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    Hannah | Oneflare

    Here we are again, seeing the effects of COVID-19 all over the country. Over the past year, the majority of us have spent a lot more time at home, seeing our houses transform into offices, schools, restaurants, gyms and more. With this shift, some Aussie’s are using this time to learn new skills, indulge in some long-standing hobbies and tick off long-overdue tasks. And let’s not forget the healthy dose of TV streaming of course. To give you some inspiration on some projects to embark on, we’ve rounded up the top 9 service categories we’re seeing an increase in jobs being posted over the last couple of weeks. 

    1. Web Design & Graphic Design

    With this time spent at home, often with a lighter workload, many are turning their attention to their “side hustle”, or in the case of the self-employed, their online presence. Physical stores and services have had to rapidly up their internet ante, and many are now are taking the opportunity to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. 

    Whether you want to spend this time giving your existing online business a makeover, a new logo or start a new brand from scratch – you can find a web design expert or graphic designer on Oneflare. 

    2. SEO & SEM

    While we’re on the “side hustle” bandwagon, don’t forget about the powerhouse that is your Google ranking. Improving your ranking can be a time consuming and complex process, which is often why it’s left in the “too hard basket”. Since many are now finding themselves with more time on their hands – you can always give it a go yourself, or alternatively, find yourself a pro

    3. Fencing

    Another one of those long-forgotten house projects – fencing. It’s no surprise Aussies are starting to focus on ensuring their homes are safe, secure and homely – because we’re all spending a lot more time there. Sort out your own fence now with one of our experts, or read up on how much it should cost you with our cost guide.

    4. Accounting & Bookeeping

    We’ve noticed that over the last few weeks, many small businesses owners have (finally) had the time to take stock of their suppliers and ask if it’s the best deal they can get. No matter what industry you’re in, keeping a close eye on your balance books is important now as ever. If getting your money matters in order has been on your to-do list for a while, now is the time to tick it off.

    5. Courier

    It’s not really a surprise to find ‘courier’ on this list, considering so many of us are social distancing and staying home as much as we can. With many stores shutting their physical presences, and online shopping on the rise – not to mention food delivery services – it’s no surprise many are offering no-contact services to pick up and deliver goods. Did you know you can find a courier on Oneflare

    6. Roofing

    One of the most popular categories over the last few weeks has been “roofing” jobs. Whether you need urgent repairs before the next downpour or have some regular maintenance or enhancements in mind, these jobs are completed entirely on the exterior of your home. That means, you can successfully limit contact to almost nothing. 

    Find your own roofing expert today, or brush up on how much it should cost with our roofing cost guide.  

    7. Gardening & Landscaping

    If all this extra time spent at home has given you cause to examine the trees and gardens around your home in a bit more detail – you’re not alone. Landscapinggardening and arborist are some of the hottest categories on Oneflare right now. If you can’t really venture out into the great outdoors, you may as well ensure your own slice of paradise is looking lush. 

    8. Car Painting

    While this might sit as a low priority in your regular life, now is the time to tick off those to-do list tasks that would otherwise fall by the wayside. In fact, we’ve seen searches for car painters increase over the last few weeks and with our car respray cost guide being one of our most popular cost guides at the moment. 

    9. Interior Designer

    Has all this extra time spent at home realised how much you can’t stand your wall colour? Or that you actually want to completely start again in the kitchen? The good news is – many interior designers are offering remote consulting, so you can start creating your dream home from the comfort of your couch. Go on, hop on Pinterest today and get those inspirations flowing! 

    Are you feeling inspired to tick off your to-do list? Post a job today, or show us your home projects on Instagram

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