family and we want to capture moments that represent your own individual style, weather it be more posed photographs or spontaneous photographs. Getting photographs taken weather it be for a wedding, family or new baby should be filled with joy and happiness. This is something guaranteed with all our photography packages. If you are interested in any of our photography packages or have any questions, feel free to message us below! ...
    business profile

    Photosnaps Photography

    Location PinPerth, WA (20.1km from Craigie)
    1 Reviews | Hired 1 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 27450654581See more
    Our clients have received breathtaking wedding pictures for many years. I am a full time photographer and would love to show you my portfolio. We also offer very affordable photo booth services to keep your guest entertained at the reception. ...
    business profile

    Gemma Boys Photography

    Location PinPerth, WA (20.1km from Craigie)
    12 Reviews | Hired 26 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 96179413253InsuranceSuccessInsuranceVerified by OneflareInsuranceSuccessCertifiedVerified by OneflareSee more
    Hello, I'm Gemma from Gemma Boys Photography. I capture weddings, engagement, family and pet photography in the Swan Valley, Perth and South West regions. I believe that special moments should be captured and saved for the generations to come! My photography style uses natural light and is candid, happy and laid back. I have packages that accommodate your wedding photography from as little as 2 hours, through to capturing your full day with 10 hours coverage and everything in between. I also provide family, pet and soon engagement photography so that you can continue capturing the special moments outside of your wedding as your life continues ❤ I can't wait to plan your memories with you, Gemma x...
    I couldn't fault Gemma eye of work she is so gifted and talented of her passion with photographer with the photos I got back of our son I was so speechless and blowed away with the Quality i was given and she has so much patience and great with the baby's to make them happy and smiling the waiting period is amazing and so fast as being mothers you want them back that day ! I am for sure going to go back again when my son gets more milestones smile emoticon Thank you so much again Gemma one very happy costumer...
    business profile

    Court On Camera

    Location PinPerth, WA (20.1km from Craigie)
    1 Reviews  
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 16828836636StopwatchOn-time GuaranteeVerified by OneflareInsuranceSuccessInsuranceVerified by OneflareSee more
    Court on Camera is a professional wedding photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. We specialise in creating stunning wedding photography and a unique photography experience for you to enjoy on your wedding day....
    business profile

    Louise Fowler Tutt Photography

    Location PinSouth Guildford, WA (23.9km from Craigie)
    1 Reviews | Hired 5 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 32 428 802 721InsuranceSuccessCertifiedVerified by OneflareSee more
    If you're taking the time to read this, then you are likely considering asking me to take your photo. Thank you for stopping by and showing an interest in my work. This means so much. Historically speaking, I have long been an illustrator and graphic designer and I apply my design and art skills to my photography work. I view the camera as another medium to create art, just as I use my paint brush to paint a picture. Photography is visual storytelling. For those who are wondering,I am a Nikon shooter. I work with a couple of Nikon full frame camera bodies and a collection of different lenses and for the camera buffs here, I prefer to shoot prime whenever possible! I also like to avoid using a flash if I can help it. I am a natural light shooter and love nothing better than doing a shoot in the golden afternoon sun. Outside of photography, I am also a soccer player,skier,footy fan and fur mum to a crazy cocker spaniel and two adorable moggies. I am also in the midst of planning my own 2018 wedding! ...
    business profile

    J.I.Creative Photography

    Location PinWillagee, WA (29.6km from Craigie)
    5 Reviews | Hired 4 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 27724246256InsuranceSuccessCertifiedVerified by OneflareSee more
    I have been a Photographer and have been now for more than 15 years I started Art College in Perth this course included a bit of photography and even those I love being an artist I loved photography more so I did an online course through TAFE and The Institute of Photography Certificate IV professional Photography which I learnt a lot but I have found the best training is out in the field where you can learn so much because there are some things you just can't learn unless you do them over and over again. I am Called J.I. Creative Photography because I love to be creative with my photography yes I can take those shot that you see where someone is standing still and you just shoot (staged shots) but I love to capture the moments that are also real I find these to be the best shots. There is much more to photography than picking up a DSLR Camera and setting it to Auto and shooting if you a good photography you know what settings are best for you and what lens too. I am on facebook you can go there and see my work and I......
    business profile

    Perth Professional Photographers

    Location PinSorrento, WA (4.7km from Craigie)
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 84951485052See more
    Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. Our goal is to capture the smiles, tears and laughter. We shoot a mixture of candid and contemporary styles. We aspire to deliver images that you will love and be proud to share with excitement for generations to come. We are a team of two very passionate photographers who love weddings. We create not just images with style; we create your precious memories and tell a story of your day. We are receptive to our clients and believe everyone has different needs and expectations, therefore, we provide many opportunities for consultation throughout the whole process. Whether you're looking for photography for just a few hours or all-day coverage, we will customize our services to fit your needs. Visit our website to view more of our work and contact us today for your customized package....
    business profile

    Karen Monaco

    Location PinWilletton, WA (31.5km from Craigie)
    8 Reviews | Hired 59 times on Oneflare   
    QUALIFICATIONS:ABN - 42847851055See more
    I am a fully qualified experienced photographer, both outdoor, and studio. I have been doing photography for almost 10 years plus. Please view my website for examples of my work, or log onto facebook under Karen Monaco Photography to view my portfolio. I have extensive experience doing weddings, family portraits and events. My website is currently under construction **...

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Left for MK Pixels

Dear Masud, Thank you very much for the photos of our wedding. We really love them! They are so beautiful and artistic. You really captured the spirit of the day and were very thorough! We are so happy to have these memories to look back on. We felt extremely comfortable arou..

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Abigail And Matt

Left for Rebekah Kamsky Photography

Beck Thank you so much for getting our photos done so quickly. We have viewed them and they are absolutely stunning. Thank you for being a part of our wedding and for making it so enjoyable and easy. You were such a great photographer to work with and we will treasure our photo..

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